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Sunteck WestWorld receives final EDGE green building certification from IFC, World Bank Group


05th March 2024, Mumbai: Sunteck’s ESG commitment to sustainable Innovation and Environmental Excellence gets firmer with the final EDGE green building certification from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group for its project ‘Sunteck WestWorld Naigaon’. The project’s design choices provide substantial environmental benefits, including energy savings of 23%, water savings of 34%, and embodied energy savings of 38%. By designing a project that meets this exceptional level of environmental performance, the project will have a lasting impact not only on the end users but also on the larger community for years to come. We believe in providing our buyers with solutions that are sustainable for years to come.

Sunteck Realty Ltd and IFC are establishing a framework for greater collaboration in pursuit of their shared aspirations to move the industry onto a lower-carbon, more resource-efficient path. Sunteck Realty Ltd has also been awarded with EDGE Green Building Preliminary certification for its four residential and three commercial projects – Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR) Vasai; 4th Avenue SunteckCity, Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) Goregaon (W); Sunteck MaxXWorld, Sunteck ONEWorld at Naigaon and Sunteck BKC 51, Sunteck Icon and Sunteck Crest, Mumbai.

Sunteck Realty was honoured as an “EDGE Champion” by IFC last year for leading efforts towards green building certification, reduction in carbon emissions, conservation of natural resources, and creating healthier living and working spaces.

Commenting on the Green Building certification, Sunteck Realty Chairman & Managing Director Kamal Khetan said “At Sunteck we strive to inspire everyone to embrace sustainable practices for a more eco-conscious future. Our Green buildings represent our commitment to delivering best-in-class luxury, and comfort in an environmentally sustainable way.”

IFC’s South Asia lead for Green Buildings, Autif Sayyed noted, “Through its commitment on EDGE certification across multiple properties, Sunteck Realty has paved the way for mainstreaming Green and Sustainable Construction in the residential sector, which is not just good for their customers and the environment, but is also a smart strategy for future proofing their business operations.”

MRF Reduces its main line Truck Tyre Price


MRF announces a price reduction in its main line truck tyre. The reduction is about Rs.350/- per tyre.

The price reduction is being made to meet the market requirements.

The reduction in prices come into effect from 4th March 2024.

The tyre in question is 1000-20 S3C8+ which is currently selling at Rs 25,250/-and after the price reduction, is expected to sell at Rs 24,900/-

This tyre is the most popular tyre in MRF’s portfolio of truck tyres and therefore the price reduction has great significance.

This price reduction is expected to be welcomed by transporters who are using this tyre for rear fitment in heavy vehicles across the country

NAR India and GAR Announce an Unprecedented Success at NARVIGATE 2024

INDIA – March 4, 2024 – In a historic collaboration, NAR India and GAR have achieved unparalleled success with the realization of NARVIGATE 2024 – a ground-breaking Industrial Real Estate convention and Warehousing Conclave that unfolded against the captivating backdrop of Goa. This event, held from February 29th to March 2nd, not only marked the 16th NAR-INDIA National Convention but also stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, bringing together over 1200 industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from across India and the world.

NAR India 2024

The former Union Minister, Shri Suresh Prabhu, addressed the audience, stressing that “real estate acts as the bedrock fortifying the Indian economy, and with a forward-thinking government, the current advancements and innovations are essential and attainable.” Additionally, he underscored that “such gatherings play a pivotal role in nurturing heightened business activities and sector-specific transactions.”

Special Guest Mr. Mauvin Godinho, Minister of Transport, also addressed the participants. He expressed, “GOA is emerging as a focal point in the Real Estate sector. We are pleased to be on the brink of significant development. I applaud organizations like GAR and NAR-India for seizing this growth potential and organizing such a large-scale event in Goa. Such initiatives will not only contribute to Goa’s growth but will also have a positive impact on a national scale.”

NAR-India solidified its commitment to global cooperation by announcing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with esteemed international associations, including the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® (USA), Greater Bergen REALTORS® (USA), and the Thai Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association (Thailand). These partnerships aim to enhance business development, education, and awareness among real estate professionals globally.

