Celebrating International Week at Amity University Haryana

“Embarking on a Transformative Journey: Amity University Gurugram’s International Women’s Week Celebration starts with a week-long Leadership Development Program, aptly named ‘Empowering Women For Leadership: Progressing Together,’ curated by the esteemed Academic Staff College.” from 04-08 March, 2024 

 The celebrations inaugurated with the symbolic lighting of the lamp, ushering in an atmosphere of inspiration and enlightenment. A harmonious invocation of muses followed, resonating with the spirit of the program, a celebration of music and creativity that set the tone for the empowering week ahead.

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 During the Inaugural, Prof PB Sharma, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram, shed light on the profound role of women in mythology, emphasizing the timeless importance of honesty and kindness in their narratives. Drawing parallels to ancient wisdom, he underscored the significance of these virtues as timeless guiding principles for leadership. Prof Sharma emphasied on Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ) in effective leadership. He spoke eloquently about the need for leaders, especially women, to navigate with emotional intelligence and spiritual insight, fostering a holistic approach to decision- making. Prof Sharma took a moment to acknowledge the commendable gender ratio within the faculty at Amity University Gurugram, emphasizing a balanced representation. His encouragement for women not to sacrifice their potential resonated deeply, promoting a culture of empowerment and equal opportunities. Prof Sharma address served as a beacon for the empowering journey that lay ahead, leaving a lasting impact on all those fortunate enough to be present during this significant event.

 Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group, Chair – G20 Empower India & Past President – FICCI delivered a compelling address on International Women’s Day. With eloquence and authority, she shared insights and perspectives that resonated with the spirit of empowerment and gender equality. Dr. Reddy’s words encapsulated the essence of the occasion, inspiring and motivating everyone present. Her impactful contribution during the International Women’s Day celebration left a lasting impression, further emphasizing the importance of women’s leadership and their invaluable role in shaping a progressive society.

 Ms. Anna Roy, Principal Economic Adviser – NITI Aayog, Government of India, shared a unique perspective on women’s empowerment, highlighting her personal stance on the term. She acknowledged her privilege, emphasizing the scarcity of opportunities for many women. Ms. Roy stressed the importance of supportive mentors and addressed issues in Cyber- Physical Technology, particularly information asymmetry. Advocating collaborative programs for the Women Entrepreneurship Cell, she expressed concerns about excessive funding focus, urging recognition of efforts. Drawing from cultural references, she emphasized the value of hard work and cited Prime Minister Modi’s proactive stance on A.I. Ms. Anna Roy’s insights underscore the need for collective efforts and strategic focus for an empowered future.

 Dr. Meeta Brahma, Director NIIT Ltd, during her engaging address, delved into the remarkable work of NIIT in empowering individuals through technology. She shared insightful perspectives on how technology can be a catalyst for empowerment, transforming lives and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Dr. Meeta Brahma drew inspiration from management guru Peter Drucker, quoting his wisdom on managing oneself. She emphasized the critical importance of self-awareness, urging the audience to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Dr. Brahma introduced the concept of “Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver.” This framework encapsulated a holistic approach to goal setting and achievement, inspiring the audience to envision their aspirations, strategize a plan, and diligently work towards realizing their dreams.

Prof Dr. Rajita Kulkarni, Hon’ble President, Sri Sri University, Odisha, shared impactful insights on leadership, emphasizing genuine connections, courage, and effective communication. Beyond conventional traits, she highlighted self-discovery, adaptability, and stress relief through practices like meditation. Dr. Kulkarni promoted a problem-solving mindset, advocating resilience and adaptability. Stressing the role of a robust team, she explored diverse leadership styles with a focus on collaboration and empowerment. Her dynamic presentation left a lasting impact, equipping the audience with strategies for navigating evolving leadership landscapes and fostering empowerment and motivation.

 Prof. Sanjana Vij, Prof, Liberal Arts, Director, Academic Staff College, Amity University Haryana delivered a powerful Opening Address on Women’s Day, emphasizing the Leadership Development Program’s role in enhancing faculty growth and fostering essential leadership skills. Her impactful speech set the tone for a transformative journey, highlighting the program’s significance in empowering women within the academic community. Prof Sanjna Vij’s words resonated with a clear vision for personal and professional development, inspiring participants to actively engage in the program for valuable insights and growth opportunities.

 “An inspiring turnout of 95 eager learners, including Heads of Departments, faculty members, and dedicated research scholars, enthusiastically registered and actively engaged in our transformative Leadership Development Program, titled ‘Empowering Women For Leadership: Progressing Together.’

 In a heartfelt Vote of Thanks, Prof. Sanjana Vij extended her gratitude to the esteemed speakers, dignitaries, and participants whose presence and contributions enriched the Leadership Development Program.

M3M Foundation Launches Four Initiatives Under ‘Sarvoday’ Program at Grand Event in Tauru

Tauru, Haryana: A grand program organized by the renowned social organization M3M Foundation took place at Malti Vatika Sainipura, situated in Tauru. The event marked the inauguration of four major initiatives under the ‘Sarvoday’ program of M3M Foundation. Ms. Vandana, wife of Sohna MLA Shri Kunwar Sanjay Singh, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Among other distinguished guests were Manita Garg, former Chairperson of Municipality, Tauru; Paramjit Chahal, District Education Officer of Nuh; Kusum Malik Nuh District FLN Coordinator; Amit Yadav, District Sports Officer; Ram Kishan, District Science Expert; and Mussadi Lal Social Worker. Dr. Payal Kanodia from M3M Foundation, Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, along with various dignitaries, were also present.


