Heatwave & Dry eyes: Here are the tips to ease discomfort

Heatwave & Dry eyes: Here are the tips to ease discomfort

MUMBAI, 2nd May 2024: Dry Eye Disease (DED) has emerged as a significant health concern affecting a large segment of the population across various age groups in India. With symptoms ranging from dryness and burning sensations to blurred vision and eye fatigue, DED poses challenges in daily activities and productivity. Understanding its causes and adopting preventive measures are crucial steps in managing this condition effectively.

Dr. Smit M Bavaria, Cataract Surgeon at Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, Wadala: “I have witnessed the increasing prevalence of Dry Eye Disease among patients. It is s more than just occasional discomfort; it can significantly impact the quality of life. With the prevalence projected to increase in the coming years, it’s crucial for both healthcare professionals and the public to prioritize education and proactive management strategies to mitigate its effects. It’s imperative for individuals to be aware of the contributing factors and incorporate preventive measures into their lifestyle to alleviate discomfort and maintain ocular health.”

He further shared valuable tips for the treatment and management of Dry Eye Disease, including:

  1. Hot Compression and eyelid massage: Apply hot compression and gently massage the eyelids to alleviate discomfort.
  2. Ocular hygiene: Maintain good ocular hygiene to prevent further irritation and inflammation.
  3. Diet and sleep improvement: Enhance your diet and sleep patterns to support overall eye health.
  4. Regular screen breaks: Take frequent breaks from screen use to reduce eye strain and dryness.
  5. Environmental risk reduction: Eliminate environmental factors such as pollution and low humidity that can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.
  6. Treatment of systemic conditions: Address any underlying systemic conditions like diabetes or autoimmune disorders that may contribute to Dry Eye Disease.
  7. Consider ocular surgical procedures: Consult with your healthcare provider about potential surgical options for severe cases of dry eye.

Dry Eye Disease encompasses various factors including environmental conditions, systemic diseases, and prolonged screen use, all contributing to tear film instability and ocular surface inflammation. Alongside conventional treatments like hot compressions and ocular hygiene, lifestyle modifications such as regular breaks from screens and maintaining proper hydration levels are essential in managing symptoms effectively. By addressing both the underlying causes and symptoms, individuals can experience relief and improve their overall eye health.