Marquee Equity assists biotech company Econophy LLC with fundraising

Marquee Equity, a SaaS platform that aids startups in securing funding, has recently onboarded The Econophy Group LLC, a US-based biotech independent sponsor private equity firm that is based out of Florida and focused on the biotech space. In 2024, it is developing a life sciences-oriented holding company that will feature a patented, Phase III, first-in-class, safe, non-invasive nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (NMMI) diagnostic detection and monitoring technology that will exceed US and worldwide efficacy standards by 5x. The outgrowth of an industry pulmonary vascular disease vertical will evolve into a 7-NMMI disease-oriented product pipeline, in addition to related therapeutics and a COPD-patented device. The multi-country teams consist of MDs, PhDs, industry CEOs, and other experts in global patient healthcare.

In 2Q, it will integrate AI into its pulmonary vascular disease focus to evolve into a general industry AI focusing upon and featuring an automated diagnosis tool and a predictive epidemiology data platform.

Primary end-users will be medical doctors to simplify disease diagnosis and increase its accuracy. It will also provide international governments, NGOs, insurance companies, healthcare providers, public and private research facilities, and pharma companies with data analytics to mitigate diagnostic errors, disease spread, and unnecessary treatment costs and help solve other large-scale health industry problems.

For years, diagnostic delays and errors have been tolerated and often ignored, although they have been reported as a leading cause of patient harm. The National Academy of Medicine estimates that $750 billion, or 30% of annual healthcare spending, is wasted on unnecessary services and other inefficiencies. At least once in a person’s lifetime, they will receive a diagnostic error. Estimated resulting deaths range from 40,000 to 80,000

Marquee acts as a bridge between the startups looking for funding and investors/venture capitalists/angel investors thus making the process of fundraising swift and convenient. Marquee’s team collects and curates relevant data and projections to create a pitch deck that serves as a critical document in carrying forward the procedure. Once the pitch deck is approved, the AI-backed tech platform performs an investors-finding algorithm and connects the businesses to a suitable set of investors, VCs etc., thus making the process of fundraising convenient and effective. As opposed to marketplaces and digital listings that publicly display fundraising details, Marquee matched their clients with their personalized list of investors who would be the best fit for their mutual goals.

With a team of over 100 employees, Marquee Equity helps 1,500 businesses raise money effectively each year. Ash Narain, Founder & CEO of Marquee Equity comments, “We are very excited to have Econophy LLC on board with us and render our services. They are bringing in a positive impact through their work and we are very happy to work with them and help them in this endeavor. Marquee has curated the campaign to their requirements and helped them prepare their pitch deck and schedule calls with potential investors. We have a firm belief in their work and are witnessing some immense responses to the campaign, which just makes us work harder for the next phase of the campaign”.

M. Damian Billy, Managing Partner, and Founder of The Econophy Group LLC, appreciated the work of the fintech platform and said,

“Our relationship with Marquee Equity has been exceptional. Inclusive of all team members engaged, their attention to detail, promptness in responding to queries, willingness to accept input for changes, and document preparation exceeded our expectations for delivery and outcome. Throughout our interaction, professionalism and dedication remained constant.”

Marquee Equity’s success in raising funds for early-stage startups and SMEs comes from their time-tested methods, which are optimized by leveraging the power of technology. Marquee believes in using technology not to change the dynamic between investors and businesses, but rather to be the appropriate bridge between them.

By matching each entrepreneur with the ideal investors, Marquee Equity seeks to maximize the company’s fundraising efforts. The fintech platform works with businesses of all sizes, from conception to pre-IPO, with check amounts ranging from $100,000 to multibillion-dollar private equity firms that raise money from limited partners. For Ginik, Marquee also lent its support in the documentation and the startup’s founder also looks forward to dipping into Marquee’s network of investors for future rounds again someday.