The House of Abhinandan Lodha Brings Indigo Hospitality to Alibaug

The House of Abhinandan Lodha Brings Indigo Hospitality to Alibaug

30th June 2023 Mumbai – The House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABL) is partnering with Indigo Hospitality to bring a confluence of luxury and gastronomy to its premium project in Alibaug. The iconic restaurant will soon make its grand debut in HoABL’s ‘The A: Alibaug’ project in the breathtaking coastal town.

The House of Abhinandan Lodha, India’s largest branded land developer, is spearheading a revolutionary approach to land investment and area development through its strategic partnership with Indigo Hospitality. With a visionary mindset and unwavering commitment to excellence, HoABL is redefining the real estate landscape by creating premium projects that transcend traditional boundaries. Through this partnership, HoABL is not only bringing the renowned Indigo restaurant to Alibaug but also catalysing the development of the entire area.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership,” said Mr. Samujjwal Ghosh, CEO, The House of Abhinandan Lodha. “Our aim at HoABL is to offer our customers a holistic experience. Indigo’s distinctive menu and popularity make it a perfect fit for Alibaug as it will provide consumers a much-needed fine-dine experience thus filling a large gap in that market. Together, we aim to revolutionise the market landscape and deliver an unparalleled experience to our clientele. It’s truly a win-win.”

Tentatively titled ‘Indigo at Alibaug’, the restaurant is slated to be spread across 5,200 sq ft, and will embody a commitment to healthy and locally-sourced ingredients, offering a wide array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The indoor dining space will span 2,500 sq ft, while the terrace will cover 1,500 sq ft, and the garden will occupy 1,200 sq ft. Beyond the delectable culinary offerings, the hospitality partner will also provide a cosy and inviting atmosphere for residents to unwind and relax. Whether one seeks a comfortable place to enjoy a book or catch up with friends, ‘Indigo at Alibaug’ will be the perfect destination for travelers visiting the popular beach town.

Exalting the partnership’s promise of an extraordinary culinary journey that has the potential to redefine the region’s dining landscape, Mr. Anurag Katriar, Owner, of Indigo Hospitality said, “We are delighted to join forces with The House of Abhinandan Lodha for this exciting venture. Together, we will create an exceptional dining experience in Alibaug. Our shared passion and commitment to delivering memorable moments will undoubtedly make ‘Indigo at Alibaug’ a cherished destination.”

This partnership represents a fusion of two esteemed brands, dedicated to creating a remarkable offering for discerning individuals seeking the epitome of luxury and gastronomy.