Key Highlights:

• The convention delved into the Goan real estate market, offering a comprehensive understanding of trends, dynamics, and investment opportunities. Experts from the IPB/Hi-Power Committee/Tourism shared valuable insights in a fireside chat.

• Renowned figures such as Rohit Gera, Managing Director of Gera Developers, and Sam Chopra delivered thought-provoking talks on the future of real estate, innovation, and challenges facing the sector.

• The convention featured diverse sessions, including motivational talks, fireside chats, and panel discussions, covering topics such as influencer marketing, technology’s impact on real estate, and the strategic value of channels.

• The event culminated in an awards ceremony, acknowledging the outstanding contributions of individuals across various fields, celebrating excellence and innovation. A motivational session with Ashutosh Rana, renowned actor and motivational speaker, titled “Transforming Adversity into Opportunity.”

• The convention facilitated exclusive networking sessions and business matchmaking events, providing a unique opportunity for interaction among Brokers, Developers, Landlords, Investors, Bankers, potential clients, and partners. Attendees leveraged personalized branding opportunities, ensuring optimal brand recall.

• The Innovation Showcase featured cutting-edge products and solutions, highlighting a commitment to technological advancement within the real estate sector. The impact of NARVIGATE 2024 extends beyond the event through post-event coverage and content distribution, ensuring continued visibility and recognition for participants.

Mr. Ravi Varma, Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Sumanth Reddy – Chairman (NAR India), Mr. Tarun Bhatia, Vice Chairman and Global Ambassador, Mr. Shivakumar C. R. – Immediate Past President (NAR India), Mr. Amit Chopra – President (NAR India), Mr. Chandresh Vithalani President-Elect (NAR India), Mr. Vikas Agarwal – Secretary (NAR India), Mr. Ashsish Mehta, Treasurer (NAR India), Mr. Ashwin Rasane Organising Secretary (NAR India), Mr. Mehul Vithalani – Director – West Zone (NAR India), Mr. Keshav Prabhu – President (GAR), Mr. Nitin Mehra – Chairperson Convention, Mr. Ravish Manchanda – Chairperson Expo & Conclave, Mr. Raj Mehta – Chairperson Hospitality & Registration addressed the media recently.

Various companies from the real estate sector enthusiastically took part in the conclave, showcasing their offerings through stalls. Noteworthy participants included Escala Realty, The Windsouls, All Warehouses, Privyr, Sumadhura Logistics Park, Manasum Senior Living, Rayna Properties, Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, Manas Developers, Gera, The Homes Collection, Central Park, Acron, Real Budget, and Real Budget Growth Ltd.

The event celebrated excellence through awards, recognizing contributors to the industry. Renowned figures led insightful sessions on logistics, e-commerce, sustainable development, and regulatory updates. Diverse professionals attended, discussing crucial topics like India’s role as a global manufacturing hub and technological integration in warehousing, fostering dialogue and collaboration.

The convention culminated in an awards ceremony, acknowledging outstanding contributions across various fields and featuring a motivational session with Ashutosh Rana, renowned actor, and motivational speaker. Exclusive networking sessions and business matchmaking events provided a unique opportunity for interaction among industry stakeholders.

Leadership figures from NAR India and GAR expressed their enthusiasm and pride in the success of NARVIGATE 2024, highlighting its role as a catalyst for positive change and excellence in the real estate sector.

Mr. Amit Chopra, President NAR-India, stated: “This ground-breaking Conclave serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of NAR India and GAR, bringing together industry leaders to address pivotal challenges and pave the way for innovation in Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing.”

Mr. Sumanth Reddy, Chairman NAR-INDIA & MD IIRE, added: “The success of NARVIGATE 2024 reflects the commitment of industry leaders towards driving positive change and excellence in the real estate sector. We have so much more to look forward to.”

Retail’s Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways

March 4, 2024, Mumbai: The Retail Leadership Summit 2024 (RLS 2024), organised by the Retailers Association of India (RAI), took place on February 28 and 29 at the Hotel Westin Powai Lake, Mumbai. This annual event brings together the brightest minds in retail to explore forward-thinking strategies within the industry.

