Anime Enthusiasts Rejoice! Zee Café’s Anime Fan Fest Brings Otaku Fever to Bengaluru on March 23rd & 24th!

Mumbai, 11th March 2024: In a celebration of all thing’s anime, Zee Café Anime Fan Fest is set to return to Bengaluru on March 23rd – 24th at Divinity Mall, Salarpuria. Following the resounding success of last year’s inaugural event, which drew over 11,000 enthusiastic attendees, Zee Café is bringing the ultimate anime extravaganza to a new city filled with equally passionate fans. The festival promises two days packed with activities catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike. From a Cosplay Competition and Anime Merchandise Workshops to indulging in exotic Japanese Cuisine and enjoying a Live Band performance by India’s first cosplay band Daisuki, attendees can immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Japanese pop culture.

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Last year’s fest saw fans socializing with like-minded individuals, engaging in spirited Anime quizzes, and competing for exciting giveaways, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement. This year, organizers are gearing up to deliver an even more thrilling experience, with surprises and delights awaiting attendees at every turn.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping your toes into the world of anime, the Zee Café Anime Fan Fest promises an unforgettable showcase of the best the genre has to offer. So, mark your calendars, dust off your best cosplay, and prepare to join fellow otaku in celebrating a shared passion for all things anime.

So, are you ready to unleash your inner anime fanatic? Don’t miss out on the Biggest Anime Fan Fest yet! Save the date and get ready to shout, “IAmFanime!” as Bengaluru plays host to an epic weekend of pure anime bliss. To register and secure your spot at the Anime Fan Fest ’24, tap on the link below and get ready to experience the magic of anime like never before!

Mission: Impossibly Funny! “Breaking In” is a contagious comedy only on Zee Café

Mumbai, 19th February 2024: Prepare for laughter galore as Zee Café brings you the uproarious “Breaking In”! Brace yourself to encounter a mismatched group of lovable housebreakers with hearts of gold, transforming pandemonium into comedy every weekday at 6 PM starting February 20th. Anticipate fumbling burglaries, eccentric disguises, and uproarious mishaps as these endearing rogues navigate unexpected twists and turns of each heist. So, bid farewell to the drama and immerse yourself in the pure comedic delight of “Breaking In” – where laughter is the ultimate prize!


Picture this: an unconventional security firm that breaks into houses to demonstrate the need for security. Enter Oz, the charmingly dubious leader with a moral compass that raises eyebrows and a wardrobe stocked with disguises that would make Mission: Impossible envious (portrayed by the ever-charismatic Christian Slater). Then there’s Cameron, the tech-savvy voice of reason amid Oz’s flamboyant chaos (played by Bret Harrison), and the rest of the crew—a diverse assembly of misfits with more heart than brains (although just enough brains to execute the occasional heist, sort of). Buckle up, comedy connoisseurs, because “Breaking In” will burst into your living room and crack open your funny bone like a bank vault. Don’t miss out on the hilarity, exclusively on Zee Café.

Bumbling burglars and big belly laugh from 20th February on weekdays at 6 PM only on Zee Café