Social Beat Wins Sukoon’s Digital Mandate

Chennai, February 19, 2024: Digital marketing agency Social Beat, known for its innovative strategies and outstanding results, has won the digital mandate for Sukoon, India’s leading mental health hospital chain. Won after a multi-agency pitch, the mandate will consist of overall planning, strategizing, and managing the brand’s digital campaigns.

According to the mandate, Social Beat will be responsible for all digital marketing initiatives with a focus on quality lead generation and admission to Sukoon’s hospitals. Social Beat will be reimaging the brand’s digital journey and working towards digital performance targets using various digital platforms.

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder of Social Beat said “With our expertise, our primary focus will be on artfully communicating the brand’s offerings and their benefits to a diverse and nuanced audience by leveraging our entire gamut of digital solutions, to accomplish the goal of quality lead generation and increased admission to Sukoon facilities. We are excited and look forward to adding value to Sukoon’s primary goals and business objectives & creating a top-of-the-mind recall for the brand.”

Mr. Kanishk Gupta, Co-Founder and COO of Sukoon said “We are confident that Social Beat, with their expertise and capabilities in digital marketing and social media campaigns, will help us optimally spread our message and reach out to a wider audience across the country. We truly believe that our affiliation with Social Beat will help us grow and set new benchmarks in mental healthcare and we promote our brand’s philosophy in India”.

Social Beat Films Launches New Video Campaign for Livguard Energy’s Latest Sine-Wave Technology Inverter

Chennai, January 23, 2024: Social Beat Films, India’s leading digital video marketing agency launched a new video campaign for Livguard Energy’s sinewave technology inverters that remain silent during power cuts. The new video campaign focuses on the daily struggles of the Indian middle class, which is precisely the target group for the prominent energy storage company.


This film is largely relatable to all parents who have struggled to put their children to sleep, especially in the hot summers in North India. It emphasizes the problems that people face with ‘not-so-efficient’ inverters that may be unreliable, unstable, and loud.

In this humorous video campaign, the father and the mother put their child to sleep and are relieved to see their child sleep. They both look happy to have succeeded in this strenuous task, but little did they know of the lurking power cut. The moment the power goes out, the fan turns on, making a creaky noise, thanks to the ordinary inverter. They both know what’s going to happen next. As soon as they hear the child cry, the wife gets angry and leaves the room, leaving the husband in charge of the task. If only he had installed Livguard’s latest sinewave technology-powered inverter, things would have been so much better for him.

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder of Social Beat said, “The film hit the right chord with the target audience, as it reached 1 million+ people on YouTube and more than 6.5 million on Instagram. Once again, Social Beat Films has successfully helped its clients achieve their marketing objectives.”.

Ashish Sahani, Digital Head at Livguard Energy said, “Our campaign resonated with young parents, blending humor and addressing everyday challenges. Its success was evident in the heightened engagement and positive response from our target audience during the festive season..”

Khazana Jewellery Chooses Social Beat for Digital Growth

Chennai: January 04, 2024: Social Beat, a leading digital marketing agency in India has been assigned the digital mandate of Khazana Jewellery, an organised jewellery retail house based in South India. The agency’s scope will encompass digital strategy and planning to drive revenue growth by targeting the right audience and scaling its online presence. The mandate was won after a closely contested multi-agency pitch.

Social Beat will assist in executing creative campaigns to boost Khazana Jewellery’s online engagement, amplify brand awareness and overall media strategy to scale their brand presence and performance through Google & Meta campaigns as well as showcase their jewellery collections through creative videos.

Vikas_Chawla - Co-founder, Social Beat

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder of Social Beat, said “We are excited to be associating with one of South India’s finest brands. Khazana Jewellery has always been at the forefront of bringing out new and trendy designs, we found a complete vision match as digital brand-building partners. Our mandate is to drive revenue growth through digital efforts by targeting the right audience and scaling Khazana Jewellery’s digital presence. We will be bringing out refreshing content aimed to strengthen the Khazana Jewellery brand.”

Kishore Kumar Jain, Managing Director of Khazana

Mr. Kishore Kumar Jain, Managing Director of Khazana Jewellery, said “We are delighted to join forces with the dynamic team at Social Beat to lead our digital mandate. This partnership will help us in yet another exciting journey of meaningfully engaging with our consumers. Social Beat team with their nuanced understanding of the digital landscape, will fuel our vision to be one of India’s leading and most loved jewellery brands.”