Livguard Unveils India’s first indigenously developed Lithium-ion phosphate cell

6th Feb 2023, New Delhi: Livguard, a pioneer in the energy transition sector, is showcasing a spectrum of groundbreaking products and solutions at the ongoing Bharat Mobility Expo in New Delhi at Pragati Maidan. With a strategic focus on electromobility and battery storage solutions, Livguard is driving the transition from traditional energy paradigms to cutting-edge technologies.

Livguard’s exhibition spotlights a range of products designed and manufactured in India, each representing the latest in technology, having either been recently launched or scheduled for launch in the coming months. The core emphasis is around accelerated energy transition, with a key emphasis on electromobility and battery storage solutions.


Livguard presents a comprehensive display of batteries, featuring the safest chemistry available in India. Among the highlights is the unveiling of Livguard’s indigenously designed lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) cell technology, the first Made-in-India LFP cell certified by ARAI. Additionally, the company is set to launch new batteries in the coming days, reinforcing its commitment to advancing battery technology domestically. The company boasts a robust R&D team of 200+ engineers dedicated to designing and engineering solutions within the country. Livguard’s commitment goes beyond “Made in India” to “Designed in India.”

Gurpreet Bhatia, CEO of Livguard said, “Livguard is not merely introducing products, we are revolutionising the entire ecosystem of electromobility in India. Our integrated solutions, from batteries to drivetrain, coupled with advanced analytics, represent a leap towards a greener and more efficient future that is Conceptualised, Designed and Manufactured in India.”

Livguard takes pride in its fully homegrown Battery Management System, developed over the past four years in India. It offers state-of-the-art battery health monitoring and enhances battery life and safety.

The focus of the exhibit is to present solutions beyond physical products to Battery Intelligence. The new-age batteries showcase real-time analytics and AI-driven insights. The platform predicts the remaining charge, monitors battery health, and detects potential abuse conditions, ensuring optimal performance and safety for users with features to remotely disable battery in case of abuse situations. Livguard’s cloud-based solutions have been instrumental in managing a deployed base of over 50,000 batteries, generating invaluable intelligence about usage patterns and optimizing performance.

Addressing the need for rapid adoption of electric mobility, Livguard has also developed battery-swapping stations. These stations facilitate quick turnarounds for fleet-based applications, ensuring efficient use of assets. Livguard’s customers plan to install over 500 swapping stations in the next year, initially in Delhi, Pune and nearby areas, with plans for further expansion post the pilot phase.

The exhibition is also witnessing Livguard’s drivetrain solutions, representing a shift from traditional combustion engines to motors and electronics. The portfolio includes drivetrain solutions in e-Rickshaws, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers. Livguard’s focus on sustainability extends to its drivetrain solutions, featuring motors with reduced magnet usage. The company is actively developing motors that eliminate the need for rare earth magnets. This commitment aligns with Livguard’s overarching goal of providing efficient, sustainable, and environmentally conscious electromobility solutions.