Retail's Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways 2

Welcoming the audience at RLS 2024, Kumar Rajagopalan, Chief Executive Officer, Retailers Association of India (RAI), said, “In 2023, the retail industry witnessed a tale of two halves: robust growth initially, followed by a plateau. This reflects the criticality of aligning with market dynamics and consumer needs. We’re observing a transformative shift, with retailers blending digital and physical experiences to create seamless consumer journeys. The key to future success lies in harnessing the power of omnichannel strategies and understanding the evolving consumer preference for convenience and trust. As we move forward, embracing innovation and agile responses to market trends will be pivotal in shaping the retail landscape.

Setting the tone for the summit, Bijou Kurien, Chairman, Retailers Association of India (RAI), expressed,  “The retail industry in India is poised for significant growth in the year ahead. Driven by an 8%+ growth in GDP in Q3 FY’24 and based on steady investment by the Government and Private sector, consumption is bound to grow. The combination of online commerce coupled with offline expansion, driven by a more technology savvy consumer with greater aspirations would herald significant changes in retail structure, and channel strategy. Retailers and brands are gearing up for aggressive growth, particularly eyeing tier 2 cities for deeper market penetration. This strategic focus not only indicates a broadening of access for consumers but also signifies a shift towards tapping into the burgeoning demand in emerging urban centres. This optimistic outlook underscores the sector’s resilience and its pivotal role in the broader economic landscape of India.”

Retail's Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways 1

Highlights of RLS 2024 included presentations and knowledge reports by RAI-Boston Consulting Group report titled ‘Unlocking the $2Tn retail opportunity by 2030: An activist agenda’, RAI-Deloitte report titled ‘Future of Retail: Profitable Growth through Technology and AI’, RAI-KPMG report titled ‘Achieving seamless commerce in India’ and PWC report titled ‘How India shops online: Consumer preferences in the metropolises and tier-1, 2, 3, 4 cities’. Furthermore, Best Retail Workplaces 2024 report by RAI – Great Place To Work was unveiled and the respective teams were felicitated.

The Summit saw the participation retail leaders, as well as top names in the retail service provider space. Retail stalwarts speaking at the summit included Hari Menon, CEO & Co-Founder, bigbasket, Lalit Agarwal – V-Mart Retail; Sagar Daryani, Co-Founder & CEO, Wow! Momo Foods, Avnish Anand – CaratLane; Avnish Kumar, Director, Neeru’s; Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar; P Jayakumar – Apollo Pharmacy; Rajiv Nair – Kaya Ltd; Samir Srivastav- Looks Salon; Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio Future Fashion; Gautam Saraogi, CEO, Go Fashion (India) Ltd (Go Colors); among many others.

Speaking during the panel discussion on RLS 2024, Lalit Agarwal, Founder & MD, V-Mart Retail, discussed creating experiences in retail that resonate deeply with customers, especially budget-conscious customers, to make them feel smart and stylish within their means. He emphasised on emotional connection through personalised service and storytelling, making customers feel valued and understood. Lalit Agarwal advocates for building strong brand connections that extend beyond the store, through all interactions, including advertisements. This approach aims to turn customers into authentic influencers, leveraging word-of-mouth for brand promotion. The key is continuous engagement and storytelling, which ensures customer loyalty and organic growth.

Noting the importance of strategy differences across retail categories, Rajesh Jain, MD & CEO, Sports & Leisure Apparel (Lacoste India), highlighted the approach in the premium fashion segment, emphasising a uniform customer experience across online and offline channels without price differentiation except during season-end sales. He said that this strategy aims to cultivate customer habits and preferences for purchasing channels, whether for convenience online or the experience in-store. By maintaining consistent pricing and service, customers understand the brand’s value proposition, reducing their expectation for discounts and fostering brand loyalty.

