Wockhardt Hospitals Successfully Treats Young Boy’s severe headache called Debilitating Occipital Neuralgia

Wockhardt Hospitals Successfully Treats Young Boy’s severe headache called Debilitating Occipital Neuralgia

Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, successfully treated a young boy suffering from severe occipital neuralgia, a debilitating condition causing intense headaches. The patient, whose identity remains confidential, had been enduring excruciating pain for the past one and a half months, leading to prolonged absence from school and multiple unsuccessful consultations with various specialists in Uttarakhand.

Upon seeking treatment at Wockhardt Hospitals, the patient was under the expert care of Dr. Sheetal Goyal, a distinguished Senior Neurologist renowned for her expertise in managing complex neurological disorders. Dr. Goyal’s comprehensive evaluation revealed the patient’s symptoms, including electric shock-like sensations and frequent attacks, indicative of occipital neuralgia.

Following a thorough examination and diagnostic tests, including MRI Brain and MR angiography, which showed no abnormalities, Dr. Goyal initiated a tailored treatment plan. The patient underwent a combination therapy of antiepileptic drugs and received bilateral occipital nerve blockage using Injection, administered on the same day of admission.

Remarkably, the patient experienced complete relief from pain by Day 4 of his hospital stay. Subsequent follow-up appointments confirmed the sustained absence of headaches, allowing the young boy to resume his academic pursuits after an extended absence.

“Occipital neuralgia can be a monstrous yet benign-looking headache, significantly impacting one’s quality of life,” commented Dr. Sheetal Goyal, Senior Neurologist at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central. “Our success in treating this case underscores the importance of early diagnosis and targeted interventions. Utilizing techniques such as occipital nerve blockage with Botulin toxin can offer effective relief for patients with refractory occipital neuralgia.”

Occipital neuralgia is characterized by intense pain resembling sharp, jabbing electric shocks in the back and neck region. Occipital nerve blockage works by interrupting the pain signals transmitted by the occipital nerves to the brain, providing substantial relief for sufferers.

Wockhardt Hospitals remains committed to delivering exemplary care and innovative treatments for neurological conditions, ensuring patients can regain their health and resume their daily activities without undue suffering.