Empowering Dreams: A journey of innovation and entrepreneurship byYoung Mind

Bhubaneswar: In the heart of Bhubaneswar, where tradition and modernity intertwine seamlessly, a silent revolution is underway in Odisha, with its deep cultural roots, is emerging as a vibrant hotspot for young visionaries and entrepreneurs, all thanks to dynamic initiatives – the Odisha Startup Yatra and Startup Express.

 These groundbreaking programs have become the driving force propelling Odisha’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, fostering a culture of innovation among the bright minds within school and college walls. Aimed at cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit, these initiatives have been instrumental in harnessing the creative energies of the state’s youth.


 In the recently concluded edition, the enthusiasm was palpable, with over 36,000 students from diverse educational institutions across Odisha actively participating. Workshops, mentorship sessions, and competitions served as compasses guiding these young minds through the intricate journey of transforming ideas into viable startups.

 The impact of these initiatives is unmistakable, with over 4,400 innovative ideas blossoming from the fertile minds of Odisha’s youth. These ideas span a spectrum of sectors, showcasing the diversity of creativity within the state.

 Among the standout concepts, the Stereovision Camera, Virtual Reality Sets, Liquid Biofertilizer, Millet-based Ready-to-Eat Products, Press Fit Fuse, AI-Based Agro-Bots for Cotton Farms, Cornstarch-Based Bioplastics in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Online Doorstep Repair Services, Long- Lasting Billboards, Handwriting Recognizer, Answer Finder, an App to Avoid Junk and Sugar, Nerve Finder and Innovative Garbage Management Solutions shine as beacons of innovation.

 One exemplary story from this innovation crusade is that of Dwarikanath Choudhury, a student of the Silicon Institute. His revolutionary project in the field of aerial vehicles garnered the highest score of 83 marks, presenting a new generation of vertical takeoff and landing with rotating flaps and wings. His technology promises to revolutionize traditional aircraft design.

 The transformative journey of startups isn’t confined to specific locales in Odisha. From Khurda to Sundergarh, Mayurbhanj to Berhampur, Rayagada to Puri, Jharsuguda to Ganjam, Gajapati, school and college students have captivated judges’ hearts with their astounding startup ideas, showcasing the expansive scope of their imagination. Startup Odisha has indeed tapped into the immense potential of innovation among the state’s students.

 The success stories emanating from these programs paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of Startup Yatra and Startup Express. Students aren’t merely generating groundbreaking ideas; they are also acquiring the skills and mindset needed to navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship.

 The innovative solutions proposed by these young minds, spanning sustainable agriculture practices to cutting-edge technology applications, highlight the vast talent pool and the potential for Odisha to emerge as a major player in the startup landscape.

 As momentum continues to build, Odisha’s startup ecosystem is evolving into a powerhouse of innovation. The state’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and providing a platform for young minds to flourish has set the stage for a brighter, more dynamic future.

 Startup Yatra and Startup Express have not only sowed the seeds of innovation but have also nurtured the fertile ground for these ideas to take root and grow. The journey has just begun, and as these startups continue to blossom, Odisha is poised to become a beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship in the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian startup ecosystem.

 In this evolving narrative, the young minds of Odisha are not just dreamers; they are architects of a future where innovation is the currency, and entrepreneurship is the language of change. The journey has just begun, and as these startups continue to blossom, Odisha is poised to become a beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship in the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian startup ecosystem.

TATWA Technologies Celebrates 22 Years of Excellence

Bhubaneswar, 5th Feb 2024: of TATWA Technologies Ltd, one of the fastest growing companies in the IT/ITES sector was celebrates its 22nd foundation day across all its Delivery Centers on 4th Feb 2024. On this occasion, a grand event was held in Tatwa’s corporate campus in Bhubaneswar, witnessed by thousands of employees and associates from across the globe, in addition to over 700 attendees and dignitaries.


 On this occasion TATWA 2.0 has been unveiled, which is a roadmap for a Billion Dollar
Enterprise in the next decade. TATWA plans to leverage its expertise to help businesses across industries adopt cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes to optimize their throughput. The Company will focus on enhancing its capabilities in areas like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity to cater to the growing demand for these services. Leverage Human Intelligence as the Creators of Artifical Intellignce, which in effect shall prove to be the guiding force behind innovation and excellence in the Digital Era. The Company aims to further expand its international presence and continue establishing itself as a leading player in the global IT market.

 Rajya Sabha MP Dr Sujeet Kumar attended as chief guest and Co-founder of Mindtree N S Parthasarathy and Managing Partner of NetworkGain Consultancy Koushik Ramani as Guest of Honour.

 Chief Guest DR. Sujeet Kumar, MP, Rajya Sabha said, “Entrepreneurs create wealth for the
nation. Tatwa due to its clear vision and pursuit to achieve it has established itself, a fastest growing IT company in Eastern India.

