Savour the Finest Southern and Coastal Delicacies at The Lodhi, New Delhi with Hema’s South Indian

Savour the Finest Southern and Coastal Delicacies at The Lodhi, New Delhi with Hema’s South Indian

New Delhi, February 2024: Elan, the distinguished dining destination at The Lodhi, New Delhi, unveils its latest culinary experience – a pop-up with ‘Hema’s South Indian’ from 26th February to 4th March. Chef Anjali Gupta will lead guests on a gastronomic adventure through the flavours of Southern and Coastal India.


 Hema’s South Indian brings with it a rich culinary legacy rooted in generations of family cooking. Originating from the celebrated Ratna Cafe in Chennai, known for its iconic Idlis and Sambar since 1948, the team behind Hema’s South Indian is eager to share their uthentic flavours with patrons of The Lodhi. Led by Hema and her daughter Anjali, the pop-up promises to deliver local and comforting flavours of heritage recipes covering Chettinad, Andhra, Karnataka and Coastal Malabari. Emphasising the use of homemade methods and eschewing preservatives, the mother-daughter duo takes pride in presenting each dish with meticulous attention to detail.

 Guests can expect a diverse menu showcasing the depth of Southern cuisine, starting with appetisers such as Cocktail Idlis, Raw Banana Fries and Prawns Tossed in Homemade Podi served with Coconut, Beetroot and Tamarind Chutneys. Moving on to the main course, highlights include classics such as Jackfruit Chettinad Masala, Kerala Mutton Roast, Andhra Mutton Pepper Masala and Malabari Fish Curry. Live cooking stations will offer Sri Lankan and Tamil specialities like parcels of Kottu Parottas Steamed in Banana Leaves in various flavours. Each home-style preparation speaks for itself with three generations of family knowledge and expertise.

 Alongside the main courses are a variety of accompaniments like Malabari Parottas and preservative- free Appams with rice and health-friendly ragi millet options. Desserts include the all-time Southern favourite Aanaas Kesri Bhath (Halwa made with fresh pineapple) and Coconut Sago pudding with chia seeds, ensuring a hearty conclusion to the meal. Wash it down with traditional Filter Coffee, a blend grown for Hema’s family. Last but not least, a Coastal Paan made with fresh betel, rose petals, shredded coconut and sauf mixture makes a great digestive for completing an Indian meal.

 Elan at The Lodhi is renowned for its elegant ambience and culinary excellence, making it the perfect venue for this event. With its commitment to quality and original flavours, Hema’s South Indian promises to be an unforgettable experience for guests seeking to explore the rich flavours of South ndia.
Venue: Elan – The Lodhi, New Delhi
Date: 26th February to 4th March 2024
Lunch and Dinner