Furthermore, Darpan Mehta, Director Tax, APAC International Stores, Amazon (US and India) and Vivek Somareddy, VP, Emerging Markets, Seller Experience and Global Trade, Amazon (US and India) made a presentation on “Unlocking Mechanisms and Working Capital for Business Expansion”.

Additionally, the second day of RLS 2024 featured a keynote speech by David Macadam, CEO of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC) and the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC). This was succeeded by a dynamic panel discussion titled ‘Mahasangram: Retail and Retail Real Estate,’ bringing together prominent figures from both retail real estate and retail industries for an engaging exchange of ideas.

Mall Developers participating in the discussion were Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group; Dalip Sehgal, CEO, Nexus Malls; Muhammed Ali, CEO, Forum Malls; Rajneesh Mahajan, CEO, Inorbit Malls and Shibu Phillips, Director, Shopping Malls, Lulu group. While on the brands side were Manish Kapoor, MD & CEO, Pepe Jeans; Rajesh Jain, MD & CEO, Sports & Leisure Apparel Ltd; Sanjeev Rao, CEO, Being Human Clothing; Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar Lifestyles; and Tushar Dhingra, Co-founder & CEO, Dhishoom Cinemas.

In his keynote address at the summit before the Mahasangram Session, David Macadam, CEO, Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC), International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC), shared insights on the evolution of experiential retail and e-commerce. He discussed the challenges and opportunities within the retail industry, emphasizing the importance of adapting to consumer demands for experiential and sustainable shopping experiences. Macadam highlighted the significant role of AI and technology in retail, the impact of mixed-use developments, and strategies for business development. He advocated for embracing change, prioritizing customer experience, and leveraging strategic partnerships to navigate the retail landscape successfully.

Retail's Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways 3

Day 2 of RLS 2024 also had a dedicated D2C segment that saw participation of leaders of top D2C brands namely, Dhiraj Agarwal, Founder, Campus Sutra; Sneh Jain, Managing Director, The Baker’s Dozen; Harsh Lal, Co-Founder, The Souled Store. A scintillating Fireside chat with Parul Gulati, Actor & Founder of Nish Hair (featured on Shark Tank India). This segment explored the unconventional strategies that has enable these brands to achieve immense success in a short frame of time.

Parallelly to RLS 2024 was an extensive session of ‘Retail Store Design’ that saw participation of top retailers and brands deliberating on topics such as ‘Future of Retail Design: Exploring Emerging Trends and Technologies’, ‘Balancing Design and Functionality in Retail Spaces’, a captivating Fireside Chat and  a Masterclass on ‘The art of curating memorable and meaning customer journey’.

The advisory board of RLS 2024 includes Anujj Puri, ANAROCK, Ashwin Khasgiwala, Reliance Retail Limited; Avjit Mitra, Croma, Infiniti Retail; Hari Menon, bigbasket; Johnson Verghese, Fossil India; Nissan Joseph, Metro Brands; Rajneesh Mahajan, Inorbit Mall; Sagar Daryani, Wow! Momo Foods; Venkatesalu P, Trent.

The first day of RLS 2024 came to a close with the grand felicitation of the crème de la crème of the retail industry with India’s Retail Champions Award 2024 and the Retail Start-up Awards 2024, both evaluated by eminent personalities from the industry as the Jury.

Winners of India’s Retail Champions Awards 2024 were:


