The Next Chapter of Lord Ram’s Journey Begins With His Exile in Shrimad Ramayan


  Sony Entertainment Television’s epic saga, Shrimad Ramayan, narrates the life and teachings of Lord Ram, bringing back this timeless story into the hearts and minds of the viewers. In the ongoing narrative, viewers have seen Queen Kaikeyi falling prey to dormant insecurities fueled by Manthara, and she demands that King Dashrath fulfill the two boons he had promised her years ago. The first being that her son, Bharat, should be crowned King, and second being that Lord Ram should be exiled for 14 years. A shattered King Dashrath is left aghast at the thought of exiling his eldest son, but Lord Ram decides to uphold the promises King Dashrath made to Queen Kaikeyi and forfeits his crown and agrees to go into exile, accompanied by his newly wedded wife, Mata Sita, and devoted brother, Lakshman, who refuses to be separated from them.

 Talking about the ongoing narrative, Sujay Reu, portraying the character of Lord Ram shared, “As an actor, the transition from regal attire to the humble garb of vanvas has been a profound shift, but what remains constant is embodying Lord Ram’s traits of grace and resilience in all situations, which is central to the epic narrative. This show has been such a rewarding experience, it is not only helping me nurture my craft but also helping me shape my personality with the learnings we find while shooting for this divine character.”

 Actor Prachi Bansal, who plays Mata Sita, said, “Sita is a symbol of unwavering devotion, proving that true love transcends challenges, and the bond Ram and Sita share is a true inspiration to one and all to stand by their better halves in the face of life’s trials.”

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