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Smiles Child Development Centre opened to address developmental disability, a neurological illness which is on the rise in children post covid


Hyderabad, November 08, 2023…..Smiles Child Development Center opened in the city at Road No. 14, Banjara Hills on Wednesday to address the growing incidences of children developing autism-like symptoms due to poor social contact they went through during the COVID

The unique centre was inaugurated by Renuka B, MD of Butta Group and Founder of Meridian Educational Society and Seema Sikri, Associate Director of Hyderabad City Security Council.

Autism symptoms such as lack of eye contact, attention span, doing things repetitively, inattentiveness, delayed speech, no response to calling out their name, poor social contact, and addiction to mobile phones are seen in a significant number of children in the age group of up to 14 years and their number is on the rise said Sangeeta Rajesh, ISB alumni, the lady behind Smiles Child Development Center.

These symptoms can be reversed to normal behaviour after therapy, said Sangeeta Rajesh, Smiles Child Development Center. But Hyderabad the city which is known for the best healthcare infrastructure lacks amenities and needs counselling and therapy services, facilities required for treating autistic children and Autism look-a-like children.

The only second of its kind and the biggest (5000 sq ft) centre with all under service is set up at an investment of little over rupees two crore

The centre is the need of the hour as a significant percentage of the child population in the city in the age group of up to 14 years is developing autism-like symptoms, Sangeeta added.

Schools are unable to keep students, parents are caught off guard not knowing what to do.

Smiles Child Development Center once opened is the biggest in the city, making children school ready.

Smiles added massive infrastructure/facilities such as Therapy Balls (Peanut Balls etc.), a Trampoline, a Multi-Sensory Gym, Kids Toilet Training, a Home Suite, Occupational Therapy Equipment, Balancing Exercise Equipment, Monkey Bar, Multi Swing System, Floating Bridge etc. required to address the problem, Sangeeta said.

Autism is the world’s third most common developmental disability, a neurological illness. In the city, it is now emerging as a big health issue. Low awareness, lack of minimum required facilities and poor diagnosis, lack of well-trained professionals is a challenge, Sangeeta said.

Sangeeta Rajesh is an academician with rich experience in remedial instruction.

She earlier associated Euro Kids, Meridian School, DRS Kids, Educom Solutions and others. She established Smiles School at Himayatnagar about 15 years back to make special children and children with learning disabilities and made hundreds school-ready and are leading a happy life.

Sangeeta was a curriculum designer, trainer and consultant. She worked on reviving long-forgotten Indian traditional childhood games. She has over eight lakh followers on Facebook.

50 Percent of gifted students not reaching their full potential: Study

Bangalore, 8th November 2023: Power Club, a US-based career and talent development company and IPN Foundation, a knowledge network of school leaders, successfully concluded the Education Summit (GTES 2023) focused on nurturing the extraordinary gifts and talents of K-12 students/children on Nov 03, 2023. With over 100 researchers, educationists, and school principals as attendees, the virtual summit emphasized schools’ crucial role in preparing students for the future and identifying their unique talents beyond academics. The event also saw participation from industry-leading guest speakers and top school leaders like Don Ambrose (Author and researcher, Gifted Education), Sonia Lal (Former Harvard Admissions interviewer) and B. Earl (Writer and storyteller at Marvel Entertainment), Mrs. Amrita Buramn (Deputy Director, Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions, Varanasi), Dr. Chandrashekar (CEO, Jain Group of Institutions, Hyderabad), Mr. Sanjay Dutta (Director principal, MMPS Udaipur), Ms. Rama Maylavarapu (Principal, CPS Global, Chennai) and more.

Gifted students are those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence (compared to others of their age) in one or more domains. These domains could include structured areas of activity like mathematics, music and languages or skills like dance, sports and painting. When there is a gap between a child’s potential and their achievement, it is referred to as underachievement. According to a study by Dr. Jae Yup Jung from UNSW, Sydney, over 50% of gifted students fail to reach their full potential, with a significant number dropping out of school and university prematurely. This gap is exacerbated by the lack of dedicated policies and programs, as well as a general unawareness and misunderstanding of giftedness.