Categories Name of the Company Name of the Brand
Apparel & Lifestyle The Souled Store The Souled Store
Apparel & Lifestyle Raymond Lifestyle Ethnix
Apparel & Lifestyle Spykar Lifestyle Pvt Ltd Spykar
Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Concepts Ltd BAGLINE, House of Luxury Bags
Beauty Himalaya Wellness Company Himalaya Wellness
Wellness Wellness Forever Wellness Forever
Wellness Apollo Pharmacy Limited Apollo Pharmacy
Consumer Durables & IT (CDIT) Vijay Sales (India) Private Limited Vijay Sales
Consumer Durables & IT (CDIT) Infiniti Retail Ltd Croma
D2C Cleardekho Eyewear Pvt Ltd ClearDekho
Department store Shoppers Stop Limited Shoppers Stop
Food & General Retail (Large format over 5,000 sq. ft) LULU Group International LULU HYPER MARKET
Food & General Retail (Small format below 5,000 sq. ft) Reliance Retail Limited Reliance Fresh Signature
Footwear Metro brands Ltd Footwear
Footwear Liberty shoes Ltd. Footwear
Home Decor / Home Improvement Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd Godrej Interio
Jewellery Reliance Jewels (Reliance Retail) Reliance Jewels
Restaurant & QSR Apsara Ice Creams LLP Apsara Ice Creams
Restaurant & QSR Dindigul Thalappakatti Dindigul Thalappakatti
Speciality Retail Ample Technologies Private Limited Monobrand Stoes of Apple, ASICS, UA and Bose. Apple Store brand name “Imagine”
Success Story of 2024 Trent Zudio

2024’s Most Notable Retail Startups Announced by Retailers Association of India (RAI)

Mumbai, March 4th, 2024: In a grand ceremony during the Retail Leadership Summit 2024, the Retailers Association of India (RAI) unveiled the winners of the esteemed ‘Retail Startup Awards.’ This marks the seventh annual celebration of this event, aimed at spotlighting the most groundbreaking retail startups poised for significant impact in 2024. The awards instituted by RAI, are designed to honor entrepreneurial innovation within the retail sector.

RAI Retail STartUp Awards Winners (4)

The ‘Retail Startup Awards’ by RAI serve as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, acknowledging those who have transformed their visions and ideas into tangible, successful businesses. These awards shine a light on the unique contributions startups are making to the retail industry, bridging market gaps while enhancing customer experience through convenience and innovation.

“Through the awards, we’ve observed a vibrant variety of startups from every corner of India, showcasing the vast opportunities the retail sector has to offer to entrepreneurs across the country. It’s inspiring to see such innovative solutions coming forward, truly enriching the retail landscape. The winners of this year’s awards have demonstrated exceptional value to the industry, and we’re excited to celebrate their achievements,” commented Dr. Hitesh Bhatt, Director of Marketing and Communication at the Retailers Association of India (RAI).

The Retail Leadership Summit 2024 provided the perfect backdrop for the awards, underscoring RAI’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within India’s retail industry.

The entries were evaluated by the over-set criteria and a final shortlist of 10 innovative retail startups was presented to the grand jury comprising of Amit Sarda, Managing Director, Soulflower, and Arun Ganapathy, CFO, House of Anita Dongre.

The three retail startups that have emerged as the winners of the RAI Retail Startup Awards 2024:

Winners: GoPizza India

1st Runner Up: Nandus Foods Pvt Ltd

2nd Runner-Up: The Yellow Dwelling

The final shortlisted retail startups besides the winners were: Kelo Consumer Brands, Off & On, Tris Online Shopping, and Unihawk Ventures.

Third March: Redefining Sophisticated Workwear for Women

Mumbai, February:  Third March, a distinguished name in the realm of fashion, is on a mission to empower and celebrate the modern woman through its exclusive focus on sophisticated workwear. Founded with a commitment to redefine work attire, Third March envisions infusing sophistication, confidence, and timeless style into every piece, recognizing clothing as a reflection of inner strength and aspirations.

Third March (4) (1)

Empowering the Modern Woman

Third March is dedicated to providing women with a wardrobe that complements their professional journey while symbolising unique elegance and resilience. Our designs are crafted to empower women, offering a collection that transcends trends and celebrates individuality. From clean lines to tailored silhouettes, each piece embodies sophistication and confidence, empowering women to exude grace in every professional setting.

A Creative Journey of Excellence

The journey to becoming a fashion designer for Third March started with a passion for the transformative power of clothing. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and belief in fashion’s ability to inspire confidence have shaped our vision. From formal education to hands-on experience, our creative journey is marked by relentless pursuit and evolution, culminating in a brand that empowers women through refined workwear.

