5 Women Leaders And Their Mantra To Success

In a world where entrepreneurship knows no bounds, four remarkable women have defied conventions, shattered glass ceilings, and paved the way for success in their respective domains. This women’s day is all about learning from their secret to success!

Aanchal Goel

The dynamic duo Sonakshi Sinha and Srishti Raai, Co-Founders of SOEZI, have changed the face of the nail industry in India. SOEZI offers premium quality tips, glues, adhesive tabs, and restorative nail glue removers that don’t compromise the health of the OG nails. They’re rapidly expanding their presence with online D2C beauty platforms while kicking off with a kiosk in Seasons Mall in Pune. They’ve even made their global debut in Seychelles, Africa, and are now targeting the Middle East.

 “Take that first step. That’s probably the most difficult and most intimidating part. But I promise, when you do end up doing it, things just get better from there. Also, it is never too late, doesn’t matter how old you are,” inspires Sonakshi. To this, Srishti adds, “We can create magic when we work in synergy. So women, starting off, we have to support each other, as opposed to becoming competitive about it.”

Anushka Gupta, co-founder of MyMuse, emphasises on the power of representation in the sexual wellness brand’s journey. Anushka states, “Consistent representation at scale is what is needed. Whether through content, influencers, or the choice of models for your campaign. We live in a visual world; the more people feel included as an authentic part of your brand voice and mission, the more buy-in you’ll get.”
Anushka’s BA degree in Psychology and Entrepreneurial Leadership at Tufts University, Massachusetts, along with this mantra, has helped MyMuse serve over 150k+ customers across 1000+ Indian cities. The brand has built an Instagram community of 67.3K people via exclusive meet-ups, fun events, affiliate programs, influencers like Apoorva Mukhija, and podcasts like Moment of Silence hosted by Sakshi Shivdasini and Naina Bhan.

For Aanchal Goel, the Creative Head and Founder of Objectry, the decor label thrives on its principle of quality craftsmanship. “We always make it a point to associate with craftsmen whose skills we can hone to do justice to our idea. We empower all our artisans to be quality check officers themselves every step of the way and take full accountability, ensuring perfection in the products.”

 Aanchal, who graduated from Parsons assumes multiple roles ensuring every aspect of the brand is executed well. Under her creative direction, Objectry recently debuted at India Design ID, launching a new multi collection that experiments with fluidity and imperfection. The brand’s creations have also been recognised and appreciated by Bollywood celebrities, including Anshula Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, and Malaika Arora. The brand is now gearing up to start shipping their products internationally as well.

Neha Chopra Tandon, Marketing Director of Limited Edt India underlines the importance of targeted marketing. “Limited Edt’s mantra for success in India revolves around passion-driven innovation, localising marketing activities in India, and community building. By staying true to these principles, Limited Edt is poised to revolutionise India’s sneaker scene and redefine the way we experience and engage with sneakers and streetwear India.”

Under her direction, the Singapore-based sneaker boutique has penetrated the Indian market offline with its newly inaugurated store at Ambience Mall, Gurugram. Neha also played a key role in bringing to India the Urban Islander collection – Limited Edt’s latest collaboration with New Balance, designed by sneaker artist Mark Ong.

These five women entrepreneurs and their secret to success have 3 things in common – courage to try, representation, and close collaboration, inspiring other women to start their entrepreneurial journeys with confidence.

To that end, we would like to gauge your interest in featuring these brands for your upcoming Women’s Day features.