Universal Music India signs Exclusive Artist Deal with Aditya Rikhari & launches his first Single ‘Paaro’ as part of the association

Universal Music India signs Exclusive Artist Deal with Aditya Rikhari & launches his first Single ‘Paaro’ as part of the association

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Mumbai, 17th April 2024 Universal Music India, the leading music label renowned for promoting young, talented artists and boasting one of the biggest catalogs in India, proudly announces an exclusive signing with a 23-year-old multi-talented singer-songwriter, Aditya Rikhari under its Independent Label – IndieA Records. Renowned for his soulful vocals and profound songwriting, Aditya Rikhari epitomizes the spirit of independent music, enriching the label’s diverse portfolio of talented musicians.

Aditya Rikhari has already made an indelible mark in the Indian independent music ecosystem at a very young age. His tracks like ‘Faasle’ and ‘Samjho Na’ both have garnered over 90 million and 100 million audio streams, showcasing his immense talent and widespread appeal. His previous release ‘Teri Yaad’ with IndieA Records further solidified his position in the industry, garnering immense popularity and paving the way for this exclusive partnership.

With this ground-breaking collaboration under Universal Music India’s platform, IndieA Records, Aditya Rikhari is set to unveil his latest track “Paaro,” which serves as the inaugural release from his forthcoming album “Jaana.” “Paaro” offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the timeless Devdas narrative, resonating with audiences across generations.

Drawing inspiration from the classic tale of love and longing, “Paaro” captures the essence of a heartbroken lovers emotional odyssey through evocative lyrics and captivating melodies. Aditya Rikhari’s musical prowess breathes new life into the iconic character, delivering a compelling narrative that transcends time.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Universal Music family. Our first year together has been fantastic, with successful releases like Ariana and Thinker. The support from UMG has been incredible, and having a team that believes in my vision is invaluable. We’re now releasing my debut album, Jaana, without any restrictions. Each of the 7 to 10 songs will have a different vibe, but there’s a common thread for the audience to discover. The first song, Paaro, is out now, inspired by the character Devdas in a modern context. Check it out on Spotify or Amazon Saavan and watch the video to see me channeling Devdas.” Said Aditya Rikhari.

Sumedhas Rajgopal, ‪Head of Independent Artist Collective (Badshah, Indiea Records and Def Jam India) – Universal Music India, further adds, “Aditya Rikhari, stands out as an exceptionally gifted and versatile singer-songwriter, and we are thrilled to welcome him to Indiea Records. With each new release, Aditya continues to captivate his audience, showcasing his distinctive style and never failing to surprise. Paaro is an absolute treat for his fans, the video features him in an absolute new avatar.”