RSWM Ltd Successfully Completes Acquisition of Spinning, Knitting, and Processing Undertaking from Ginni Filaments Ltd

New Delhi, March 2, 2024: RSWM Ltd, a leading player in the textile industry, has successfully completed the acquisition of the Spinning, Knitting, and Processing undertaking, previously owned by Ginni Filaments Ltd at 110 KM Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, Chhata, Kosi Distt. Mathura (UP). The acquisition, dated January 24th, 2024, marks a significant milestone for RSWM Ltd as the company continues to strengthen its position in the textile manufacturing sector.

The acquisition of this undertaking has been mutually agreed upon between RSWM Ltd. and Ginni Filaments Ltd., signifying RSWM’s strategic move to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and market presence. With this deal, RSWM Ltd now boasts a total of 12 advanced manufacturing units.

The recently acquired facilities significantly boost RSWM’s production capacity, now boasting over 6.25 Lac Spindles, 5840 Rotors, and 172 Looms. This enhancement allows RSWM Ltd to efficiently meet the escalating demand for textile products in India and overseas. The expansion will lead to a substantial rise in RSWM’s annual product output, comprising 1,21,000 MT Greige Yarn, 24,000 MT Melange Yarn, 32,000 MT Dyed Yarn, 32 M Meters Denim Fabric, over 9000 MT Knits Fabric, and 43K MT Green Fibre.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. B. M. Sharma, Joint Managing Director of RSWM Ltd, stated, “We are pleased to complete the acquisition of the Spinning, Knitting, and Processing Undertaking from Ginni Filaments Ltd. This strategic move aligns with our vision of expanding our manufacturing capabilities and strengthening our market position. We are confident that the integration of these facilities into our operations will further enhance our ability to deliver high-quality textile products to our customers.”

The completion of this acquisition underscores RSWM Ltd.’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in the textile industry while creating value for its stakeholders. The company remains focused on delivering superior-quality products and maintaining its position as a market leader.

SG Analytics Welcomes Dr. Das Dasgupta to Its Advisory Board

New Delhi, March 2nd, 2024- SG Analytics, a renowned global data solutions firm, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Das Dasgupta to its esteemed Advisory Board. This strategic move promises to fortify SG Analytics’ Data Strategy and Data Analytics offerings for the dynamic Media & Entertainment industry worldwide. Dr. Dasgupta’s role will be pivotal in enhancing and streamlining SG Analytics’ data analytics & strategy initiatives, as well as providing expert guidance on customer experience programs.

Meet Dr. Das Dasgupta: A Data Strategy Luminary

With over two decades of expertise in the data strategy domain, Dr. Dasgupta brings a wealth of knowledge to SG Analytics. His seasoned proficiency lies in harnessing data and artificial intelligence to drive revenue growth with product innovation and enhanced customer experience while optimizing business costs with operational excellence. He excels at assembling top-tier data strategy teams and implementing cutting-edge AI and ML technologies for data-driven decision-making. Dr. Dasgupta’s impactful track record spans prestigious organizations such as Viacom, Amazon Customer Experience Systems (ACES), McKinsey, and EY. Most recently, he held the esteemed position of Chief Data Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi (S&S).

Sid Banerjee, CEO of SG Analytics, Expresses Enthusiasm

Sid Banerjee, CEO of SG Analytics, expressed his excitement about Dr. Dasgupta’s inclusion in the Advisory Board: “Dr Dasgupta’s presence reinforces our commitment to client value and strengthens our ties within the M&E Industry. Attracting leaders like Das aligns perfectly with our overarching goal: empowering enterprises through data across the entire value chain.”

Dr Dasgupta: Advancing Data Strategy and Achieving Reliable Outcomes

“As of today, SG Analytics is a trusted partner for leading enterprises. Our reputation is founded on research expertise, robust technical capabilities, and technology-driven solutions. As a member of the Advisory Board, I am committed to advancing data strategy, addressing industry challenges, and achieving reliable outcomes. I look forward to collaborating with SG Analytics’ leadership team to empower enterprises through data-driven decisions.” – Dr. Dasgupta.

Saving lives together; Akums’ over 150 employees stand tall in organ donation pledge drive

New Delhi, 2nd March, 2024: Organ donation presents a vital opportunity to offer a new lease on life for those facing a dire shortage of hope. Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., largest CDMO Serving Indian Market, acknowledges the requirement for organ donors and is dedicated to creating a meaningful impact in this essential healthcare domain. Taking a commendable step towards nurturing a culture of compassion and altruism, over 140 employees of Akums have pledged to donate their organs.