 Guest of Honour Mr.N S Parthasarathy, Co-Founder, Mindtree | Managing Partner, Mela Ventures said, “40% company that starts, closed down in first 3years, while 80% of companies fail in 20 years of time. So as Tatwa is celebrating its 22nd foundation day, it’s a phenomenal achievement by any company. Countries those invest in building institutions thrive economically, culturally and socially. “

 On the Occasion, Mr. Ayaskanta Mohanty, Managing Director, Tatwa Technologies Limited emphasized the importance of embracing technology for customer success and highlighted the TRUST factor which is the foundation of any successful organization. “When employees trust their leaders and colleagues, they are more likely to be engaged, productive, and innovative,” said Mr. Mohanty.

 Mr. TapendraSenapati, Co-Founder & CEO said “Innovation is embedded as an integral component of Tatwa. There is a systematic process which drives innovation and the resources are always encouraged to bring in new thoughts and ideas”. Indeed, Tatwa has come a long way since its inception 22 years back and is in the verge of leaping into the future of digital technology.

  “TATWA’s commitment to developing a Centre of Excellence in AI, ML, Cybersecurity, and Analytics to offer services and solutions to Global customers is underway, which will help businesses achieve their goals at a fast pace. In order to achieve this goal Tatwa is building competency by skill development and certifications of talents and collaborating with Global Partners and OEMs”, said Ms Smruti Nayak, Director Technologies.

 Mr. David Sahoo, Director of Operations discussed about TATWA’s focus on CX Engineering and the team’s ability to design customized solutions for customers. “As a leading CX Engineering services provider, TATWA is always committed to meet the dynamic needs of customers providing comprehensive cutting edge CX solutions like intelligent Chat Bots, hyper personalization automation, etc.”.

 Mr. Bikram Dash, Vice President – (HR, L&D) discussed about the landscape of TATWA’s talent acquisition which is undergoing a dramatic transformation, fuelled by rapid technological advancements, shifting demographics, and evolving workplace expectations.

 From 2002, TATWA’s relentless endeavors in bringing people closer to technology has transformed a 3 member team to a formidable force of 3000+ digitally skilled professionals. Having established a strong foothold in the Indian markets (Operational Centres in Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Thane & NOIDA) , Tatwa has expanded wings overseas as well, catering to the markets of USA, UAE, South East Asia & Africa.

 Riding on its phenomenal success in transforming & managing Business Process across industries, ranging from the BFSI, Digital entertainment, Education, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Telecom and the like, TATWA has steadfastly made inroads into the new age Digital Era with proven capabilities. Partnering industries from diverse sectors to digitally transform their processes with embedded technologies and drive enhanced efficiencies with greater agility. This in turn, creates new values for employees, Customers and Stakeholders alike. Tatwa has established business verticals such as Technology Consulting & Implementation, System Consulting & Integration in addition to Hi Tech Business Process Management Services.

 With 2 decades of experience, TATWA innovates Unified Communication Platform as a Service (UCPaaS) – a unique service for the Small & Medium Businesses of the world to leverage the power of digital communication, Which is likely to attract hyper-growth in the future.

Ghantasala – The Great: A Cinematic Masterpiece Ready to Enchant Bhubaneswar Audiences


Bhubaneswar, 19th January 2024: Anyukth Ram Pictures is thrilled to announce its upcoming Telugu movie, “GHANTASALA – THE GREAT,” set to captivate audiences with an inspiring narrative, exceptional performances, and a soul-stirring musical journey. The film is produced by the talented Mrs. CH. Phani and directed by the acclaimed G.V. Bhaskar. A Telugu movie set to captivate audiences in Bhubaneswar. Backed by a stellar cast and crew including Vasu Rao Saluri, Ch. Rama Rao, VenuMuralidhar.V, Syam Kumar P, and Kranthi (RK), the film promises to be a cinematic celebration of the legendary playback singer Ghantasala.

 The movie, bearing the name of the maestro himself, explores the life and legacy of Ghantasala, whose voice became synonymous with timeless melodies in the Telugu film industry. Directed by the acclaimed G.V Bhaskar, the film delves into the untold aspects of Ghantasala’s journey, revealing the man behind the music and the impact of his art on generations. Showcasing the profound impact of his contributions to the world of music and his enduring influence on the cultural landscape. The movie promises to take audiences on an emotional rollercoaster, offering a glimpse into the trials and triumphs that shaped the iconic musician.

Key Details:

Producer: Mrs. CH. PHANI
Director: G.V BHASKAR
Cast and Crew:

 Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the life of Ghantasala, the musical maestro, when GHANTASALA – THE GREAT hits theaters in Bhubaneswar. Stay tuned for more updates.

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