Aqdas Abid Khan, will soon join the cast of Shemaroo Umang’s show Kismat Ki Lakiro Se as Hanumant

Aqdas Abid Khan is set to charm audiences as Hanumant in Shemaroo Umang’s upcoming show “Kismat Ki Lakiro Se.” Hanumant embodies a mischievous yet endearing child, characterized by boundless energy, innocence, and a penchant for exploration. With remarkable strength and fearlessness, he undertakes challenging tasks, offering unwavering support to the pure-hearted Shraddha while teaching valuable lessons to those who cross his path. Hanumant’s innocence, coupled with his love for laddoos and ice cream, makes him a beloved character whose presence serves to foster connections and bring together key figures like Shraddha and Abhay, while ensuring Shraddha’s journey of struggle remains her own.


Stay tuned to watch the upcoming twist and turn in ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’ every Monday-Saturday at 8:00 pm only on Shemaroo Umang