Mr. Sanjeev Jain, Joint Managing Director, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., expressed his perspective on this initiative, stating, ” Organ donation stands as a noble cause with the potential to save lives and reshape the future for those in need. Its impact extends beyond donors and recipients, touching the lives of families, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who provide untiring support. Witnessing the renewed life and improved health of transplant recipients is not just a personal victory but a collective triumph. The commitment of over 150 employees reflects our shared responsibility for the well-being of society.”

This pledge marks the beginning of a broader initiative by Akums to raise awareness about organ donation and increase the count to 1000 pledged donors. The company is set to implement various awareness programs and initiatives to educate and engage both employees and the community.

Ms. Arushi Jain, Director, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., emphasized the company’s dedication to making a lasting impact, saying, ” Opting to donate organs and tissue is a selfless and valuable choice that has the potential to save someone’s life. A single organ donor can positively influence up to eight lives, and with the donation of corneas, the impact can extend to as many as 75 lives. We are confident that through persistent efforts and educational initiatives, we can make a substantial contribution to saving more lives in the long term.

Akums is proud to take this bold step towards building a healthier and more compassionate society. The company encourages other organizations to join hands in promoting organ donation awareness and creating a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

The Smart 8 Plus – Featuring a massive 6000mAh battery with 18W Type C Fast Charging

New Delhi, 01st March 2024: Infinix, a leading name in smartphone technology, today announced the launch of its latest masterpiece, the Smart 8 Plus. Featuring a massive 6000mAh battery with 18W Type C Fast Charging, the Smart 8 Plus stands as a powerhouse in the smartphone domain.The latest smartphone by Infinix offers a plethora of features that combine style, innovation, and performance.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Embodying elegance and sophistication, the Smart 8 Plus boasts a premium design featuring a timber texture finish, setting it apart as an attractive option that is both aesthetic and modern in the smartphone market. The Smart 8 Plus will be available in 3 colour variants- Galaxy White, Timber Black and Shiny Gold

Unleash Your Creativity with Superior Imaging

Capture life’s moments with breathtaking clarity and detail using the Smart 8 Plus’s 50 MP Dual AI Camera, complemented by a Quad-LED ring flash for professional-grade photography in any lighting condition. For stunning selfies, the 8 MP front camera with LED flash ensures users always look their best.

Mesmerising Display, Immersive Experience

Users enjoy an immersive experience in a world of vibrant visuals with the Smart 8 Plus’s smooth and hypnotic 90Hz Punch-Hole display. The innovative Magic Ring atop the screen adds a touch of magic, displaying essential information like battery percentage, charging status, and in-call time, ensuring you stay connected and informed at all times.

Secure, Seamless Performance

The Smart 8 Plus’s side-mounted fingerprint scanner and facial recognition technology ensure the highest level of safety and security for users’ data. Powered by the MediaTek Helio G36 2.2 Ghz Octa Core Processor, the Smart 8 Plus delivers lightning-fast performance and seamless multitasking capabilities.

Massive Storage, Immersive Sound

With 128 GB of internal storage, up to 8 GB RAM via MemFusion technology and support for up to 2TB Micro SD, the Smart 8 Plus ensures boundless space for your photos, videos, and apps. Delve deep into an unparalleled audio experience with DTS Sound Processing, delivering rich and immersive sound quality.

Experience the Future of Smartphones

The Smart 8 Plus runs on Android 13 Go (XOS 13), offering a seamless and intuitive user experience. With its blend of innovative features, premium design, and unmatched performance, the Smart 8 Plus redefines smartphone excellence and stands as a prime example of Infinix’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to its customers.

Driver Logistics Hires Global Logistics Veteran Naveen Kolathur As Coo

New Delhi 01st March, 2024 – Driver Logistics, one of the fastest growing logistics companies in India, today announced that Naveen Kolathur has been appointed as its Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Kolathur has over 28 years of leadership experience in the logistics and supply chain industries of which over 22 years have been with DHL in senior roles in the US, Singapore and India. His last assignment at DHL was as VP and Head of Service Quality. Mr. Kolathur has immense experience in building the 4PL/LLP businesses for DHL across Asia.

