Digital Learning Day Quotes | [24]


Sonali Choudhury

Sonali Choudhary
Sonali’s journey began with her intent to transition into the IT field through Data Science. An Electronics Engineer by background, Sonali chose to upskill herself through digital learning platforms which she says has been instrumental in shaping her career in Data Science.

“Coming from an electronics background, I embarked on a journey to transition into the IT field, focusing on data science. Utilizing platforms like Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Open courses from MIT and Harvard, I completed certifications that honed my skills in SQL, database management systems, Python, and data analytics.

3 years into the system, this newfound knowledge not only eased my day-to-day work but has also played a pivotal role in helping me secure my current role as a Senior Analyst. I believe continuous learning is key to professional growth, and I am excited about the opportunities and challenges it continues to bring.”

Kamala Nagaraj

Kamala Nagaraj

 After reaching a certain stage in her Human Resources (HR) career, Kamala began contemplating the importance of refining her skills to explore new opportunities. Through extensive research, she chose to enrol in the PGCHRM program offered by XLRI in 2011. This course, she says, helped her better her career and showed her ways to work with an engaged workforce.

“ The PGCHRM course offered by XLRI was a pioneering initiative launched in collaboration with Reliance, marking a significant advancement in a time when technology was not as prevalent. The program proved invaluable in honing my analytical and logical abilities, equipping me with the necessary tools to drive strategic initiatives in specialized areas. I delved deep into core subjects such as labor law, compensation and benefits, labor relations, and collective bargaining, under the mentorship of industry experts. Through exposure to real-world case studies and continual coaching, I have gained the confidence to navigate various organizational challenges. I am now adept at implementing interventions that not only enhance cost-effectiveness and compliance but also foster a culture of employee satisfaction through improved compensation and benefits. This, in turn, contributes to lower attrition rates and a more engaged workforce.

Today we are blessed with better opportunities, and accessibility to courses is no longer in question. There are numerous learning avenues, offering myriad opportunities for growth. I, once again, emphasize that there is a crucial need to constantly sharpen your skills and digital is the way to go.”