Sangeeta Odwani Breathes Life into the Role of Shurpanakha in Sony Entertainment Television Show ‘Shrimad Ramayan’

Sony Entertainment Television’s divine saga, ‘Shrimad Ramayan’, has been following the journey of Lord Ram, Mata Sita, and Lakshman during their Vanvas. The recent introduction of Lord Hanuman to the narrative has further added a new dimension to the story. Moving to a pivotal chapter of the show, viewers will nowsee Lanka King Ravan’s sister, Shurpanakha, in the forefront, who will lay the foundation for the larger fight between Lord Ram and Lanka King Ravan. Playing this complex character will be Sangeeta Odwani, who has played many diverse roles in her stint as an actor.

During a stroll in the forest, Shurpanakha notices Lord Ram, who has immersed himself in deep meditation. Smitten by his demeanour, she makes an advance towards him but he firmly states his devotion towards his beloved wife, Mata Sita,and rejects Shurpanakha’s advances. In the wrath of Shurpanakha’s rage, frustration, and jealousy, Lakshman intervenes, but the consequences of his actions are unknown to him.

Talking about the intensity of the story and portraying such a significant character, Sangeeta Odwani says, “Portraying Shurpanakha is a delicate dance between embodying her raw power and navigating the complexities of her vulnerabilities. It’s about unveiling the layers of a misunderstood character, revealing the strength in her scars and the depth in her desires.”

She further adds, “Playing Shurpanakha demands a nuanced approach that delves deep into her psyche. It’s about embracing her formidable presence while also unravelling the pain and longing that lie beneath her fierce exterior. As an actor, it’s a journey of exploration, peeling back the layers of this complex character to reveal the humanity within, allowing audiences to see her not just as a villain, but as a multifaceted individual with her own struggles.”

Chronicling the Unbreakable Bond of Love and Sacrifice, Shrimad Ramayan Brings Alive the Timeless Tale of Bharat Milap

Viewers of Sony Entertainment Television’s epic saga Shrimad Ramayan have witnessed Queen Kaikeyi’s demand to exile Lord Ram from Ayodhya and crown Bharat as the King. Causing a huge furore in the prosperous kingdom of Ayodhya and within the royal family, viewers will see Bharat, who loves his brother Lord Ram dearly, get into a disagreement with Kaikeyi, referring to his own mother as “Kumata”.


Chronicling their unbreakable bond of brotherhood, Bharat goes to meet Lord Ram in Chitrakoot, wherein he requests him to come back and claim his rightful place as king. But Lord Ram remains committed to honouring his father’s boons to Queen Kaikeyi and so, Bharat will take back his brother’s sandals and place them on the throne as symbols of Lord Ram’s authority.

Elaborating on this epic moment, Nikhlesh Rathore, who plays Bharat, says, “In this saga of loyalty and love, Bharat’s unwavering devotion to his brother Lord Ram illuminates the path of selflessness and sacrifice, where the throne pales before the bond of brotherhood. Portraying the character of Bharat has taught me a profound lesson in a world of impermanence, one must always stand for what is right, even if it means opposing those closest to you.”

Rachana Mistry steps in the shoes of Arya post the leap in Dabangii Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi

Sony Entertainment Television’s intriguing narrative, ‘Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi’, has kept the audience riveted with Arya’s quest to find her father; and entering into a world of hidden secrets and entangled relationships that turned her life upside down.

Rachana M

 In the ongoing track, Satya (Aamir Dalvi) uncovers the shocking truth that Arya is his long-lost daughter, leaving him flustered. However, he is put to the ultimate test when Kasturi’s (Himani Chawla) cunning schemes drive him to conspire against Arya. Amidst the turmoil, Arya’s uncle and foster father, Ankush (Manav Gohil) sacrifices himself to shield Arya, leaving her to grapple with the aftermath of the familial betrayal. And, as the story unfolds, viewers will witness a 14-year leap, catapulting the narrative into new territory, brimming with Arya’s vengeance. Stepping into the shoes of a grown-up Arya post-leap will be the talented actor, Rachana Mistry. Disguised as Aira and driven by an urge for justice, Arya, still embodying her Dabangii spirit but with newfound maturity, seeks retribution for the murders of her Aai, Chhaya, and Baba Ankush.

The Next Chapter of Lord Ram’s Journey Begins With His Exile in Shrimad Ramayan


  Sony Entertainment Television’s epic saga, Shrimad Ramayan, narrates the life and teachings of Lord Ram, bringing back this timeless story into the hearts and minds of the viewers. In the ongoing narrative, viewers have seen Queen Kaikeyi falling prey to dormant insecurities fueled by Manthara, and she demands that King Dashrath fulfill the two boons he had promised her years ago. The first being that her son, Bharat, should be crowned King, and second being that Lord Ram should be exiled for 14 years. A shattered King Dashrath is left aghast at the thought of exiling his eldest son, but Lord Ram decides to uphold the promises King Dashrath made to Queen Kaikeyi and forfeits his crown and agrees to go into exile, accompanied by his newly wedded wife, Mata Sita, and devoted brother, Lakshman, who refuses to be separated from them.

 Talking about the ongoing narrative, Sujay Reu, portraying the character of Lord Ram shared, “As an actor, the transition from regal attire to the humble garb of vanvas has been a profound shift, but what remains constant is embodying Lord Ram’s traits of grace and resilience in all situations, which is central to the epic narrative. This show has been such a rewarding experience, it is not only helping me nurture my craft but also helping me shape my personality with the learnings we find while shooting for this divine character.”

 Actor Prachi Bansal, who plays Mata Sita, said, “Sita is a symbol of unwavering devotion, proving that true love transcends challenges, and the bond Ram and Sita share is a true inspiration to one and all to stand by their better halves in the face of life’s trials.”

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