Announcing Mr. Kolathur’s appointment, Mr. Aqil Ashique, CEO, Driver Logistics said, “We are happy to have Mr. Naveen Kolathur on board. His customer-centric approach incorporating technology and his experience in building 4PL operations will greatly help Driver Logistics. Mr. Kolathur’s years of experience in Singapore will also be invaluable as we expand operations to South East Asia, beginning with Thailand.”

Mr. Naveen Kolathur added, “I am truly excited to join a young and dynamic company like Driver Logistics. The Company’s spectacular growth over the last 4 years points to a strong leadership and perfectly aligned business plans. India’s logistics sector is at the cusp of a high growth phase and Driver Logistics is sure to play a big part in it.”

Mr. Kolathur has an MBA from Baldwin Wallace University, USA and is a graduate of the PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.

Portronics Makes Refilling Tyres Hassle-free with Vayu Lite Portable Tyre Inflator

New Delhi, February 29, 2024: Portronics, India’s most loved portable gadgets brand, has introduced the Vayu Lite, a multi-purpose tyre inflator for motorists. The Vayu Lite’s compact build, portable form factor makes it an essential item in every road warrior’s travel kit. Whether you’re on a long road trip, camping adventure, or simply commuting to work, the Vayu Lite’s portability allows you to carry it wherever you go. This means you can address tire emergencies or maintenance needs anytime, anywhere, without relying on external assistance.

The Vayu Lite sports a digital LED display and can be powered via its 12V DC cigarette lighter port. Once it is plugged into this power source, the user needs to enter the desired pressure value—up to 150psi—with the buttons near the display and start the filling process. The Vayu Lite will fill the tyre until the pre-configured pressure inside the object and automatically switch off. Users can also use the buttons provided to start and stop the device from filling the air.

The portable tyre inflator is very versatile; it comes with three nozzles that lets users refill motorcycle tyres, car tyres and footballs as well. The Vayu Lite also has a built-in bright LED light that lets users refill a tyre in poor lighting or serve as a caution light to warn vehicles passing by.

Salient features

  • Portable Powerhouse – Easy to carry.
  • Digital Display–For checking and monitoring current air pressure
  • Powerful Motor – 120 Watt
  • Multipurpose Nozzles – Available in 3 sizes
  • Long Cord – 2.7 Metres long power cord
  • LED Lighting -Reliable for night-time and emergency conditions

Defense Derby’s March Update: New Prince Frog III Unit and Seasonal Event

New Delhi, February 29th, 2024: RisingWings, a creative studio of KRAFTON, Inc., has released its March update for the popular real-time PvP tower defense mobile game, Defense Derby.

Defense Derby_March Update

This update introduces Prince Frog III, a new physical-type unit from the beast faction. This single-melee dealer unit applies debuff effect to monsters. His special ability, Dominion, increases the damage dealt to monsters and enhances this effect based on the number of Derby Chips the player possesses. The prince, who synergizes well with units of the same faction and type, requires strategic use of Derby Chips, taking into account his effect and the need for scouting. Players can acquire Prince Frog III via the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack. The Derby Brawl – Prince Frog III Mirror Match, available until March 13 at 5:30 AM, offers players an opportunity to experience the new unit and earn rewards like Eternal Feathers and Season Points.

March also marks the release of a new unit and the Mystic Woods season. Coming March 13, players can anticipate the arrival of Little Satyr, a new physical-type spirit faction unit. Little Satyr’s abilities include firing a powerful Slingshot every certain number of attacks, which deals area damage and stuns the affected monsters for 2 seconds. The Derby Brawl – Little Satyr Mirror Match, running from March 13 to March 27 at 5:30 AM, will showcase this new unit.

In celebration of the spring season, a Puzzle Event is also being held. Players can complete the missions to collect all the puzzle pieces and then claim rewards such as Legendary Unit Summon, Gems, Cubics, and Crystals. The Puzzle Event will last from March 13 to March 27 at 5:30 AM.

Accio Robotics unveils AccioPick Air; Set to revolutionize warehouse automation

New Delhi, February 28th 2024: Accio Robotics,, is set to introduce its latest groundbreaking product, AccioPick Air, at the prestigious ‘LogiMAT 2024’, an International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management. To be held at IEML, Greater Noida, the event will focus on solutions that are designed on the Representing a leap forward in warehousing technology, AccioPick Air is a cutting-edge Mobile Automated Storage and Retrieval System (mASRS) that robotically combines the strengths of fixed and flexible automation to redefine operational efficiency and adaptability in medium to high throughput applications.

