Mobikasa’s Business Vertical Makes Digital Assets Accessible to Users with Disabilities

Mobikasa’s Business Vertical Makes Digital Assets Accessible to Users with Disabilities

New Delhi, 16th February 2024 – Mobikasa, a top-rated web and app development company, demonstrates its dedication to promoting digital inclusivity via its Digital Accessibility vertical. This initiative focuses on making digital assets, such as websites, mobile apps, and PDFs accessible to people with disabilities. Clients can benefit from a range of tools and methods provided by Mobikasa for accessibility audits and remediation, including checks for keyboard, contrast, zoom, and other essential parameters.

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Mobikasa adapts emerging trends in digital accessibility that promise a future wherein the internet is genuinely inclusive. AI-powered solutions, coupled with the rise of immersive technologies such as AR/VR, are at the forefront of these trends. Automatic image descriptions using computer vision, haptic feedback, sensory interfaces, spatial audio design, and Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are all set to transform the digital landscape, making it intuitive and accessible for users with varying abilities.

Mobikasa provides accessibility training and consultation services to help organizations become digitally inclusive. Experts certified by the International Association of Accessibility Specialists (IAAP) develop brand-specific code playbooks and offer guidance and technical training. The company actively engages with industry experts through participation in global conferences, seminars, forums, etc.

Mr. Prateek Sachdev, Managing Partner at Mobikasa, emphasized the company’s commitment to digital inclusivity. He stated, “Our dedicated business vertical aims to empower corporations to make their digital assets accessible to users with disabilities. Our comprehensive accessibility testing and remediation solutions, underscore our determination to create a truly inclusive digital world.”

Mobikasa’s accessibility experts stand out for their technical knowledge, accessibility guidelines adherence, and user-centered approach. They function as Accessibility Advocates, not just auditors, providing clients with comprehensive digital accessibility solutions.

Mobikasa remains at the forefront of digital accessibility, ensuring that its digital experiences are inclusive for all users.