Orchids The International School Hosts Spectacular Children’s Art Fest Showcasing Young Talent

Orchids The International School Hosts Spectacular Children’s Art Fest Showcasing Young Talent

Pune,19th February 2024: Orchids The International School, known for its commitment to nurturing creativity, recently hosted a spectacular two-day Children’s Art Fest in Pune on the 16th and 17th of February. The event, a culmination of various art forms learned throughout the academic year, brought together students, parents, and grandparents for a memorable extravaganza held at Shubham Gardens. The mega event saw massive participation from across Orchids’ Pune campuses.

Orchids' students performing street theatre on Importance of Education studied from the art curriculum

The event comprised five live stages showcasing the creative talents nurtured by Orchidians’ art education program over the academic year. This grand celebration of artistic expression showcased the performance across diverse art forms such as folk and classical dance, vocal and instrumental music, skits, mime, street theater, and more. Fun activity stalls like DIY workshops, mask making, doodles, pottery making, mandala art, print painting, and more were arranged for parents and grandparents to enjoy together with their children further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Every student performed in two art forms and seamlessly moved from one stage to another, showing the immaculate planning by the academic planners and faculty.

Dr Madhuri Sagale, Vice PresidentAcademics of Arts, Orchids the International School, said “At Orchids, we strongly advocate for the significant role of art in fostering and displaying the creativity of our students. We organize a variety of art-centric programs and curriculum activities consistently, empowering students to delve into their artistic passions. The art festival serves as an inclusive platform for presenting students’ dance performances, street plays, skits, musical routines, visual arts, DIY exhibitions, and live workshops. We aim to create lasting memories for parents, providing them with the opportunity to witness their child’s imaginative talents. We are confident that such experiences bring joy to both parents and children”

The two-day Children’s Art Fest was a grand success in highlighting the importance of art and creativity for child development.