A Heartfelt Ode to the Legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji by Kathak dancer Shinjini Kulkarn

5th February 2024: Experience the magic transpire as passionate classical dancer Shinjini Kulkarni presented an exceptional tribute to the life and legacy of the late Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji.

With her distinct performing style and visual concept, Kathak performer Shinjini Kulkarni enthralled the spectators through Mann Bheetar, an emotive tribute to the late Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji. The production reflected a profound loss felt by people upon the loss of their revered guru.


Being an experienced dancing expert, Shinjini unveiled a surprising spectacle that promised to be a revolutionary blend of innovative technology and classical Kathak dance, equipped with an illusory appearance by the renowned Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji performed alongside her at the Vasant Otsav event.

With an effort to rekindle the luminary maestro and offer the audience a chance to experience his enduring charisma on stage, the soiree packed with cultural diversity, versatile splendor, and conceptual approach was hosted at Kamani Auditorium on February 3, 2024.

“The repertoire was not a performance; rather, it was a memorable portrayal of our affection and reverence for Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji” ,expressed Shinjini Kulkarni. An amalgam of technology and tradition was intended to honor the great maestro’s enduring impression on Kathak and to represent his essence.”