Jaswinder Gardner REVEALS what made her say yes to the Watcho Exclusives series State v/s Ahuja

Actress Jaswinder Gardner, known for her roles in Ready, V for Victor, and Missing, recently portrayed the role of Divya Ahuja, the wife of Ansh Ahuja (played by Ashmit Patel), in the Watcho Exclusives series State v/s Ahuja. The actress has now revealed insights into her character and what made her say yes to being a part of the series, which is streaming on Watcho.

Jaswinder Collage

Sharing deets on her character Divya, Jaswinder said, “I play the character of Divya Ahuja, Ansh Ahuja’s wife in the Watcho Exclusives series State v/s Ahuja. So, Divya’s life changed after marriage. In one scene, she describes how she went to college, fell in love, her dream was to help Ansh fulfil his dream, and after marriage that became her priority. All she wanted was for him to achieve everything he dreamed of, always standing by his side. She also had to adjust to his stardom, which involved more betrayal, affairs, and mistreatment than she ever expected. She thought she would always be the one he would be with, so it all came as an unexpected shock to her.”

Revealing what convinced her to be a part of the series, “Divya’s character has a lot of range; she is a wife who undergoes turmoil when her husband is accused of a heinous crime such as rape. Her happy-go-lucky life suddenly goes haywire; it’s in bits and pieces. I liked the characterization and the character arc, which is challenging to play, but it also allows me to perform as an artist, to show my potential as an actor. So, I wanted my audience to see my potential, and I signed up for the role without any second thoughts. Also, it’s an intense thriller, which usually interests viewers. Plus, I got the opportunity to work with a fantastic team.”

State v/s Ahuja delves into the life of Ansh Ahuja (Ashmit Patel), a Bollywood superstar whose world is rocked by scandal when his maid accuses him of rape. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are immersed in a captivating realm of suspense, investigation, and courtroom theatrics, where unexpected revelations keep them on edge. The series poses a gripping question: Did Ansh truly commit the alleged crime, or is there a darker conspiracy lurking beneath the surface? Produced by Suresh Thomas under the banners of Crescendo Films and Amicable Crew, the show boasts an ensemble cast, including Anurekha Bhagat, Sarika Singh, Swapnil Ralkar, Apeksha Verma, Drishti Patil, Manish Jaitley, Arjun Krishna, Vicky Baidyanath, and Harsh Gautam. This Watcho Exclusives series is streaming on Watcho.