Friday Fiction Films launches CSR FILMS – A specialised service

Friday Fiction Films launches CSR FILMS – A specialised service

India, February 15th 2024: FridayFictionFilms, the award-winning Indian film production company, has introduced a specialised filmmaking service for corporates engaged in social projects. Called CSR Films, the service will bring FridayFictionFilms’ decade-old experience in handling social causes such as Light Pollution, Parenting, Language Manipulation, Child Abuse, Lesbian Wedding and Global Terrorism.


“Corporate films on social projects require specialised handling of narratives, one that tackles the cause as much as the project’s quantifiable and economic impact. These films not only report but also motivate businesses and the general public on issues they feel strongly about. CSR Films are our experience of over ten years of narrating issues through short films and creating tangible impacts,” says Tanmay Shah, CEO & Founder of FridayFictionFilms.

FridayFictionFilms has collaborations in place with prominent organisations across multiple sectors including IIM Ahmedabad, DDB Mudra, Levi’s, CWAS (Centre for Water and Sanitation), Shree Orthocare, Kalorex Group and Otsuka for CSR Films. Over ten years, the production house has collaborated with 100-plus businesses on issues of climate change, poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, and sustainable cities and communities using television commercials (TVC), animation videos, corporate films, CSR films, and short documentaries.

The CSR Films service will use a creative community-inclusive approach and utilise narratives such as stop-motion and animation to create impactful content for corporate social projects. Beyond the corporate projects, FFF will also use strategic partnerships with NGOs and corporations to facilitate fund-raising for projects, including government support where required. The company’s recent work for Setu Charitable Trust raised half a million rupees almost overnight for a community hospital in Gujarat. Today the hospital serves 400 patients every week.

“With the explosion of video consumption in people’s day-to-day lives, we foresee CSR Films becoming impact measurement reports for CSR projects. These social reports will humanise social activities and foster relatability and inspire action among stakeholders,” adds Shah.

FridayFictionFilms social films have consistently reached wide audiences across platforms on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, with many of them traveling to film festival circuits and being shown at corporate events and social gatherings.