Chronicling the Unbreakable Bond of Love and Sacrifice, Shrimad Ramayan Brings Alive the Timeless Tale of Bharat Milap

Viewers of Sony Entertainment Television’s epic saga Shrimad Ramayan have witnessed Queen Kaikeyi’s demand to exile Lord Ram from Ayodhya and crown Bharat as the King. Causing a huge furore in the prosperous kingdom of Ayodhya and within the royal family, viewers will see Bharat, who loves his brother Lord Ram dearly, get into a disagreement with Kaikeyi, referring to his own mother as “Kumata”.


Chronicling their unbreakable bond of brotherhood, Bharat goes to meet Lord Ram in Chitrakoot, wherein he requests him to come back and claim his rightful place as king. But Lord Ram remains committed to honouring his father’s boons to Queen Kaikeyi and so, Bharat will take back his brother’s sandals and place them on the throne as symbols of Lord Ram’s authority.

Elaborating on this epic moment, Nikhlesh Rathore, who plays Bharat, says, “In this saga of loyalty and love, Bharat’s unwavering devotion to his brother Lord Ram illuminates the path of selflessness and sacrifice, where the throne pales before the bond of brotherhood. Portraying the character of Bharat has taught me a profound lesson in a world of impermanence, one must always stand for what is right, even if it means opposing those closest to you.”