Smart, Sleek, and Hygienic – Explore the Future of Bathrooms with VitrA

VitrA, a leading bathroom solution brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey, introduces V-Care Prime, the latest addition to its range of shower toilets. Designed by Arik Levy in collaboration with VitrA’s Design Studio and the Innovation team, this new shower toilet WC combines the functionality of a standard WC with the personal cleaning properties of a bidet and integrates the latest bathroom technology. The elegant new shower toilet provides a modern, refreshing, and hygienic washroom experience.


V-Care Prime is sleek and compact and enhances your toilet experience with technology, including a remote control and a mobile app. The design is almost identical to a standard VitrA WC, but the intelligent features, such as the night light will elevate the design to a more sophisticated level. The LED night light is automatically activated when ambient light drops below a certain level. The V-Care app enables the user to adjust this feature as well.

What sets the V-Care Prime apart from other shower WCs is the option for a hands-free control through the remote control and the app. This innovative feature allows users to customize their bathroom experience according to their individual preferences, and the app stores personalized settings for V-Care, ensuring a tailored and convenient experience every time. This option is an excellent feature to help minimize the risk of cross-contamination, either within the home or in public restrooms.

VitrA V-Care Prime goes beyond the standard features with its adjustable settings, allowing users to customize the temperature, pressure, and direction of the water flow. The shower WC also offers multiple personal drying modes for added convenience. The heated seat is thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort and includes temperature control, as well as an automatic open and close function to minimize contact and enhance hygiene.

VitrA V-Care products are equipped with a Rim-ex bowl, a superior hygienic solution 95% more effective than standard options. This feature eliminates the inner ducts of the bowl, making cleaning effortless and ensuring optimal hygiene. The stainless-steel nozzle is also designed with cleanliness in mind, automatically cleaning itself before and after each use. It also includes a feature to help prevent and remove limescale build-up, enhancing its hygienic properties.

Taking care of every family member, V-Care Prime introduces a child mode activated through the V-Care app, allowing parents to customize water flow and pressure for a child-friendly experience. The integrated bidet nozzle is thoughtfully designed to cater to female hygiene needs, enhancing comfort and convenience.

An essential element in the VitrA bathroom appliances ecosystem is the V-Care Smart Panel is an easy-to-clean and durable glass panel in glossy black. Equipped with smart sensors, functions, and specialized algorithms, it is designed to prioritize your comfort and the environment. With touch-free control options, the integrated sensors allow for convenient use of the Auto Flush feature, ensuring the optimum volume of water is supplied with each flush, promoting water efficiency.

With the latest addition of V-Care Prime, you not only experience enhanced hygiene, but also enjoy increased comfort, innovative design, and lasting durability that add an aesthetic charm to your bathroom.