Sophistication Redefined

The unique style and aesthetic of Third March can be defined as a harmonious blend of sophistication, timeless elegance, and modern confidence. Our designs showcase clean lines, tailored silhouettes, and thoughtful details, creating a collection of workwear that transcends trends. The brand’s commitment to refined simplicity empowers women to exude confidence and grace in every professional setting.

Setting Ourselves Apart

What sets Third March apart in the fashion industry is our exclusive focus on crafting sophisticated workwear for women. In an era where such specialised attention to women’s work attire is limited, we stand out by offering a curated collection that seamlessly blends elegance, professionalism, and timeless style. Our commitment to filling this gap in the market ensures that every piece is meticulously designed to empower women in their professional journey.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Third March prioritises sustainability by selecting eco-friendly materials, ensuring supply chain transparency, and embracing a “slow fashion” philosophy. Our commitment to ethical practices extends to supporting local production, minimising waste, and educating consumers about the benefits of sustainable fashion.

Honouring Excellence and Empowerment

While Third March hasn’t received any awards for our designs, we’ve gained recognition and appreciation from our community for our commitment to revolutionising women’s workwear. Our designs have been celebrated for their elegance, sophistication, and empowering ethos, resonating with women who prioritise both style and professionalism in their daily lives.

Join the Third March Movement

We invite women to join the Third March movement and experience the transformative power of sophisticated workwear. With a commitment to excellence, empowerment, and timeless elegance, Third March is more than a fashion brand—it’s a celebration of the modern woman.

Polish Businesses Explore Collaborations in Gurugram

Gurugram, March 2nd: A recent event, organized in collaboration with PHD Chambers of Commerce, aimed to foster connections between Polish and Gurugram businesses. This initiative included the participation of Mr. Tomasz Szypula, Chairman of PTAK WARSAW Expo (Poland), and Mr. Kazimierz Cwikla, Vice President (Head of Development and Expansion).

Polish Businesses Explore Collaborations in Gurugram 1

During the gathering, Gurugram and Polish entrepreneurs engaged in a productive discussion focused on advancing and developing their respective industries. Notably, at the request of Mr. Gunjan Mehta, Chairman of the National Human Welfare Council and founder of the Gurugram Industrial Expo, Polish businesses agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gurugram’s industrial organizations. Additionally, a delegation of Gurugram businessmen was invited to visit Poland.

Gurugram: A Hub for Industry

Mr. Gunjan Mehta emphasized Gurugram’s position as a prominent center for the automotive, IT, and apparel industries. He highlighted that Poland hosts approximately 75 international fairs showcasing these very products annually. Recognizing the potential for collaboration, Mr. Mehta, who actively engages with businesses in India and abroad, facilitated this meeting to connect Indian exporters and manufacturers with Polish counterparts seeking raw materials for their garment industry.

Meeting Attendees and Significance of the MoU

The gathering featured representatives from various sectors, including entrepreneurs associated with the Udyog Vihar garment sector, Chief Pattern Colonel Raj Singhla, PHDCCI Deputy Secretary General Naveen Seth, Shri Rajneesh, President of the Chambers of Commerce Udyog Vihar Association, Shri AK Kohli, and Col. Raj Singhla.

Commenting on the signed MoU, Mr. Gunjan Mehta declared, “This agreement will act as a catalyst for industrial growth in both countries, propelling their economies towards sustained progress.” Furthermore, he extended an invitation to Gurugram industry leaders to visit Poland as a delegation to gain insights into both nations’ businesses, demand trends, and product and service quality. This initiative, readily accepted by the Polish Chairman of PTAK WARSAW EXPO, underscores the commitment to fostering meaningful collaboration between these two regions.

RSWM Ltd Successfully Completes Acquisition of Spinning, Knitting, and Processing Undertaking from Ginni Filaments Ltd

New Delhi, March 2, 2024: RSWM Ltd, a leading player in the textile industry, has successfully completed the acquisition of the Spinning, Knitting, and Processing undertaking, previously owned by Ginni Filaments Ltd at 110 KM Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, Chhata, Kosi Distt. Mathura (UP). The acquisition, dated January 24th, 2024, marks a significant milestone for RSWM Ltd as the company continues to strengthen its position in the textile manufacturing sector.

