Dhruv is a guy who is very carefree and he knows that he is the center of attraction, says Priyank Sharma

Mumbai, 15 February 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released the romantic comedy series ‘Dillogical’. The series beautifully captures the nuances of modern-day relationships and how love is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. The series gives us a glimpse into the life of a successful young boy- Saransh Desai. After receiving a placement in Google, he returns to India to rekindle his relationship with Jinal, the Vadodara girl who is fearless, ambitious, and eager to make something of herself on her own. Jinal is naturally gifted and defies expectations by becoming a dance influencer with a respectable Instagram following. However, since becoming independent, her long-standing fears have become more entrenched, forcing her to reevaluate the predetermined life her family has built for her with Saransh since she can remember.


Talking about his first Job, Priyank Sharma who played the role of Dhruv, shared “When I was 19 years old, I was offered my first job as a choreographer and dance instructor at Shiamak Davar International. It is one of India’s most reputable platforms for dance. Dhruv is also a dancer and choreographer. He is a carefree man who understands that he is the center of attraction; he receives that attention from people, so he is used to it, and he receives that attention in the show as well, so it is really normal for Dhruv to live this way.”

Get ready to indulge in romance, comedy, and drama, along with a dose of entertainment, with Dillogical for free on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.