Did you know Vishal Vashishtha wasn’t originally roped in to play protagonist Sanjay Sharma in Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel? Read to know more

Mumbai, 7th Feb 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free streaming service, has been making waves with its engaging content library. The streaming service offers a wide range of content – from romance to thrillers to inspirational dramas – to meet the streaming requirements of its discerning audiences. Recently, Amazon miniTV released the much-anticipated entrepreneurial drama series Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel. With an impressive rating of 8.3 on IMDB, this captivating series follows the life of Sanjay Sharma (played by Vishal Vashishtha), who hails from a small village near Kota and is constantly triggered by comparison and competition at home. The black sheep of his middle-class family, always referred to as “Manoj ka chota bhai”, he makes it to IIE Bombay, which marks a stepping stone in his journey. Through determination and hard work, Sanjay rises to the top and establishes his name in the competitive start-up industry, earning widespread recognition in his hometown.

Vishal Vashishtha

Sharing tidbits about the entrepreneurial drama series, actor Vishal Vashishtha reveals he wasn’t originally offered the lead role of Sanjay Sharma. He shared, “Although I was roped in for Hustlers, I wasn’t originally going to play Sanjay. It so happened that the team later approached me to essay the role of Sanjay. I was really looking forward to playing the part that I was initially offered because it seemed far from who I was, and brought something new to the table. But when Sanjay was offered to me, I was obviously super excited. After all, he is the protagonist, and the show revolves around him. It was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.”

Adding to this, Vishal also shared his opinion on the current start-up scenario in the country, saying, “First of all, the fact that people of India have the courage and the vision to venture into the start-up ecosystem is commendable in itself. It’s also wonderful how so many individuals are coming up with their unique contributions to society as well as the nation at large.”

Produced by Rainshine Entertainment and headlined by Vishal Vashishtha, Samir Kochhar, Maharshi Dave, Anjali Barot, and Anurag Arora, Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free, available on Amazon’s shopping app, Fire TV, and Play Store.