AccioPick Air Image

AccioPick Air offers a set of key features that redefine warehousing automation. The robot’s unique capability to latch onto storage aisles and climb vertically enhances space utilisation and retrieval speed. Its core functionality lies in the seamless, reliable, and accurate retrieval and delivery of bins to the induction station. Employing a hybrid automation approach, Accio Pick Air integrates fixed and flexible automation elements, ensuring stability and adaptability to various storage layouts.

Furthermore, the decoupling of bin retrieval and transportation allows dynamic task allocation, enabling any child robot to retrieve a bin and dock with any available mother robot, effectively reducing wait times. The system simplifies operations by eliminating the need for specific tote-to-robot pairings, thereby reducing tote marrying complexity. The mother robot efficiently transports the child robot and tote, streamlining the retrieval and delivery processes.

Accio Pick Air’s continuous retrieval and return process minimises idle time, ensuring consistently productive robot operations. The system further addresses the challenge of aisle congestion by allowing empty child robots to travel underneath aisles without totes, optimising space usage. Its flexibility and scalability shine through dynamic task allocation based on robot availability and location, providing an easily scalable solution for varying demands.

Tuhin Sharma, Co-Founder, Accio Robotics, said, “AccioPick Air marks a veritable paradigm shift in warehousing automation, seamlessly blending innovation with efficiency. Its unique features are set to push and redefine the possibilities of operational excellence. Accio Pick Air is not just a standard robotic system; it’s a catalyst for heralding an exciting era of streamlined, adaptive, and productive warehouse solutions that will set new innovation benchmarks for the entire industry.”

The system promises an optimisation of picking labor force by about 90%, and increases the pick rates by about 5 times. The vertical advantage of the robot also promises to save about 85% of the space as opposed to manual picking operations.

Savour the Finest Southern and Coastal Delicacies at The Lodhi, New Delhi with Hema’s South Indian

New Delhi, February 2024: Elan, the distinguished dining destination at The Lodhi, New Delhi, unveils its latest culinary experience – a pop-up with ‘Hema’s South Indian’ from 26th February to 4th March. Chef Anjali Gupta will lead guests on a gastronomic adventure through the flavours of Southern and Coastal India.


 Hema’s South Indian brings with it a rich culinary legacy rooted in generations of family cooking. Originating from the celebrated Ratna Cafe in Chennai, known for its iconic Idlis and Sambar since 1948, the team behind Hema’s South Indian is eager to share their uthentic flavours with patrons of The Lodhi. Led by Hema and her daughter Anjali, the pop-up promises to deliver local and comforting flavours of heritage recipes covering Chettinad, Andhra, Karnataka and Coastal Malabari. Emphasising the use of homemade methods and eschewing preservatives, the mother-daughter duo takes pride in presenting each dish with meticulous attention to detail.

 Guests can expect a diverse menu showcasing the depth of Southern cuisine, starting with appetisers such as Cocktail Idlis, Raw Banana Fries and Prawns Tossed in Homemade Podi served with Coconut, Beetroot and Tamarind Chutneys. Moving on to the main course, highlights include classics such as Jackfruit Chettinad Masala, Kerala Mutton Roast, Andhra Mutton Pepper Masala and Malabari Fish Curry. Live cooking stations will offer Sri Lankan and Tamil specialities like parcels of Kottu Parottas Steamed in Banana Leaves in various flavours. Each home-style preparation speaks for itself with three generations of family knowledge and expertise.

 Alongside the main courses are a variety of accompaniments like Malabari Parottas and preservative- free Appams with rice and health-friendly ragi millet options. Desserts include the all-time Southern favourite Aanaas Kesri Bhath (Halwa made with fresh pineapple) and Coconut Sago pudding with chia seeds, ensuring a hearty conclusion to the meal. Wash it down with traditional Filter Coffee, a blend grown for Hema’s family. Last but not least, a Coastal Paan made with fresh betel, rose petals, shredded coconut and sauf mixture makes a great digestive for completing an Indian meal.

