HR College’s Official Literary Fest Unveils Wanderlust Magic at HR LitFest 4.0

HR College of Commerce & Economics, Churchgate recently set the stage ablaze with its 4th edition of the highly anticipated HR LitFest on the 16th and 17th of February, 2024. Drawing participants and spectators from the cream of Mumbai’s colleges, the fest embraced the theme of “Wanderlust,” beckoning attendees on a thrilling journey through diverse literary universes, marked by ingenious contingent codes inspired by iconic characters like Harry Potter, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Alice in Wonderland.


Over 150 enthusiastic participants, representing 10-12 prestigious colleges across Mumbai and student clubs from their very own college, injected this fest with boundless energy, fueled by the spirit of wanderlust and a thirst for exploration.

A highlight of this inter & intra-collegiate fest was the presence of esteemed professionals from various creative domains—acting, comedy, drama, and poetry—who graced the event as judges. Luminaries like Nayani Dixit, Sahil Horane, Bhupendra Singh Khida, and Tanuj Kewalramani not only added prestige but also inspired participants with their remarkable talents and impassioned speeches.

Principal Prof. Dr. Pooja Ramchandani lauded the organizers for their commendable achievement in attracting a sizable audience from top colleges across Mumbai. “I commend the organizers for their remarkable feat in attracting such a huge audience from top colleges across Mumbai. LitFest is an initiative by HR Speaks – the official monthly magazine of H.R. College – a vital platform for students and teachers to voice their opinions, share experiences, and advocate for important issues like mental health and education,” she remarked, officially declaring the fest open.

Dr. Shweta Singh, the teacher-in-charge, played a pivotal role in guiding and supporting the team. “At HR LitFest 4.0, I was enchanted by the theme of ‘Wanderlust.’ It felt refreshingly unique and sparked excitement among participants. Witnessing so many like-minded individuals gather to celebrate literature and creativity was truly inspiring. The fest not only provided a platform but also offered a rare opportunity to connect and showcase our talents.”

At the helm of this extraordinary event were Aisha Merchant, Chairperson, and Vice-Chairpersons Meher Nagarwalla and Tanaya Chavan, whose commitment and tireless efforts ensured the fest’s resounding success!

HR LitFest 4.0 was more than just a literary celebration; it embodied the power of passion, determination, and collaboration. As the curtains closed on another successful edition, the memories of wanderlust and literary exploration will continue to inspire all who were part of this unforgettable experience.