SAMCO Continues to Pioneer Momentum Investing in India

Bengaluru, India – 1 Feb 2024 SAMCO Asset Management Private Limited, a leading investment management firm, is delighted to announce the reopening of India’s first actively managed momentum fund – SAMCO Active Momentum Fund. Following its initial launch and in light of the scheme’s proven performance and exceptional response from investors, SAMCO has decided to reopen the fund, providing investors with another opportunity to participate in this highly sought-after investment opportunity.

The SAMCO Active Momentum Fund is built upon the powerful investment strategy, aiming to deliver superior returns for investors by meticulously selecting stocks with momentum characteristics. The fund employs a proprietary momentum-seeking algorithm that identifies breakouts, price leadership, and other crucial momentum indicators.

The fund’s approach is rooted in the belief that by actively leveraging momentum characteristics, such as breakouts and price leadership, it can outperform the market and provide investors with an opportunity to capitalize on prevailing price trends.

Umeshkumar Mehta, Chief Investment Officer (CIO), SAMCO Asset Management Private Limited, said, ” Markets have entered a phase of slower momentum and increased volatility in the wake of upcoming local and global events. We want to use this opportunity to raise gunpowder (i.e. cash) so that when markets begin to accelerate, we are positioned to deploy efficiently to create superior wealth for our investors.”

Mr. Paras Matalia, Co-Fund Manager, SAMCO Asset Management Private Limited, said, “We are excited to reopen SAMCO Active Momentum Fund, providing investors with another opportunity to benefit from momentum investing. By reopening the fund for subscription, we aim to offer investors the chance to position their portfolios strategically and potentially achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.”

Commenting on the reopening, Viraj Gandhi, CEO, SAMCO Asset Management Private Limited, expressed, ” We strongly believe that momentum strategies should be a part of core portfolio allocations of investors seeking wealth creation. In India, active style of momentum investing continues to hold significant potential and offers tremendous advantages. We are pleased to offer investors another chance to participate in this strategy. “

The reopening of SAMCO Active Momentum Fund provides investors with the opportunity to subscribe again and position their portfolios to benefit from the Momentum factor.