Project Champion School Games held

Project Champion School Games held

Hyderabad, February 26, 2024…..School Games Competitions were organised at 5 Govt Schools under a novel initiative ‘Project Champion’ an initiative of Hyderabad Runners Society to provide Govt School kids with 30-40 minutes of exercises and games where there is no Physical Training Teachers available, to promote movement and active lifestyles. And medals and Certificates were awarded at MGN Primary, NBT Primary, NBT High School, Shaikpet Primary School, Shaikpet High School.

Project Champion Govt School Games held at 5 Govt Schools where there was no Physical Training Teacher was available but kids were trained in sports and games condctd-5

These competitions were just conducted in the respective schools or nearby playgrounds, involving 1363 children. Out of the total 1363 participants, 732 children emerged victorious in various events and were honoured with medals and certificates, while also enjoying refreshments.

Physical Education teachers, appointed by Hyderabad Runners, diligently trained the children for over 100 days. Abhijeet, Ram from Hyderabad Runners Society, and the respective HMs inaugurated the Project Champion School Games. Abhijeet, Arun Kumar, and Raghu from Hyderabad Runners Society, alongside the respective HM of the schools, presented medals and certificates to the 732 honoured children.

Hyderabad Runners Society, the only organisation to institutionalise running in India, launched the Project Champion initiative in five Government Schools in Shaikpet Mandal in October 2023, in collaboration with Kriti Social Initiatives.

These schools are primary and high school in Shaikpet, Primary and high school in NBT nagar and MG Nagar Primary School. These five government schools include NBT Government Primary School, NBT Government High School, Shaikpet Government Primary School, Shaikpet Government High School, MGN Primary School.

This initiative provides students with 30-40 minutes of exercises and games to promote movement and active lifestyles. Project Champion benefitted 2800 children.

Planning for school sports involves selecting suitable sports according to the curriculum, organizing game schedules, team selection processes, rules, logistics, equipment, referees/volunteers, first aid supplies, hydration, and other essential resources. Hyderabad Runners Society has made a beginning in all these aspects as part of the Outreach Program.

According to the Head Master of various schools and physical trainers associated with the project, it is a great success. The project focused on engaging children in sports, games, and physical activities, enhancing their relationship with exercise. Notably, there has been an increase in student attendance and punctuality since the implementation of Project Champion. The involvement in sporting activities like Physical Education classes has motivated children to attend school regularly, blending education with sports and instilling values of citizenship in the classroom. Project Champion School Games have brought students closer, fostering a sense of community and support among the children, transcending mere athletic competition. The collaborative spirit exhibited by school staff, teachers, and students during the school games highlights teamwork, camaraderie, and mutual encouragement for each other’s accomplishments.