At GTES 2023, Don Ambrose, author and a leading expert in Gifted Education, shared his insights on the missing link in schools’ assessment of giftedness and talent and how they can nurture their students’ full potential. While acknowledging the value of standardized testing and IQ, Don went on to talk about the ‘spectrum of abilities’. Using the analogy of visible light, which when passed through a prism gives us a spectrum of colors, Don shared his concern about the many gifts and talents possessed by students remaining latent. He urged schools and policy makers to go beyond academic assessments that look only for algorithmic abilities and also search for abilities like critical thinking, visual metaphoric thinking (the ability to be able to synthesize and represent complex ideas through diagrams and visuals, aesthetic sensibilities), and the ability to appreciate aesthetics and beauty. He stressed on the need for schools to foster multidisciplinary thinking to enable students to discover their aspirations and empower them to act on their unique talents and gifts.

Saurabh Saxena, Founder and CEO of Power Club said, “We believe that every student is uniquely talented. Five years ago we discovered that 50% of gifted students remain underachieved for life, and this compelled us to work towards making real world education inclusive, so that every student is empowered to discover and develop their unique talents and find a path to creative fulfillment. GTES 2023 aimed to inspire forward-thinking school leaders to transcend existing academic boundaries, work towards identifying the unique talents of their students and offer expert advice on how they can nurture them to achieve their full potential. Going forward, we aim to make GTES an annual event, fostering holistic development in gifted education, worldwide.”

Gaurava Yadav, Founder & Chairman of IPN Foundation, talking about their association with Power Club, said, “We are excited about the possibilities of bringing a Gifted and Talented education programme for the Indian School education system along with the PowerClub team. NEP2020 has ushered in massive possibilities for Indian students and as a country we are undergoing major metamorphosis in our overall education landscape. This is the best time to bring world class opportunities to the Indian school ecosystem. And we believe the team behind Power Club is geared up in bringing this movement with the right mix of experience and expertise for Indian students.”

Power Club, through GTES, aims to empower school leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and support gifted students fostering an environment where their unique talents can thrive. By bringing together experts and practitioners in the field, the summit serves as a catalyst for change driving awareness and advocating for necessary policy reforms. The company is all set to launch its transformative curriculum with select top schools in the US, Middle East, and India this year.

North Mumbai’s Inaugural Oktoberfest Took Over Growel’s 101 Mall


Mumbai, November 8, 2023: Amidst the vibrant pre-festive season bustle at Growel’s 101 Mall, electric energy gripped the atmosphere during North Mumbai’s inaugural Oktoberfest, igniting the weekend with a medley of music and revelry. Mall patrons were treated to an unforgettable experience, with the festival offering a foot tapping live entertainment and a captivating selection of the finest brews from brands such as Arko, Brew Whale, Gobby, Cerane, Drifters, and Hapi Beer, each presenting their most exquisite craft creations.

As the festivities unfolded, the Oktoberfest at Growel’s 101 Mall in Kandivali showcased an array of delectable cuisines and beverages, catering to every palate. From the savory delights of Vkabi, Eatopia, Chaap Central, The Food Box, Gingko, Biryani by Kilo, Malvani Aaswad, Mogazm, Tibbs Frankie, to the aromatic delights of Theka Coffee and an exclusive assortment of home chef specialties, there was something to satiate every craving.

Moreover, attendees found themselves immersed in a world of entertainment, as the festival grounds hosted a plethora of engaging activities, including popular games, tarot reading sessions, and vibrant photo points, ensuring an all-encompassing celebration for all who graced the event.

“We are proud to have hosted North Mumbai’s inaugural Oktoberfest at Growel’s 101 mall in Kandivali. At Growel’s 101 Mall, we are dedicated to curating an immersive and delightful experience for our patrons. We envision Growel’s 101 Mall as more than just a commercial space – it is a vibrant haven where families and friends can unite, revel in life’s significant moments, and forge lasting bonds. It’s a place where each visit is an opportunity to create and treasure unforgettable memories, making the mall an integral part of the fabric of the community,” said, Gerald Mathew, General Manager, Growel’s 101 Mall.

Growel’s 101 Mall also offers numerous captivating selfie spots, including the striking ‘I Love Kandivali’ signage, the Aditya-L1 selfie point, and the Reel box, among others, perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy moments.

Beehive announces Happiness Survey and Work satisfaction features to its Employee Engagement Module in the HRMS Platform

Mumbai, 8th November 2023: Beehive, a frontrunner in tailored HRMS solutions for SMEs and MSMEs, has introduced Work Satisfaction and Happiness Survey features to their Employee Engagement module within the HRMS platform. These transformative additions, within their data analytics platform, aim to revolutionize the way SMEs and MSMEs address the unique challenges in their industries. Beehive’s mission is to empower companies to deeply understand employee commitment and motivation, fostering a harmonious synergy between employees and their organizations, resulting in peak productivity, enhanced retention, and fostering high-performance teams.

