New in the Snack Aisle: Beyond Snack Unveils Coconut Oil Banana Chips Offering Consistent Taste and Quality

National, February 07, 2024: Beyond Snack, a Kerala banana chips brand and renowned name in the snack industry, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest product – Kerala Banana Chips in Coconut Oil, a unique blend of traditional Kerala banana chips cooked in coconut oil. This new offering is the epitome of Beyond Snack’s commitment to quality, health, and authentic taste.

For centuries, Kerala’s banana chips have been synonymous with coconut oil. Aligning with this tradition, Beyond Snack endeavored to create a product that delivers consistent taste and texture and embraces healthier cooking methods. After an intensive 8-month product development phase, Beyond Snack is now ready to meet the high expectations of health-conscious consumers.

coconut oil

Building on the momentum of the ’24 Carat Taste’ campaign, Beyond Snack’s introduction of Kerala Banana Chips in Coconut Oil represents a thoughtful blend of tradition and modern health consciousness. Emphasizing coconut oil’s traditional significance in Kerala’s culinary landscape, this launch reinforces the brand’s dedication to celebrating cultural heritage while addressing the nutritional preferences of today’s consumers. This launch is a reflection of Beyond Snack’s ongoing efforts to blend cultural authenticity with modern health standards, providing consumers with an indulgent yet guilt-free snacking experience.

What sets this product apart in the market? It is made without onion and garlic, catering to consumers who seek fasting-friendly options. Significant to this product is our transition to using rock salt, an alternative to the commonly used refined salt. The standout feature of this new product lies in its cleanliness – we’ve meticulously curated these banana chips with hygiene as a top priority. What sets them apart is that they’re the first-ever branded banana chips made with coconut oil. This enhances the chips’ health benefits and adds a delicious twist to the classic snack.

Manas Madhu, Co-Founder of Beyond Snack, said, “With Kerala Banana Chips in coconut oil, we’ve embraced the historical connection of coconut oil and banana chips and elevated the snack to meet modern health expectations. Our rigorous development process and thoughtful ingredient selection are a nod to our responsibility towards our consumers who trust us for quality and experience.”

Beyond Snack’s commitment to quality and nutrition remains unchanged. Like all our products, these coconut oil-based banana chips are gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with real, premium ingredients. As always, they are free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours, ensuring that every bite is a wholesome, guilt-free indulgence.

Kerala banana chips made with Coconut oil will be available in 85gm packets at a price of Rs 75 per pack. Consumers can purchase these healthy and delicious chips across all leading e-commerce platforms.