Vinod Cookware Scales Up Operations with New Manufacturing Plant In Palghar, Maharashtra

Vinod Cookware Scales Up Operations with New Manufacturing Plant In Palghar, Maharashtra

6th March, Mumbai: Vinod Cookware, a prominent Indian cookware manufacturer, has recently opened its latest manufacturing unit in Gundale village, Palghar district, Maharashtra. The expansion is a strategic move to address the increasing demand for Vinod Cookware products in domestic and global markets. Covering an expansive 250,000 square feet, the newly inaugurated plant in Gundale is now the brand’s largest production unit. This expansion aligns with Vinod Cookware’s existing operational setup, as all factories are currently located in Palghar, enhancing logistical efficiency and managerial cohesion. In addition to being the brand’s largest, the new manufacturing unit is also expected to create approximately 300-350 new jobs to run operations.

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The Palghar facility is expected to incorporate technological advancements, including larger capacity production machinery and advanced management technology. While initially handling base and supplementary production processes, the plant will contribute significantly to scaling Vinod Cookware’s existing operations. Upholding a commitment to sustainability, the new unit will adhere to the same standard operating procedures for expanded production. This includes the utilization of sustainable materials and a focus on waste reduction in the production processes. Moreover, in anticipation of optimal capacity, a 60% boost in production capacity is expected, showcasing Vinod Cookware’s dedication to meeting heightened market demands while upholding sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices. In addition to the Palghar expansion, Vinod Cookware extended its reach by entering the UK and EU markets, launching its official UK website in November last year.

“We are pleased to announce the opening of our new manufacturing plant in Palghar, Maharashtra. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for Vinod Cookware as we strive to meet the surging demand for our high-quality products with enhanced efficiency and scale. Our new facility stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to operational growth and, above all, customer satisfaction. As we embark on this exciting journey, we look forward to setting new benchmarks in the cookware industry while ensuring a positive impact on the local community through job creation and economic development.” stated Sunil Agarwal, Director, Vinod Cookware