The ongoing priority for SMEs and MSMEs is to not only retain top talent but also ensure their ongoing growth and development to meet industry demands. Beehive recognizes these needs and has introduced a tailored solution to address them. The Happiness Survey takes real-time feedback from employees dynamically setting it like a happiness meter for their mood. Complimenting this is the Workplace module that collects inputs from employees, functioning as a mood gauge with inquiries about their current feelings and satisfaction. It includes anonymous responses and can incorporate personalized queries, such as rating one’s manager or assessing personal growth and work satisfaction. These auto-scheduled questions align objectively specific to each industry and can be sent to employees weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Beehive further enhances transparency and engagement through interactive surveys, actively involving employees in decision-making processes. This approach results in elevated satisfaction, unwavering loyalty, and improved workplace productivity.

Leveraging the invaluable feedback provided by employees, Beehive employs data analytics technology to extract meaningful insights, compiling an intelligence report that is then shared with organizations. This report offers a deeper understanding of the factors that impact employee happiness and overall sentiments. Equipped with this knowledge, organizations can implement targeted actions to enhance their employees’ well-being and make informed decisions.

Mr. Haresh Awatramani,

Mr. Haresh Awatramani, CEO of Beehive HRMS, stated, “We wholeheartedly acknowledge the pivotal role that SMEs and MSMEs play in driving economic growth. To ascend to greater heights and meet industry demands, these enterprises require nothing less than a top-tier workforce. The key to retaining exceptional talent lies in nurturing job satisfaction. With our innovative Happiness Survey and Work Satisfaction features, we’re providing a revolutionary solution to boost employee engagement, transparency, and satisfaction. Through real-time feedback and intelligent data analysis, we empower companies to make informed decisions, nurture talent, and create a work environment where every employee thrives.”

Beehive’s commitment to providing innovative HR solutions aligns with the dynamic needs of SMEs and MSMEs, ensuring their continuous growth and success in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Nippon Express, Marsh India, Compuage, Arti Drugs, Ziqitza, NYK, Datamatics, Runwal Group, SVYM, Tata Class Edge and many more are just a few of the significant clients of Beehive.

Mahindra Independence Rock unleashes the untamed spirit of rock in Mumbai with its grandest-ever 29th edition this year

Mahindra Independence Rock

Mumbai, 8th November 2023: Amidst gritty, loud beats, over 3,500 Mumbaikars witnessed India’s biggest and most legendary rock festival transform Bayview Lawns into a haven of rock. The 29th edition of the Mahindra Independence Rock (Mahindra I-Rock) celebrated the genre unapologetically with 14 thundering acts spanning over two days, on the 4th and 5th of November, 2023. The festival’s mastermind, Farhad Wadia, himself joined the fray after almost a decade, making this rock revelry undeniably historic.

Mahindra I-Rock’s return last year was one for the ages. The movement, started by Farhad Wadia in the 80s, broke its nine years of hiatus and rumbled back to life for a legendary comeback and reclaim its legacy as India’s oldest, largest and loudest rock festival. It was given a new lease of life for its 28th edition last year by Wadia alongside Hyperlink Brand Solutions, with Mahindra as the Title Partner. In its 29th edition this year, this rock movement still endures grander than ever, not only in India’s diverse soundscape but also beyond its borders.

The attendees were in for an exciting surprise when I-Rock alumni Parikrama took the stage with the genius behind I-Rock, Farhad Wadia himself, and jammed together. Their incredible performance, punctuated with mind-blowing guitar riffs and thumping drums, unleashed a spectacle that brought the house down. Wadia returning to the I-Rock stage made the 29th year of celebrating rock iconic. The energy was palpable. The atmosphere was charged, and emotions ran at an all-time high. The love for the genre swept the audience, as well as the artists, uniting them in a surreal spirit of rock — truly an experience for a lifetime.

