MAHE Hosts the Choose France Education Tour 2024

Manipal, February 15, 2024The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) recently hosted the Choose France Education Tour 2024, a significant event that took place on February 7th at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Library Auditorium. This collaborative effort with Campus France brought together 13 leading French universities and institutions, offering Indian students a glimpse into the extensive educational opportunities available in France.

MAHE Hosts the Choose France Education Tour 2024 Pic 3

Dr. François-Xavier Mortreuil – Attache for science and higher education at the French embassy in India, remarked on the occasion, “The Choose France Education Tour is a cornerstone in our mission to foster academic exchanges and collaboration between France and India. It opens up a myriad of opportunities for Indian students to immerse themselves in the rich academic landscape of France, further strengthening the educational bond between our two countries.”

Echoing the sentiment, Dr. Anil Rana expressed, “We are proud to host the Choose France Education Tour at MIT. This event not only showcases the diverse higher education options available in France but also serves as a platform for our students to explore global opportunities that align with their academic and career aspirations.”

Dr. Karunakar A. Kotegar highlighted the event’s key achievements, “The education tour was a resounding success, featuring engaging presentations by Campus France on higher education in France, including scholarship opportunities. Students had the invaluable opportunity to interact directly with representatives from some of France’s finest universities and business schools. The highlight of the event was the comprehensive overview it provided of the academic programs in Engineering, Management, Hospitality, and Tourism, offering a glimpse into the vibrant student life and the innovative educational environment in France.”

A cohort of 13 top French universities, including ESSEC Business School, EM Lyon, Neoma Business School, EDHEC Business School, Audencia Business School, and Y Schools were present at the education fair. Participants learned more about educational prospects in France for Engineering, Management, Hospitality, and Tourism. Campus France also gave presentations about higher education and scholarship opportunities for Indian students in France.

The Choose France Education Tour 2024 at MAHE has significantly contributed to the ongoing effort to enrich academic and cultural exchanges between India and France. It serves as a gateway for students to global education and intercultural experiences, reinforcing MAHE’s commitment to facilitating international educational opportunities.

For more details on future events and international opportunities, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Office of International Affairs and Collaborations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. This event is just one of many initiatives that MAHE undertakes to ensure its students have access to a world-class education and the chance to pursue their dreams on a global stage.

MAHE, Bengaluru and LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd. to Foster Future Workplace Leaders

Bengaluru, 08 February 2024: In a significant move set to redefine the traditional boundaries of humanities education, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Bengaluru, and its distinguished Department of Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (DLHS), announce a transformative partnership with LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd., under their CLARE – Centre for LabourNet’s Academic Research Endeavour initiative.


The official ceremony for this pioneering collaboration took place on February 6th, 2024 (Tuesday) at MAHE, Bengaluru Campus, where Dr. Shilpa Kalyan, Head of DLHS, and Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan, Chairperson, LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd. signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Mr. Siddharth Srinivasan, Consultant, LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd., the faculty members and student representatives of DLHS were also witness to the beginning of this momentous collaboration.

Centre for LabourNet’s Academic Research Endeavour (CLARE), is LabourNet’s knowledge wing that offers experiential learning and hands-on training to university students to understand subject problems and implement solutions. LabourNet’s Capstone Project is a landmark initiative by CLARE to build lasting relationships between academia and the industry in real time. It is a programme that enables students to gain valuable insights from the world of work and apply their learning to solving current business challenges.

Extending Education Beyond Boundaries: Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

Engaging with Real World Problems: Students of DLHS, MAHE, Bengaluru will embark on the challenge of solving real-world problems in a workplace setting. LabourNet extends its support by providing a platform for experiential learning through practice-based live projects that promise a transformative educational experience.

Promoting Interdisciplinary Application: This collaboration facilitates a fruitful engagement between academia and the development sector. Going beyond theoretical learning, it enables interdisciplinary thinking and practice, thereby equipping graduates to test out their innovative ideas and strategies.

Mentorship by Seasoned Professionals: LabourNet with its pool of experts provides intensive one-on-one mentorship for students throughout the process of completing their capstone projects. From designing data collection tools and formulating policy suggestions to crafting media campaigns, the mentors will handhold students besides offering masterclasses in essential job-related skills.

Excited about the partnership, Dr. Shilpa Kalyan, Head of DLHS, said, “The collaboration between LabourNet and DLHS represents a strong coalition committed to creating sustainable lives. Within academia, we understand that tackling societal issues necessitates a multidisciplinary approach, and our partnership is evidence of the significant influence the humanities can have on promoting social responsibility, empathy, and long-lasting change”.

The collaboration will facilitate capstone projects, a mandatory requirement in the curriculum, for postgraduate students from 2023-24 and for undergraduate students from 2024-25 onwards. These projects, custom-designed for students of humanities and social sciences, will give students a chance to work on high-impact interventions in a purpose-led and performance-driven organizational setting.