The acquisition of this undertaking has been mutually agreed upon between RSWM Ltd. and Ginni Filaments Ltd., signifying RSWM’s strategic move to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and market presence. With this deal, RSWM Ltd now boasts a total of 12 advanced manufacturing units.

The recently acquired facilities significantly boost RSWM’s production capacity, now boasting over 6.25 Lac Spindles, 5840 Rotors, and 172 Looms. This enhancement allows RSWM Ltd to efficiently meet the escalating demand for textile products in India and overseas. The expansion will lead to a substantial rise in RSWM’s annual product output, comprising 1,21,000 MT Greige Yarn, 24,000 MT Melange Yarn, 32,000 MT Dyed Yarn, 32 M Meters Denim Fabric, over 9000 MT Knits Fabric, and 43K MT Green Fibre.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. B. M. Sharma, Joint Managing Director of RSWM Ltd, stated, “We are pleased to complete the acquisition of the Spinning, Knitting, and Processing Undertaking from Ginni Filaments Ltd. This strategic move aligns with our vision of expanding our manufacturing capabilities and strengthening our market position. We are confident that the integration of these facilities into our operations will further enhance our ability to deliver high-quality textile products to our customers.”

The completion of this acquisition underscores RSWM Ltd.’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in the textile industry while creating value for its stakeholders. The company remains focused on delivering superior-quality products and maintaining its position as a market leader.

Meghalaya Shines at 7th North East Youth Festival, Secures Top Honors

Mumbai / Shillong, Meghalaya, 2nd March’24: The Meghalaya contingent, led by Shri Bobby Wahlang, Youth Coordinator of Meghalaya, Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, returned home after a triumphant performance at the 7th North East Youth Festival held in Agartala, Tripura. The festival, held from February 26th to 29th, witnessed vibrant cultural exchanges and competitions among young people from across the Northeast region.


The Meghalaya contingent, comprising 76 young individuals from 11 districts, left their mark on the festival, demonstrating exceptional talent and dedication. They secured a well-deserved victory in the Rock Band category, showcasing their musical prowess and stage presence.

Their success extended beyond the winning performance of being adjudged the winners in the Rock Band category. The contingent secured an impressive set of first runner-up positions in Folk Dance, Folk Song, One Act Play, Painting, Photography, and Solo Guitar. These achievements highlight the diverse artistic and cultural talents present within the youth of Meghalaya.

Additionally, the participants at the festival were winners in the Meghalaya Youth Exchange Program 2023 in their respective categories, which took place at Nehu Campus from October 17th to 20th, 2023.

The remarkable performance by the Meghalaya contingent has brought immense pride to the state. Their dedication and talent serve as an inspiration for young people across Meghalaya, demonstrating the power of cultural exchange and artistic expression.

The Festival also witnessed the attendance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tripura, Dr. Manik Saha and Hon’ble Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Department, Shri Tinku Roy, amongst others.

Sociomark bags Mandate for Qubero

Digital Marketing Agency Sociomark, has secured the media mandate for Qubero. This luxurious brand comes from the renowned makers of kitchen sink in India, NIRALI BG. With an experience of over 3 decades, NIRALI BG is known for its dedication to quality and innovation, with state-of-the-art facilities that ensures the best quality to every last detail.

Sociomark will be responsible for SEO, Social Media Marketing & Public Relations (PR) for Qubero. The Agency’s Mumbai office will take care of this account.

Commenting on this, Heta Desai Baandal, Managing Director, Sociomark said, our team is ready to use the entire spectrum of digital media to improve the visibility of the Qubero brand and connect with the target audience. The partnership is an important milestone for both Sociomark and Qubero and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.

Sarang Gada, Managing Director, Qubero commented, this collaboration with Sociomark is really exciting and we are looking forward to working more closely for our newly launched brand Qubero. Nirali BG is already a household name and now with Sociomark as our partner we are confident that we will be able to amplify our brand message and reach the relevant audiences for Qubero.