Smart Node launches new innovative wifi-enabled curtain motor Curtain Flow for unparalleled convenience and control

Vadodara, February 26, 2024: Smart Node, a leading home automation brand, has proudly announced the launch of its latest innovation in the home automation space- the Wifi-based Curtain Motor “Curtain Flow”. With the new invention, the company aims to revolutionize how households interact with and manage their window curtains.

Curtain Flow Launch

With the “Curtain Flow”, users can experience unparalleled convenience and control of their curtains. The motorized unit can be easily scheduled to open and close curtains at preferred times and speeds and provide real-time feedback on the position of the curtain. With customized scheduling capability, users can now easily determine the precise amount of closure, ensuring optimal privacy, light control, and aesthetic appeal. So, whether waking up to natural daylight in the morning or ensuring privacy in the evening, the Smart Node Wifi-based Curtain Motor can be personalized to suit every individual’s needs for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Sharing his views on the latest launch, Parth Shah, the Co-founder of Smart Node said, “Our aim with Curtain Flow is to provide a uniquely effortless and customized home automation experience. With capabilities like receiving live curtain position updates and scheduled time openings and closings to match ambient lighting needs, families can personalize curtain functionality like never before. This unprecedented precision, convenience and control in managing curtains is just a glimpse of the comfort and lifestyle enhancements the Curtain Flow enables. We are confident it will greatly simplify daily living while retaining Smartnode’s hallmark user-friendly design.”

Controlling the Wifi-based Curtain Motor is effortless and intuitive, thanks to the SmartNode easy-to-use application. Through the app, users can operate their curtains remotely and save time and energy. The app offers a range of additional features, allowing users to create scenes, set preferences, and enjoy seamless integration with other smart home devices. Furthermore, the Smart Node “Curtain Flow” is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, providing users with the ultimate hands-free experience. Users can effortlessly adjust their curtains to their preferred position without lifting a finger by simply giving voice commands.

The launch of Curtain Flow builds on Smart Node’s leadership in smart home technology. The Vadodara-based company focuses on intuitive, user-friendly products that enhance comfort, security, efficiency and more in residential and commercial spaces.