 Elan at The Lodhi is renowned for its elegant ambience and culinary excellence, making it the perfect venue for this event. With its commitment to quality and original flavours, Hema’s South Indian promises to be an unforgettable experience for guests seeking to explore the rich flavours of South ndia.
Venue: Elan – The Lodhi, New Delhi
Date: 26th February to 4th March 2024
Lunch and Dinner

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates BHARAT TEX 2024

February 27, 2024, New Delhi: BHARAT TEX 2024, a global textile mega event in the textile industry, was officially launched today at Delhi’s Bharat Mandapam by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This monumental event is orchestrated by a collaborative effort of 11 Textile Export Promotion Councils, with backing from the Ministry of Textiles. Built on the twin pillars of trade and investment and with an overarching focus on sustainability, the 4-day event promises to be a tapestry of tradition and technology, attracting, besides policymakers and global CEOs, over 3,500 exhibitors, over 3,000 buyers from over 50 countries, and more than 40,000 trade visitors from 100 countries. An exhibition spread across nearly 2 million sq ft of area and encompassing the entire textile value chain, will help position India as a global powerhouse in textiles, showcasing its capabilities and generating momentum throughout the entire Indian textiles ecosystem.

Bharat Tex 2024 is a prominent international industry platform, featuring exhibitions, knowledge sessions, thematic discussions, Government-to-Government (G2G) meetings, Business-to-Business (B2B) networks, the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), product launches, thematic and interactive pavilions and various other activities.

Inspired by the 5F Vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the event scheduled from February 26-29 has a unified Farm to Fashion focus, covering the entire value chain.

Key Features of the Event:

The key features of the session include the following:

  • 20,00,000 Sq. Ft Area for exhibition and trade fair showcasing Apparel, Home Furnishings, Floor Coverings, Fibres, Yarns, Threads, Fabrics, Carpets, Silk, Textiles based Handicrafts, Technical Textiles and many more.
  • Retail High Street focusing on India’s fashion retail market opportunities
  • Dedicated pavilions on sustainability and recycling with focus on showcasing Tiruppur sustainable cluster and Panipat recycling cluster
  • Fashion show showcasing Indian Textiles Heritage
  • Grand launch of various Government Initiatives such as Kasturi Cotton, Vision Nxt and India Size
  • Indi-Haat showcasing India’s traditional sector of Handicrafts and Handlooms
  • Interactive fabric testing zones and product demonstrations
  • Art jugalbandi focusing on Sustainability
  • Masterclasses by crafts persons with over 3 generations of tradition and history
  • MoUs signing between various stakeholders for investment, technology transfer, research and academic collaborations
    Knowledge Sessions:

Bharat Tex 2024 has been designed to attract top level policy makers, business CEOs, investors, textile thought leaders, industry captains, sustainability champions, multilateral organizations, global institutes, and other stakeholder to deliberate on issues and challenges faced by the global textiles industry and India’s strengths that can be leveraged to address these issues.

Below are the key knowledge sessions, that would ideate on the future of Global textiles value chain:

  • 3 Dedicated CXO Roundtables (International, Domestic and Technical Textiles).
  • Over 40% of all sessions focusing on three pillars: Sustainability, Resilient Value Chains and Indian prowess in global Textiles industry.
  • 14 marque sessions on ESG, Sustainability, Circularity and Recycling and Green Financing
  • 3 Country Sessions and 5 State Sessions on opportunities, investment and trade
  • 3 dedicated sessions on the future of Indian Textiles: Large scale investment (PLI), Infrastructure (PM MITRA) and Ease of Doing Business
  • 9 dedicated sessions on Synthetic Fibres and Technical Textiles – Growth Drivers of Indian Textiles Industry
  • Global Mega Trends shaping the future of Textiles industry
  • Factory of the Future with emphasis on AI and Block Chain based smart manufacturing
  • Resilient Global Value Chains and how India role as a preferred sourcing destination
  • Indian Textiles Vision 2047 – Global leader in Textiles
    Retailing in one of the fastest growing consumer market in the world
  • Local for Global – Weaving the ultra-luxury brands from India
  • Leveraging Digitization for Indian Textiles industry
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurship – Young India fueling the Future of Textiles
  • Skilling & Enhancing Productivity – Future proof workforce
  • Decolonizing Indian Crafts – Building a strong ‘Brand India’ for traditional sector (Handicrafts and Handlooms)
  • Many other sessions covering other topics such as India Size, Standards, QCOs, Handmade Carpets, etc.,
    Showcasing Indian Textiles Heritage:

Indian culture is woven with textiles heritage of this country dating back several centuries. The country is renowned for its diverse range of textiles right from silk, muslin and white gold (cotton) during the medieval era to the intricate designs, dyeing techniques, embroideries and world-famous weaves showcasing the country royal textiles traditions. Bharat Tex 2024 will highlight the richness of Indian textiles and strengthen its image as a custodian of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. It will also celebrate India’s reliability as a competitive, sustainable textile manufacturing hub across the entire value chain, from raw materials to end products.

