Joy e-bike Honoured with “Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24 Award

Bengaluru, 29th February 2024: In recognition of its efforts to transform India’s mobility landscape, Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited (WIML), a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles under the ‘Joy e-bike’ brand, has been honoured with the “Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24 Award” at the Global Business Symposium (GBS), hosted by BARC ASIA, ERTC Media, and Herald Global in Dubai, UAE.

“Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24” is a listing of remarkable brands who have redefined the benchmarks in their respective fields through their legacy and sustainability in the market. The list involves the most renowned as well as fastest growing brands that have authenticated their objectives to create the future by embracing a combination of their advanced products or services and have contributed in transforming the economy.

joy e bike

For Joy e-bike, this award is a testament to its outstanding contributions in redefining industry benchmarks and sustainability. Being honored as one of the Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia Awards 2023-24 underscores the brand’s unwavering dedication to innovation, cutting-edge products, its significant role in driving economic transformation and the amount of customer trust & loyalty towards the brand.

The selection process for the Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24 underwent rigorous scrutiny across three distinct phases. Initially, secondary research involved analyzing industry reports, market surveys, and brand reports, alongside other available industry resources. Following this phase, a list of 500 brands was generated. Subsequently, brands shortlisted from this phase underwent in-depth primary surveys among the target audience, assessing parameters such as trust, image, sustainability, goodwill, positioning, recall, growth, reach, and innovations. The 200 shortlisted brands then went for a final round, where BARC Asia and the jury members finalized the Top 50 Brands.

The final phase involved a comprehensive analysis of both primary and secondary research findings, alongside completed registration forms, by a research agency. The top 50 brands were listed based on further scrutiny by jury members from diverse backgrounds, including Media & Advertising, Public Relations, Consultants, and Data Analysts. This meticulous process ensured that only the most deserving brands were honored with the prestigious award, recognizing their excellence and contribution to the industry.

Recently, Joy e-bike has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 100,000 electric two-wheeler sales in India. The company commemorated this achievement by rolling out its 100,000th unit, Mihos-A Made in India Product, from its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Vadodara. Additionally, the company has recently been honored with the Fastest Growing Brands 2023 award by Asia One.