Thought Leaders Driving CSR: Top 5 Women Initiating Change

Exploring the impactful realm of corporate social responsibility (CSR), this compilation spotlights five influential women driving positive change through their thought leadership. Each individual, holding key positions in diverse sectors, contributes uniquely to sustainability and social impact. From finance to environmental initiatives, these leaders integrate holistic perspectives, emphasizing the symbiosis between corporate success and societal well-being. Witness the convergence of financial acumen, strategic vision, and a deep commitment to sustainable practices, all shaping a brighter future.

1. Anju Kanodia – Executive Director at Lumina Datamatics

Anju S. Kanodia has been Lumina Datamatics’ Executive Director since 2018. She manages treasury and surplus funds, actively engaging in strategic initiatives. Anju advocates a holistic view of sustainability, integrating long-term perspectives into decision-making. Embedding sustainable practices within Lumina Datamatics, she believes it enhances efficiency, innovation, and brand reputation while reducing costs. Believing in the transformative impact of community development on societal well-being, the organization is dedicated to creating a more prosperous and sustainable future. In a specific initiative, they partnered with Space Kidz India, successfully launching a satellite into outer space and empowering 750 teenage girls across 75 rural schools with opportunities to explore diverse skill sets and potential careers in Space. Anju’s leadership combines financial acumen with a commitment to sustainable practices.

2. Anupam Nidhi – Head Corporate Social Responsibility at Hindustan Zinc

Anupam Nidhi, leading CSR at Hindustan Zinc Limited, brings over two decades of experience, leaving an impact on CSR within Reliance Group. Based in Udaipur, she spearheads nationwide projects, excelling in microfinance, employability, and environmental initiatives. Recognized as a “Young Leader” for CSR, Anupam holds degrees in Management, Labour Law, and Agriculture, assessing corporations on Sustainability excellence. Grounded in pragmatic realities, she champions sustainability, receiving accolades for her impactful leadership. Anupam’s commitment to CSR extends to her involvement in disability and deaf cricket, showcasing her dedication to positive social impact.

3. Roma Balwani – Director at Strategic Resources Group and Sr. Advisor for Brand & Communications at Vedanta Group

Roma Balwani is a stalwart with over three decades of experience, positioning Vedanta as a top-10 sustainability company in India. As the President of Group Communications and Sustainable Development at Vedanta Resources plc, Roma aligns communication and sustainable development strategies, achieving significant milestones. She champions best practices in sustainability and CSR, focusing on health, safety, and environmental measures. Roma’s community development initiatives benefit over 4 million people globally, emphasizing the ‘Social License to Operate.’ A recipient of the PRCI Lifetime Achievement award, she actively contributes to disability cricket, epitomizing leadership in CSR and sustainable development.

4. Namita Vikas – Representing YES BANK as the member of the Advisory Council of the Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles Executive Committee, ICMA

Namita Vikas, a senior business leader with 30 years of global experience, specializes in climate change strategy and sustainability. Recognized for her contributions, Namita has a strong track record in mainstreaming sustainability, ESG, and responsible investing. Pioneering Responsible Banking at YES BANK, she led the issuance of India’s first Green Bond and served as Chairperson of UN NCFA. As a certified independent director and prominent speaker at global platforms, Namita actively contributes to sustainability and responsible business practices. Her multi-faceted expertise positions her as a leader shaping sustainability and climate action.

5. Sushama Oza – Consultant – Select Adani Group of companies for Sustainability & ESG

Sushama Oza, Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Adani Foundation, oversees CSR projects across twelve states, aligning with the Adani Group’s vision of nation-building. With degrees in home science and social work, she emphasizes the Foundation’s commitment to Education, Community Health, Sustainable Livelihood Development, and Community Infrastructure. Flagship initiatives like Suposhan and Swachhagraha underline their focus. Ms. Oza acknowledges challenges, particularly in obtaining trained personnel, but is open to training individuals. She values platforms like the India CSR summit, fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and avoiding the reinvention of strategies in the pursuit of common goals.