Comet joins forces with renowned artist and sneakerhead, Santanu Hazarika,

Nationwide Release: February 9, 2024, Mumbai: In the dynamic intersection of pop culture, art, and the sneaker revolution, Comet and Santanu Hazarika converge to unleash the ultimate collaboration: a symphony of rebellion, expression, and unbridled artistry. As a brand, Comet is inspired by its namesake – an unstoppable, focused and hard-to-ignore object that breaks the conformity and monotony of the solar system. The brand’s latest drop is in collaboration with the renowned artist and sneaker culture pioneer Santanu Hazarika, who is synonymous with the evolution of sneaker art in India. He lends his creative prowess to Comet with this limited-edition release that stands as a testament to the marriage of underground art and pop culture and symbolizes a fusion of voices that have always resonated in silence.

comet shoe

The collaboration unfolds as a visual manifesto, featuring design elements inspired by heavy metal, vivid colours reflecting Santanu’s sketchbook style, and a disciplined expression that harmonizes the silence of rebellion with a loud, unapologetic scream. Santanu shares his vision behind the inspiration – “This art form is a scream which is well disciplined with silence. It’s omnipresent and in each one of us, motivating us to create, explore and experiment, to destroy, create, recreate, and voice out our thoughts and expressions.” He shares, “I grew up as a rebel and soon learnt to channel my voice through art, a silent form of the inner scream I had since childhood. I combined my silence and scream in these sneakers for Comet.” This product is not just cool kicks, it’s a canvas where art and rebellion converge. The product takes its design inspiration from punk, heavy metal, and anti-establishment sentiments, where the shoes feature thorns, a shooting star with an eye, and collar tabs that spell out ‘Silent’ and ‘Scream’

Comet’s Founder, Utkarsh Gupta shares, “We’re really excited about Comet’s first collaboration and that too with an artist like Santanu. His story and his art form are the epitome of our brand’s ethos, ‘Never Shy, Never Sorry.’ This one is really the coming together of two distinct design visions that blend so seamlessly.”

Available exclusively through Comet’s official website, the sneaker is not merely a purchase but a direct connection with the essence of Comet and Shantanu Hazarika’s art. As the collaboration unfolds, Santanu’s continued involvement will ensure that the journey doesn’t conclude with the sale but resonates in the hearts of those who wear this wearable piece of rebellious expression. Further, Santanu isn’t just a collaborator on the project. His belief in Comet’s growing mark in the Indian sneaker revolution will translate into him coming on board the brand as an investor.

Step into a world where art, rebellion, and silent screams intertwine—a canvas of expression for those who dare to be bold, ‘Never Shy, Never Sorry’.