The Theme Pavilion at the event would be based on ‘Vastra Katha’ with below sub-themes weaving India’s past heritage with India’s global position in Textiles industry and the future of Global Textiles, spearheaded by India.

  • Virasat – Showcasing India’s textiles history, heritage and the prominence of the country during Medieval Era
  • Vikas – Showcasing the modern textiles powerhouse with capability, scale and manufacturing excellence
  • Vishwas – Global eyes on new India and how the country can power Global textiles industry towards a sustainable future.
    Bharat Tex – A benchmark for Sustainable Event:

As the global textiles industry grapples with environmental challenges inherent with the linear model of ‘take-make-consume-dispose’, Bharat Tex is leading the way by taking proactive steps to promote eco-friendly practices and ethical standards.

Below are some initiatives taken during the event to embed the above stated values during the event.

  • Launching Kasturi Cotton, a new standard in cotton, with transparent value chain and globally acceptable quality standards.
  • Showcasing latest innovation in process, systems and production methods to move towards eco-friendly and globally acceptable sustainable practices.
    Exhibiting various solutions such as waterless dyeing, regenerative farming, organic and recycled raw materials aimed at reducing carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Promoting circular economy with resources being reused, recycled and repurposed. The event has ideation sessions on how to manage textiles waste and the exhibition would have various closed loop manufactured products.
  • The exhibitors at the event follow standard norms of ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices with their commitment to fair wages, safe working conditions and promoting culture of responsible sourcing.
  • The designer ensemble at the event would promote sustainable fibre based designs and zero-waste designs to ensure the country can move towards a sustainable value chain with ease of recycling end-use products.
    Global Participation:

The event has received an overwhelming response with leading global textile companies including Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Vero Moda, Coats, Toray, H&M, Gap, Target, Levis, Kohl’s, Nike, K-Mart, IKEA, YKK, Fortum, Lenzing, Anko, CIEL Group, Busana Group, Hyosung Corporation, Brandix Apparels, Teijin Ltd, Coats Group, Poeticgem Ltd, Italiya Inc Japan, Warp-N-Weft Designs, and Cotton Council International, having confirmed their presence. In addition, Business Delegations from key textiles hubs including US, UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Philippines, South Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Peru, Egypt, and Thailand.

Multilateral Organizations and Global Think Tanks: The event has garnered interest across various agencies including multilateral organizations, global textile think tanks and NGOs including UNEP, UNIDO, Laudes Foundation, GIZ, IDH, Cotton Connect, WGSN, Fashion for Good, Better Cotton Initiative, Responsible Sourcing Network, ITMF, International Apparel Federation, ITME, BGMEA, BKMEA, Cotton Egypt Association are partnering with Bharat Tex 2024 to facilitate discussions and deliberations on Global trends in Textiles and Apparel including sustainability, circularity, traceability, industry 4.0, innovation, green financing among others.

Holistic representation of Industry Stakeholders: This event is a perfect example of collaboration among all the value chain players represented by 11 Export Promotion Councils, covering the entire value chain from farm to end products. All top Indian textile companies across all elements of the value chain too are represented in Bharat Tex.

In addition to the EPCs, various Indian and global industry bodies and associations have overwhelmingly supported the event. Some of key bodies include CMAI, CITI, SIMA, SGCCI, TEA, GEMA, YESS, ITMF, ITME, ATMA, NIFT, among others.

Indian Textiles Industry in Unison: The entire textiles industry covering all parts of value chain have enthusiastically participated in the event. Prominent entities including the Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Group, Arvind Fashion, Welspun Living, Indorama Ventures, Trident Group, PDS, Shahi, have signed up as sponsors of the event. In addition, SMEs have shown large scale participation across all the key clusters in the country.

State Participation: Major Textiles States in the country including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are enthusiastically participating with dedicated pavilions and government representations.

With India’s global competitive edge in Textiles due to its recent FTAs, policy initiatives such as PLI and PM MITRA and state support packages, India’s textile sector is optimistically looking forward. Over 50 MoUs and announcements to be signed during the event will provide further impetus to investment and trade in the sector. Bharat Tex will not just showcase Indian capabilities in the sector, it will also help build Brand India in textiles and be a significant step in achieving our 2023 vision of a US $ 350 Billion Indian textiles ecosystem.