Neha Kakkar Impressed by Avirbhav S’s Musical Harmony on Superstar Singer 3

Neha Kakkar Impressed by Avirbhav S’s Musical Harmony on Superstar Singer 3

Neha Kakkar Impressed by Avirbhav

This Sunday, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown kids’ singing reality show, ‘Superstar Singer 3’, will take you on a nostalgic ride with its ‘Kalyanji-Anandji’ Night. In a special tribute to the iconic composer duo, the little wonders will create magic on stage as they deliver heartwarming performances of some of Kalyanji-Anandji’s most acclaimed songs. Gracing this special episode will be the revered Anand Virji Shah and his beloved wife, Shanta Ben Shah.

Amidst all the enchanting performances, 7-year-old Avirbhav S. from Kochi, Kerala, is poised to shine with his rendition of the song ‘Aur is Dil Mein Kya Rakha Hai’ from the movie ‘Imaandar’, alongside his Captain Arunita Kanjilal. Avirbhav’s mesmerizing performance promises to leave everyone spellbound, earning him praise from the captains, Super Judge Neha Kakkar, and Anand Ji himself, who will give Avirbhav a standing ovation. Anand Ji will also be seen going on stage and praising the young talent. Not only this, but Anand Virji Shah Ji will also reminisce about his love story with his wife Shanta Ben Shah Ji, sharing the joy of being married for 70 years.

Stunned by the mesmerizing performance, Anand Ji Shah says, “I must step down because this child’s performance was simply amazing. It’s important to note that certain songs are crafted in unique styles, and this particular one was beautifully executed in a complete saxophone style. The way this child managed to control the volume, knowing exactly when to increase or decrease it, speaks volumes about his talent and heartfelt rendition. Your son is truly a genius, Sir; you’re incredibly fortunate. Remarkable work!”

Super Judge Neha Kakkar also added, saying, “I’d like to address Avirbhav’s father and say, Sir, your son is not just your son but he’s truly a child of God. What he’s achieved is nothing short of extraordinary. Avirbhav, it’s truly unbelievable how you manage to sing with such precision and understanding of the composition at such a young age. The way he seamlessly blends the tune with the lyrics is remarkable; it’s not easy to achieve such harmony. Especially for someone as young as him, to learn and perform these songs with such perfection in such a short amount of time is truly astonishing. Every day, he continues to amaze us.”