Modern School Vasant Vihar Student Anandini Suri Wins Junior Astitva Samman 2024 for Pioneering Hunger Solution Project

Vasant Vihar, February 12, 2024 –

Anandini Suri, a Grade 11 student at Modern School Vasant Vihar, has been awarded the Junior Astitva Samman 2024 for her groundbreaking project, “Artificial Intelligence vs Real World Hunger: A New Approach to Solving Mankind’s Oldest Problem.”


Anandini’s project has received widespread recognition for its unique approach to addressing one of humanity’s most pressing challenges – hunger. Her utilization of artificial intelligence to tackle real-world hunger issues can be benefecial in tackling the realtime issues related to it.

In addition to receiving the Junior Astitva Samman 2024, Anandini Suri has also been acknowledged by the UN World Food Programme (UNWFP) for her exceptional efforts in combatting hunger on a global scale. This recognition further underscores the significance of her work and its potential impact on alleviating food insecurity worldwide.

Anandini’s dedication, creativity, and passion for addressing societal issues serve as an inspiration to her peers and educators alike. Her achievement not only reflects positively on Modern School Vasant Vihar but also highlights the school’s commitment to nurturing innovative thinkers and changemakers.

In her project report, Anandini Suri highlighted following points:

• One of the main aims is to raise awareness about food waste and to inspire individuals to adopt more sustainable practices.
• Educating people and raising awareness is the first and most crucial step to prevent food wastage.

• Eradicating food waste from the agricultural level to the consumption level will be the only way to completely end world hunger.