Yes, I have been the highest-paid actor on a set.” says Bhumi Pednekar

Step into the ring with Filmfare’s newest and most captivating interview series, ‘In the Ring with Filmfare.’ This groundbreaking talk show, hosted by Jitesh Pillai, Editor-in-Chief, Filmfare, presents in-depth and unfiltered conversations with the brightest stars of film and OTT. Each episode is recorded in front of a live audience, providing a unique and engaging atmosphere. The second episode, featuring the talented Bhumi Pednekar, is available on Filmfare’s YouTube channel from 26th June, 2024.

Image - In The Ring with Filmfare - Bhumi Pednekar

‘In the Ring with Filmfare’ is more than just an interview series; it’s a bold and energetic platform that delves into the true essence of the artists. By pushing boundaries and exploring raw, unfiltered conversations, this show offers a unique and intimate look into the lives and minds of your favorite celebrities, providing fresh insights into the entertainment industry and sparking meaningful dialogue.

The highly anticipated second episode featuring the fearless Bhumi Pednekar, is available on Filmfare’s YouTube channel from 26th June, 2024. In this episode, Bhumi opens up about her journey, sharing powerful insights on body shaming, work-life balance, social responsibilities, and her admiration for a co-star. Here are some highlights from her candid conversation:

Expressing about body shaming and her first film, Bhumi Pednekar said, “Since my first film, my weight has been a constant topic of conversation. Whether the comments were good or bad, I have developed a certain appreciation for it, especially given the message of my debut film. However, I no longer wish to discuss my weight—there has been enough said about it. I have made a conscious decision to stop abusing my body.”

Speaking about work-life balance Bhumi said, “I believe that you should do everything in moderation, including working. Unfortunately, in India, there is a culture that makes us feel guilty for asking for a holiday. It’s as if requesting a break implies, we are not dedicated to our work. This mindset overlooks the reality that burning out means we genuinely need time to rest and recharge.”

Talking about the social responsibilities and trolls on that, Bhumi said, “I can completely understand that we are doing this for PR. Of course, we are doing this for PR because I want people to be inspired by what I am doing. Every time we release something, it is cause and action-related. If I am the face of power, my greatest soft power is influence. I strive to reflect this in my films as well.”

Speaking about a co-star who shares similarities with her, she reveals, “I think Rajkummar and I have very similar value systems. His journey has been truly remarkable, and I resonate with it deeply. The way he approaches each role, with such dedication and hard work, is truly brilliant. He is someone who understands my insecurities and complexities as an actor.”

Don’t miss this captivating episode of ‘In the Ring with Filmfare’ featuring Bhumi Pednekar. Tune in to Filmfare’s YouTube channel from 26th June, 2024, for an inspiring and thought-provoking conversation that promises to challenge norms and offer fresh insights into the world of entertainment.