The grand event witnessed the participation of over 2000 individuals from the Tauru area, who expressed their appreciation for the initiatives spearheaded by M3M Foundation. The program commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.

Ms. Vandana expressed her profound delight, stating, “M3M Foundation has made an exemplary contribution to the Tauru area, for which we are immensely grateful. The assistance provided by the M3M Foundation is deeply appreciated by all of us. The construction of a substantial girls’ school is a direct response to the community’s needs, reflecting the Foundation’s commitment to addressing local requirements. Furthermore, the development of the pond stands as a significant gift to the Tauru area from the M3M Foundation. The meticulous attention to detail in enhancing its beauty ensures that it will stand out as the most exquisite pond in all of Haryana.”

Paramjit Chahal, District Education Officer, Nuh, extended his heartfelt appreciation to M3M Foundation, emphasizing the commendable work they have undertaken in the field of education. Having worked across various districts, Chahal expressed admiration for the significant impact M3M Foundation has made. He particularly highlighted the remarkable initiative of selecting Lokesh Kumar from the Tauru area to represent the region at NASA—an achievement that underscores the Foundation’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing transformative opportunities.

Under the ‘Sarvoday’ program of M3M Foundation, various initiatives like Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Tauru will be constructed, foundation stone of pond (Amrit Sarovar) laid in Ward No. 9, digital library has been arranged in Gurnavat School and iGarage: An automobile enterprise has been started.

As part of the ‘Sarvoday’ program by M3M Foundation, several impactful initiatives are set to unfold. These include the construction of the Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Tauru, foundation stone laying ceremony for the Amrit Sarovar pond in Ward No. 9. Additionally, the establishment of a digital library at Gurnavat School and the inauguration of iGarage—an automobile enterprise—are among the significant endeavors aimed at empowering the community and underlining holistic development.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee and Chairperson of M3M Foundation, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all distinguished guests who graced the occasion with their presence. She emphasized the profound joy in contributing to the development of the Tauru area and highlighted the significance of the four main initiatives inaugurated under the ‘Sarvoday’ program. These initiatives are poised to become significant milestones for the sector, reflecting M3M Foundation’s commitment to nation-building and its role as a responsible organization dedicated to fostering sustainable progress.

Honda India Foundation (HIF) organised a Health Mela in the Mokalwas village of Manesar, Haryana

27th, Feb 2024: As a part of Health Care initiatives of Honda India Foundation, a “Health Mela” was recently organised in collaboration with Impact Guru Foundation, Rotary International, District Administration and Deepalaya NGO. It was a significant leap in Honda India Foundation’s dedication to societal assistance by empowering the populace. This social impact endeavour was organised in the Mokalwas Village of Manesar, Haryana.

Honda India Foundation (HIF) organised a “Health Mela” in the Mokalwas village of Manesar, Haryana

The “Health Mela” witnessed the esteemed presence of Shri Vinay Dhingra (Trustee, Honda India Foundation) and Shri Katsuyuki Ozawa (Trustee, Honda India Foundation) who interacted with the local audience. The other dignitaries to the event included Shri Mahesh Kumar (Village Sarpanch, Mokalwas), Shri Vikas Poonia (District Manager, CSC), Sandeep Gupta (Chief Medical Officer at Primary Health Centre, Kasan) Shri Narendra Singh (Principal, Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Mokalwas) and Shri Jitender Dhillon (District Social Welfare Officer). The event was an amalgamation of core activities including Health Camps, Eye Check-up camp, Blood Donation Drives, Basic Medical Screening, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Govt. schemes like Aadhar, Family ID, Ayushman card, Correction and Updation.

Th state of healthcare in Mokalwas village like many rural areas in India faces significant challenges and disparities. One of the primary concerns is the lack of healthcare facilities within proximity to the village. Mokalwas faces absence of primary health care centres forcing residents to travel long distances to access medical services. To address these obstacles, Honda India Foundation (HIF) took the inaugural move. HIF, keeping basic health care as a priority has already been running Mobile Medical Units (MMU’s) in Manesar and has also established a Health Centre at Naurangpur that provides basic OPD services. Taking a step forward in this aspect to ensure doorstep delivery of basic facilities and amenities, it organised the Health Mela that brought essential medical services and information directly to the community, thus making healthcare more accessible to villagers who faced barriers in accessing traditional healthcare settings.

The Health Mela saw active involvement from over 1000 plus beneficiaries throughout the various events of the day. Many villagers were given fundamental medical assistance such as blood-pressure checks, cholesterol tests and Glucose Monitoring and were made aware about various communicable and non-communicable diseases, their early detection and prevention. The blood donation camp witnessed a remarkable turnout of generous donors, emphasizing the importance of community solidarity and compassion.

The Mela also laid emphasis on bringing behavioural change among citizens by raising awareness about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene through Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Awareness. It highlighted the prevention of open defecation and accentuation of proper waste management. Another remarkable feature of the mela was assisting villagers with Aadhar card updation and correction which is highly essential in availing banking services, health care facilities and other social welfare schemes.

Honda’s corporate philosophy is founded on the fundamental principles of “Respect for the Individual” and the “Three Joys” to support Honda’s universal passion: to improve the quality of people’s daily lives. The Health Mela aligns with Honda’s fundamental principles and harmonises its long-term mission of becoming a ‘Company that Society wants to Exist’.