IIT Roorkee organizes International Chemical Engineering Conference on Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

16/02/2024: The Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) organized a three-day International Chemical Engineering Conference on Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (ICECEES-2024) from February 15-17, 2024. This was to commemorate 60 years of the Institute’s establishment. The theme of the conference included all major domains of Chemical Engineering, such as Circular Economy, Sustainable and Renewable Energy, Green Processes, and Transfer Processes and Computational Modeling. The conference intended to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas among people working at different levels in academia and industries. Faculty members, scientists, persons from industries and other government agencies, research scholars, students, etc., participated in the conference.

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The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1963 with an undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering. The department grew over the years and set very high standards in teaching and cutting-edge research. Over the years, the department has supported the local chemical and process industries. The department currently has 25 faculty members and over 500 students. The Department also has high-end analytical instruments like BET surface area analyzer, LCMS, HPLC, UV spectrometer, FTIR analyzer, rheometer, micro-PIV, high-speed camera, Raman spectroscopy, etc. The department focuses research work in the broad areas of chemical engineering, such as liquid and solid waste management, green catalysis, sustainable energy, energy storage, process design and intensification, process modelling and simulation, drug delivery, transport and separation processes, process safety, CO2 capture and utilization, and biochemical and bioprocess engineering. The department runs a Center of Excellence in Petrochemicals sponsored by the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, and the Government of India.

Prof. K.K. Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee (Patron) graced the event along with Chief Guest Ms Vartika Shukla, CMD, EIL and Prof. Shishir Sinha, DG, CIPET (Co-Patron). Notable eminent speakers included Prof. Shizhang Qiao, The University of Adelaide, Australia, Prof. Kumar Patchigolla, Teesside University, UK, Prof. Sophie Hermans, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; Prof. Luís Miguel Madeira, The University of Porto, Portugal, Dr. D.K. Chandraker, BARC and HBNI, Mumbai, Dr. Thallada Bhaskar, CSIR-IIP, Dehradun, Prof. Sirshendu De, IIT Kharagpur, Prof. Peter Englezos, The University of British Columbia, Canada, Prof. Nagu Daraboina, The University of Tulsa, USA, Prof. Shijun N. Raveendran, The University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Prof Panagiota Angeli, University College London, UK, Prof. Ju Dong Lee, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, South Korea, Dr. Syed G. Dastager, CSIR-NCL, Pune, and Prof. Hem Raj Pant, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Commenting on the conference’s motif, Prof. K.K. Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee, avers, “ICECEES provides a forum for all the eminent participants to showcase their research and address the emerging future challenges pertaining to the theme of the conference. The participants will have the opportunity to present their recent research findings on an extended spectrum of conference topics and be informed about new challenges, future trends, and technological innovations on sustainable processes following the principles of circular economy.”

Chief Guest Ms Vartika Shukla, Chairman & Managing Director at Engineers India Limited (EIL), New Delhi, said, “The Conference will provide an opportunity to the students, researchers, scientists and stakeholders to develop new thoughts in the areas of sustainable energy and environment which is the need of the hour. Efforts are to be made to utilize the sustainable, green and renewable resources to make the society carbon free..

Groundbreaking Innovation Hub Unveiled at IIT Roorkee

Roorkee, February 03, 2024 – Rethink! The Tinkering Lab, a dynamic multi-disciplinary central facility of IIT Roorkee, stands as a crucible for nurturing curiosity, creativity, and imagination among young minds. Dedicated to cultivating essential skills such as design thinking, computational prowess, adaptive learning, and physical computing, the lab has become a beacon of innovation.

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With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the lab supports the design and implementation of diverse prototypes, elevating their technology readiness level. Committed to comprehensive skill development, the lab conducts workshops, training programs, facility exposure initiatives, expert talks, and webinars throughout the year. These initiatives aim to foster innovative thinking and instill curiosity among students, researchers, and faculties, aligning with the Institute Innovation Council (IIC) mandate.

Notably, Rethink! The Tinkering Lab has embarked on a groundbreaking endeavor with the support of the Technology Innovation Hub, iHub DivyaSampark, at IIT Roorkee. This collaborative effort has birthed a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to research and innovation in Cyber Physical Systems.


The distinguished presence of key personalities elevated the inaugural ceremony. Prof. Kamal Kishore Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee, lent visionary leadership, while Prof. Apurbba Kumar Sharma, Dean Academics, added valuable academic insights. Dr. J.B.V Reddy, Scientist-F at DST, and Ms. Rajani Kushwaha, JA, NM-ICPS, DST, brought scientific excellence to the forefront. Sh. Manish Anand, CEO of iHub-DivyaSampark, infused an entrepreneurial spirit, complemented by the collective expertise of Prof. Vivek Kumar Malik, Associate Dean of Innovation & Incubation, Prof. Sai Ramudu Meka, Associate Dean of Corporate Interaction, and Prof. Karun Rawat, Coordinator of Rethink! The Tinkering Lab.

Address the gathering Prof. K. K. Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee said, “We believe in nurturing a culture of innovation and exploration at IIT Roorkee, and the inauguration of the cutting-edge Cyber Physical Systems facility at Rethink! The Tinkering Lab marks a significant leap towards this commitment. This state-of-the-art hub is designed to inspire the curiosity, creativity, and imagination of our students, setting the stage for groundbreaking research and innovation. As we delve into the future of technology, we envision our students becoming pioneers in shaping the world through their inventive endeavors.”

The newly established facility boasts a cutting-edge studio equipped with Motion Sensing Cameras, drone kits, and comprehensive support for the manufacturing of drone parts. It aims to be a catalyst for students involved in validating and testing control algorithms for autonomous ground and flying vehicles. The Motion-Sensing Lab within the facility opens doors to extensive biomechanics studies, spanning applications in athletics, yoga, and posture correction.

Beyond traditional research, the facility emerges as a hotbed for innovation in augmented and virtual reality. Students are empowered to apply innovative ideas in this burgeoning field. Notably, the potential for creating promotional virtual tours in augmented and virtual reality holds the promise of attracting tourism towards major attractions such as Chardham Yatra and Ganga-Arti events in Uttarakhand.

This collaborative initiative underlines the lab’s commitment to introducing new interdisciplinary technologies, fostering a culture of innovation, and contributing to the thriving start-up ecosystem. Rethink! The Tinkering Lab’s relentless pursuit of excellence positions IIT Roorkee at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation in academia.