CaratLane Postcards: The World’s First Revolutionary Tech That Embeds Video Messages In Jewellery

February, 2024. Mumbai: CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jewellery brand, has unveiled a new groundbreaking feature called Postcards, which leverages an innovative machine-learning technology, taking the brand’s promise of #KhulKeKaroExpress to the next level. It’s the world’s first-ever such service that lets users record heartfelt video messages and embed them into any CaratLane ring, which can be scanned by the recipient and relived forever.


This jewellery-based tech innovation, conceived by co-founder and former MD of CaratLane, Mithun Sacheti, has transformed the entire gifting experience by adding a new, everlasting layer of expression.

Talking about the launch, Gurukeerthi Gurunathan, Co-founder & CTO, CaratLane, said: “Enabling our users to express their emotions is our brand’s purpose. Over the last two years, our commitment to bringing Postcards to life has been through a tedious journey of constant trials, testing, and pushing the limits of technology. But the true beauty of Postcards doesn’t lie in the complex technology that powers this service. It lies in the seamlessness with which the user can attach their emotions to a ring, making it even more priceless.”

Avnish Anand, Co-Founder & CEO, CaratLane, added, “Most of our designs are chosen for gifting, and over the years, we’ve seen that a vast majority of those users take the effort of writing a special gift message. While a gift message or card is personal, it’s also very transient- most people we spoke to ended up misplacing or losing the card in a few months. On the other hand, when it comes to conveying true emotions, a video is far more impactful. We wanted to address this inherent need for making the gifting experience deeply personalised through a service that would let users save these memories eternally. And that paved the way for Postcards.”

Launched just a week back, the service has already got everyone on social media talking about it. Over 400+ people joined CaratLane’s rather bold teaser on Instagram by showing off their ring finger to the world. The brand also teamed up with Yashraj Mukhate to create a catchy song that summed up the Postcards experience and had everyone grooving to its tunes. The big launch culminated in the release of three heartwarming films conceptualized by BBH India. Each film carries a wonderfully warm story that’s bound to tug on the heartstrings of everyone watching.

Parikshit Bhattacharya, Chief Creative Officer of BBH India, stated, “Postcards is a great example of brand experience. It uses technology to add more heart to the experience. And it comes straight out of the brand’s line Khul Ke Karo Express. The three stories in the films hint at the emotional reservoir that this experience can unlock for people while gifting a ring with CaratLane. This innovation needed memorable communication and I feel the teams at CaratLane, BBH and Colour Palette Films have delivered it in spades. Toh Khul Ke Karo Express with Postcards from CaratLane.”

CaratLane’s Postcards has phenomenally added a new dimension to gifting and self-expression, seamlessly blending emotions, and personalisation. Whether as a gift for others or a personal indulgence, it presents an exclusive and heartfelt way to express emotions in intimate relationships.