Dreame Technology Launches Next-Gen L10s Pro Ultra Heat with MopExtend Technology and Auto Maintenance

Dreame Technology Launches Next-Gen L10s Pro Ultra Heat with MopExtend Technology and Auto Maintenance

New Delhi, 11th July 2024: Dreame Technology, a leading global brand in smart home cleaning appliances, announces the launch of its latest innovation – the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat. Designed to provide a worry-free life, this flagship robot vacuum and mop features powerful cleaning capabilities, one for all auto maintenance, intelligent recognition and convenient control. The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat stands out as India’s first robot vacuum cleaner equipped with MopExtend technology, setting a new standard in home cleaning. With this launch, Dreame aims to redefine home cleaning and elevate the standard of home maintenance to new heights. Dreame is offering up to 62% off on its advanced cleaning robots during the Dreame Prime Day sale. For added convenience, Dreame is also offering equal monthly installments with No Cost EMI options.

Pic 1 - Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat Robot Vacuum and Mop

Equipped with advanced technology, the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat combines utility, efficiency and convenience with elegance. Its sophisticated look is owed to the gold finish on the upper part of the LiDAR dome on top of the robot and the robot’s camera outline. The innovative cleaning and maintenance options significantly reduce human intervention, ensuring a seamless, hands-free and powerful cleaning experience.

A Dreame spokesperson stated, “We understand and cater to the evolving needs of busy customers who rely on technology to simplify their lives. People seek technology for convenience and comfort, and we offer solutions that meet these demands. We delve into the heart of tech to revolutionize the home life for our customers. The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat exemplifies Dreame’s commitment to delivering home products that are smart, efficient, and user-friendly. This stylish robot vacuum and mop, with extensive automation, empowers customers to manage their homes effortlessly while enjoying more leisure time.”

Features and Specifications:

MopExtend Technology: The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra, the only robot vacuum cleaner in India with MopExtend technology, revolutionizes home cleaning. This exclusive feature allows for automatic mop extension and retraction, enabling seamless adjustments to various cleaning scenarios. Users no longer need to worry about their vacuum bumping into kitchen chairs or getting stuck under the sofa. The L10s Pro Ultra Heat utilizes this unique technology to reach not only table and chair legs, door cracks, and steps but also to deep clean right angles of walls, irregular corners, and skirting boards.

Enhanced Suction Power: Equipped with a suction power that touches 7,000 Pa and an upgraded Vormax system, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat rapidly picks up food crumbs, litter, or pet hair from hardwood floors and thick carpets, without making heavy vacuuming noises.

Auto-Care with One for All: The upkeep of the L10s Pro Ultra Heat needs no human intervention because of auto maintenance features like auto-empty, auto mop self-cleaning, auto mop drying, auto water refilling, and auto solution refilling. There are also hot water mop washing, smart mop rewashing, and hot air mop drying features in it, which are certified by TÜV Rheinland as effective self-cleaning in smart home appliances. Cleaning the mops with 58°C hot water loosens even stubborn stains, effectively removes odours and enhances the effect of the cleaning solution.

CleanGenius Functionality: The CleanGenius feature in the L10s Pro Ultra Heat learns the user’s home layout, including floor type and furniture placement, and recommends strategies to make cleanup easy. It adapts its cleaning strategy to the level of dirt on the floors, automatically deciding whether deeper cleaning is required.

Pathfinder Technology: The smart Pathfinder technology enables L10s Pro Ultra Heat to scan the home environment and create accurate maps to traverse through the house by flexibly avoiding up to 55+ types of objects like shoes, cables, and more.

DuoScrub Mopping System: The DuoScrub Mopping System utilizes rotary and pressurized scrubbing to remove dirt from sticky floors. A built-in 80 ml water tank ensures easy automatic water refills for easier cleaning without any added effort.

Smart Carpet Cleaning Technology: The smart carpet cleaning technology, controlled through the Dreame app, avoids carpets while cleaning floors, lifts the mops up to 10.5mm to suit low pile carpets and vacuums carpets twice at a reduced speed for thorough carpet clean-up. The intelligent cleaning carpet mode can be switched on to increase vacuum suction for better cleaning.

Quiet Mode: Users do not even need to worry about noisy home cleaning because the Quiet Mode offers a blissfully quiet cleaning experience, offering up to 220 minutes of vacuuming. A robust 5200mAh battery charges fast and vacuums effortlessly to clean up to 205m² (2206ft²) on a single charge without noise.

Users can also avail the brush roller tricut and water connection kit along with the bot vacuum and mop. The roller cuts hair to prevent them from getting entangled and hindering proper functioning of the robot. The water kit allows automatic refilling and emptying of the water tanks.



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