Not only that, but the festival also witnessed another I-Rock alumni, Bhayanak Maut return to the legendary stage that started it all, for a sensational act with Uday Benegal of Indus Creed. Benegal also fired up the stage with Parikrama alongside special guests like Suraj Jagan, Vernon Ibrahim, Girish Pradhan (of Girish and the Chronicles), and 11-year-old child prodigy Megan Rakesh. In fact, in the true spirit of its homecoming, Parikrama released their brand new single, Demons of Time, during its performance, as well as revealed the artwork of their first-ever vinyl, which was recorded live the previous year during Mahindra I-Rock 2022. The band closed with a high-energy set, undoubtedly an ode to the last three decades of the Indian rock scene.

Mr Farhad Wadia, Founder of Independence Rock, said, “When we started I-Rock back in 1986, we had not imagined that it would grow into a massive movement significantly shaping India’s rock scene. But it has, and how! And especially this year, more than any other. The festival has remained true to its roots while also evolving to stay relevant to the country’s tastes by bringing a sound that is fresh yet steeped very much in the cultures and subcultures of various Indian regions. I was nostalgic to be back and be a part of its 29th year of rocking the bay! I am happy that this is yet another successful chapter in the history of Mahindra I-Rock, and can’t wait for an encore!”

As tradition would have it, the festival, hosted by Rohit Pereira, was opened by the winners of this year’s online band hunt (a segment that has previously nurtured several aspiring rock acts), Nemophilis. Their performance tore up the stage and set the momentum for the powerhouse performances that were to follow both days. This year, Mahindra I-Rock saw the debut of bands like Pineapple Express, Girish & the Chronicles, and, for the first time ever from beyond Indian borders, Kathmandu-based Underside. In an epic jam session, the audience saw Underside headbanging with metal maestros Dethnagar and Jimmy Bush. Meanwhile, on the second day, Swarathma, T.ill APES, Tough on Tobacco ft Bombay Brass, Agam, and Mama Tips & The Mama’s Bois made their maiden appearance on the stage.

This incredible line-up of veteran Gen X and new-age acts, along with the authentic 80s hard rock beats and the sounds of mridangam, tabla, and flutes from Indian folk and classical Carnatic music, wove a common thread between diverse rock subgenres and generations. And with Mahindra I-Rock embracing the blend of traditional Indian sounds and Western formats, the festival continues to be one of the first multilingual rock festivals in India, with lyrics reverberating in 5 languages, including English, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit & Malayalam based compositions

Additionally, part of the line-up were The Beatz Crew (from Kanakia International School) & Nanhi Kali Chorale Ensemble, who collaborated for a spectacular performance titled “Schools of Rock Ft. The Beatz Crew x Nanhi Kali Project”. The Nanhi Kali Chorale Ensemble included girls who are part of Anand Mahindra’s Nanhi Kali Project, which empowers disadvantaged girls with education. Their performance was part of ‘The School of Rock’ initiative to expose underprivileged children to rock music.

Mr Jay Shah, Vice President – Cultural Outreach, Mahindra Group, mentioned, “We are delighted that the Mahindra Season of Festivals 23-24 commenced with the thundering Mahindra Independence Rock! The festival wholly represents Mahindra’s commitment to not only support relevant and meaningful art that connects with Indians but also encourage new and young talent. We are glad that this edition of Mahindra I-Rock has carved a deeper space in our dynamic music scene and continues to nurture a love for the genre amongst a new generation of audiences.”

Mr VG Jairam – Founder of Hyperlink Brand Solutions, added, “Stories, art and culture have the power of creating spaces where we discover that despite being strangers, we are not alone. And Hyperlink has always endeavoured to build and bring immersive experiences that help audiences connect to such stories and art that not only resonate with them but also bring them a sense of identity and belonging. Mahindra I-Rock is one such story that has connected numerous people in celebration of a single genre. Standing testament to this is 3500 plus attendees who have flocked to the venue across the festival. I am glad of this edition’s success and look forward to many more such successful editions in future.”

The festival’s past has been one of defiance — its origin story starts with subverting the status quo without hesitation. And eventually, it served as a channel to express freedom, inclusivity and equality for the youth of this country. Its 29th edition sought to tread the same path, playing a crucial role in preserving India’s rock culture as it saw the city’s rock-and-rollers headbang and mosh to the music uninhibitedly — it remains a sanctuary where rock music lovers can be their true, unapologetic selves.

The event also offered a delectable culinary experience, featuring esteemed food partners such as Stacks and Racks, Blue Tokai Coffee, APCS, Hundo Pizza, Rockers Refugee, Carlsberg, Pratapjees, Sage & Olio, and Jimi’s Burger, alongside the refreshing addition of Tuborg Ice. Furthermore, in the pursuit to achieve a comprehensive waste management solution for the event, the Mahindra I-Rock festival partnered with Skrap – an environmental sustainability firm that helps businesses and brands adopt sustainable practices and zero waste solutions.

