Qudify is catalyzing the rapid Digitalisation & Decarbonisation of Indian Enterprises

Qudify is catalyzing the rapid Digitalisation & Decarbonisation of Indian Enterprises

New Delhi, 15th Feb 2024: Qudify, a QR-based horizontal SaaS platform, is catalysing the rapid digitalization and decarbonization of Indian enterprises by providing innovative solutions. With its cutting-edge technology, along with Meeting Room Booking Management and Visitor Management, Qudify addresses the growing demand of Indian firms for affordable, asset-light, new-age, easy-to-use, cloud-based software solutions.

The average carbon footprint of a single office paper during its lifecycle is around 4.64g CO2 equivalent per sheet. Eliminating paper in many routine tasks, such as visitor entries, meeting room scheduling, and complaint management, across 1.48 million Indian enterprises can reduce a substantial carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

“We are passionate about building asset-light software solutions to enable a sustainable future of work through technology while enhancing operational efficiency,” said Akshat Tripathi, Co-Founder of Qudify. “We feel proud to have enabled Carbon footprint reduction of 50Kg+ Co2eq since our launch, and we look forward to maximizing this number in the coming days.”

Qudify’s software suite eliminates the usage of any hardware except a smartphone (which everybody owns nowadays). It digitizes the below-mentioned manual, paper-based tasks still common in Indian offices today :

● Visitor check-in, check-outs & respective approvals & verifications

● Internal meeting room booking or scheduling

● Internal or external complaint management

By optimizing these critical yet often inefficient areas of office administration, Qudify optimizes productivity and minimizes the environmental impact of day-to-day workplace operations. Companies looking to establish and achieve sustainability goals while staying compliant can implement Qudify solutions to cut paper usage, decrease waste, and shrink their carbon footprint.