Study Group expands undergraduate opportunities for Indians seeking a UK education

Study Group expands undergraduate opportunities for Indians seeking a UK education

Mumbai February 16th, 2024: International education specialist Study Group, which partners with more than 50 leading universities, has today revealed new programmes for accomplished Indian students considering higher education in the UK. At a press engagement in Mumbai, Ian Crichton, Study Group’s Chief Executive Officer interacted with key journalists in the Indian education media landscape to ensure that accomplished Indian students are aware of the world class education opportunities available.

In addition to launching new International Year One programmes, Mr. Crichton stated he expects a 40% increase in the number of Indian students entering their UK higher education with Study Group’s support this year. He also discussed how Indian students are grasping the opportunities of global education and now comprise the largest contingent of international students in the UK, benefitting from its reputation for teaching quality, a long history of welcoming Indian students and the employment prospects available to its graduates.

“Students are prioritising programmes with strong industry connections and internship opportunities in highly skilled fields, aligning with the UK’s emphasis on career-oriented education,” says Mr. Crichton, “Indian students today are particularly interested in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), including subjects such as computer science, artificial intelligence and data science, which are highly relevant to the evolving tech landscape. However, business, management, finance, law and health remain popular subjects, since the UK excels in these areas and attracts those seeking cutting-edge education and future-proof skills.”

In response to the changing ambitions and career goals of Indian students, Study Group has added a range of new International Year One programmes — known as International Year Two programmes in Scotland — in relevant subject areas. These programmes are designed in collaboration with Study Group’s partner universities specifically for international students who are considering applying directly to an undergraduate degree programme but are unfamiliar with the UK education system, and would therefore benefit from smaller class sizes, additional language instruction and support designed around the academic skills associated with that level of study.

The programmes are intended to equip international students with the confidence that their academic abilities are comparable to those of domestic students raised within the UK education system. Through an intensive period of study and tailored support, motivated students can achieve the required standards to be accepted and progress to an advanced stage of a degree at their chose university on a level playing field with their peers from the UK.

Students who are successful in reaching the required academic standards can then achieve a degree within two years. 94% of Study Group students who completed their International Year One or International Year Two programme were deemed by Study Group’s university partners as eligible to progress to their chosen university last year.

Noor, an International Year One in Computer Sciences student at England’s Teesside University International Study Centre, echoes the sentiment of personal and academic growth that enhances employability after graduation, and a new confidence from global study. “I really didn’t speak to anyone when I was in my home country. After coming here, I learned to speak with others and communicate with them. In education, we sit together and we discuss things and we solve a problem.”

Provost and Chief Academic Officer Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon oversees Study Group’s academic staff and teaching at the International Study Centres delivered in partnership with universities. She says: “Our International Year One programmes are intensive preparation courses for further study at one of our partner universities. They provide our students with the knowledge and skills equivalent to that of the first year of a specific undergraduate but even the most successful student may doubt themselves at times. They may lose their confidence, miss their family, experience moments of culture shock or feel the effort to learn is overwhelming. This is where our staff really come into their own. The care they put into student confidence and wellbeing from arrival, to making friendships and creating roots in a new city is second to none.”

Mr Crichton noted the importance of offering high-quality routes to respected universities for Indian students with the ability and dedication to succeed at degree-level study. “Global education,” he says, “is a tremendous good, bringing together talent from across the world and opening up opportunities for all who benefit from it. The work of Study Group is to support this endeavour, preparing students to succeed and ensuring those deemed by universities eligible to study had the study skills, language ability and academic capacity to do so.”