Mercure Hyderabad KCP appoints Shreedhar Punna as the Executive Chef

Shreedhar Punna

Hyderabad: 8th November 2023: Mercure Hyderabad KCP has appointed Shreedhar Punna as the Executive Chef for the hotel property. He is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience working in the culinary industry with brands like The Taj, and Accor, besides serving on luxury cruise lines. He is proficient in successfully handling food and beverage, banquet operations, catering, and hospitality management. His experience, vision, and passion will help Mercure Hyderabad KCP create unparalleled dining experiences for guests.

In his present role, he will lead the culinary team at Mercure Hyderabad KCP. He will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the culinary operations, from menu development to hiring, training, and supervising the staff. Besides, he will also be responsible for the layout of pricing, budgeting, performance assessment, and cost control in the kitchen operations at the property.

“It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Chef Shreedhar to Mercure Hyderabad as Executive Chef. We believe that his unwavering dedication and passion for the art of cooking with an innovative approach will further elevate dining experiences for our patrons. We look forward to creating some memorable gastronomic rendezvous for our guests with his strong foundation and seasoned experience in culinary operations.” Said Parag Shah, General Manager-Mercure KCP Hyderabad

Arete Releases Q3 Crimeware Report Detailing Ransomware Trends and Shifts in The Cyber Threat Landscap

Hyderabad,8th November 2023: –– Arete, a leading global cyber risk management company, released its Crimeware Report highlighting trends and shifts in the cyber threat landscape observed by Arete in Q3 of 2023. The report leverages data collected during Arete incident response engagements and explores the rise and fall of ransomware variants, trends in ransom demands and payments, critical infrastructure impacts, and geopolitical implications.

Key findings within the report:

  • · ALPHV/BlackCat dethroned LockBit as the most prevalent ransomware variant Arete observed in Q3, as LockBit encountered internal instability.
  • · Arete’s data shows that a ransom was paid in just 17% of cases in Q3.
  • · Over 100 cyber threat groups are engaging in malicious cyber activity surrounding the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

The report explores a notable shift towards instability within the threat landscape and an increase in unnamed ransomware variants, potentially due to affiliates shifting between names to find the highest profits while reducing exposure to law enforcement. It also explores trends in ransom demands and payments across various industries. Finally, we discuss what may be coming in Q4 as the ransomware ecosystem continues to shift.

NBL1 Australia invites The Indian National Basketball League (INBL) to tour Melbourne, Australia


Bengaluru: The Indian National Basketball League (INBL), is thrilled to announce that NBL1 Australia, has invited the INBL representative team for an exciting tour of Melbourne, Australia, from November 14th to November 26th, 2023. This momentous occasion promises to be a significant stride in the development and promotion of Indian basketball.

The INBL eagerly anticipates collaborating with NBL1 on an enthralling series of games against teams from Melbourne, Victoria. The two leagues are set to embark on a unique journey that aims to enhance domestic talent, and provide exposure and recognition, both within their respective nations and on an international scale.

“This tour is a wonderful opportunity for the INBL and NBL1 to come together in the spirit of Love for basketball. We believe it will be an exceptional learning experience and a great way to celebrate the global passion for basketball. This is another step towards INBL’s vision to bring international spotlight to Indian basketball talent and a step closer to preparing India to participate in the Olympics.” saidParveen Batish, CEO of INBL.

Dean Anglin, General Manager of NBL1 said “we are always excited to welcome teams from around the world in a spirit of cultural exchange and basketball philosophy. This is a great opportunity for our NBL1 teams to come up against different styles of play and play competitively games in the pre-season build up.”

As well as the opportunity to play games, the players will be exposed to the Australian style of coaching, including individual skills sessions from internationally acclaimed skills coaches, training in some of the best facilities in Melbourne, and seeing aspirational top-flight NBL games.

This exchange will not only provide an incredible sporting spectacle but also foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the players, staff, and fans of both leagues. It will be an opportunity to strengthen our game and measure ourselves to an international standard.

Details of the tour, including venues, schedules, and ticket information, will be announced in the coming weeks. NBL1& INBLare committed to ensuring a memorable experience for all basketball enthusiasts in Melbourne and beyond.

Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip has invested in two startups till its second episode in Indian Angels show, streaming on Jiocinema


Mumbai,8th November 2023: Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, of EaseMyTrip, has lent his support and mentorship to two emerging startups – Atpata by Taste and Happie Curves in the Indian Angels show up till now. Released on Jio Cinema on November 03, both ventures were successful in receiving investment from him in the first two episodes itself. The strategic investments by Mr. Rikant Pittie underscore his commitment to supporting innovative businesses with a will to adapt, scale and learn to attain success. Rikant Pittie has committed a 30 Lakhs investment at 20% equity with Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Shobitam, and Ajinkya Firodia, Managing Director, Kinetic Group in Apata by Taste and 20 Lakhs for 30% equity along with Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Shobitam, making both Rikant and Aparna the highest investors till the second episode of the first season.

Claiming to be the world’s first angel investment show on OTT, ‘Indian Angels’ is produced by Digikore Studios. Along with Mr. Rikant Pittie; Ms. Aparna Thygarajan, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Shobitam; Ajinkya Firodia, Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering Ltd.; Mr Kunal Kishore, Founder & Director of Value 360; and Ms. Shreedha Singh, Co-founder of T.A.C – The Ayurveda Co and Mr Ankit Agarwal, Founder and CEO of InsuranceDekho are the show’s panellists.

Atpata by Taste provides unusual spices that transform normal meals into exceptional culinary experiences with an adventure of flavours. Happie Curves strives to provide fashionable, comfortable, body-inclusive intimate wear for plus-sized females.

Mr. Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, of EaseMyTrip, said, “It gives me immense happiness to be a part of Indian Angels, a first-of-its-kind platform supporting the growing startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial landscape. I have always had the back of aspiring entrepreneurs and ventures in my personal capacity. I do not solely invest in the businesses but also in the passionate and resilient entrepreneurs driving them.”

He further added, “I saw determination and the eagerness to learn in the founders of both Atpata by Taste and Happie Curves. Their pitches were interesting and business ideas were unique. Most importantly, the cause that Happie Curves stands for and the ideology of Atpata by Taste to offer valuable products and unique experiences to customers struck a chord with me. Both brands stand strong with their unwavering commitment to growth and customer satisfaction. I am delighted to be a part of their progressive journey and looking forward to helping them in all ways possible.“

Founded by Ms Sonal Somani, Happie Curves aims to provide a solution to the challenges plus-sized Indian females face in finding the right size of intimate wear and breaking the stigma related to intimate apparel in the country. She is a Brand Strategist, Blogger and Body Positivity Influencer and believes that every body type should be treated equally with love and respect.

Leaving the high-paying corporate job, Mr. Romi Kulthia dedicated his time and efforts to building Atpata by Taste in 2021. His childhood friend, Mushtaque Ali, joined him as the brand’s Co-Founder and together, they are leaving no stone unturned to introduce new flavours, redefine the daily diet and bring joy to the kitchens and excitement to the meals.

Having built a successful brand in the online travel domain from the grassroots level, Rikant Pittie deeply understands the struggles associated with conceptualizing disruptive ideas and establishing startups from scratch. His investment in both brands highlights his willingness to support and mentor ventures that have the passion to grow and learn from their failures to make it big but are unable to succeed because of a lack of support and mentorship.

LXME launches a one-of-its-kind event that will bring women across India together to invest for their financial future


Mumbai, 8th November 2023: LXME, India’s 1st Financial Platform for Women is thrilled to announce our latest initiative, “Gold Investing ka Shubh Muhurat.” A first-of-its-kind activity that will see the largest participation of only women investors coming together to invest in Gold this Diwali.

We have all heard of muhurat trading, but this event hits differently as it’s an event exclusively for women, marking a significant change as women this year will foster economic self-sufficiency and security for themselves and their families.

“Gold investing ka Shubh Muhurat” is a 5-day event designed to coincide with the auspicious festival of Diwali. During this period, LXME will see the largest gathering of women investing a small sum of minimum ₹501 in LXME’s Gold Mutual Fund symbolizing the beginning of their financial well-being and security.

Any woman can participate in this event by opening a free LXME account on the LXME app- which is available for both Android and IOS. The account can be opened very easily in just 5 minutes by simply filling in their basic KYC and bank account details. They can then click on the invest tab, select the Gold Fund and invest the required amount in it.

This event is a celebration of women’s financial potential. LXME recognizes the importance of breaking down the barriers that often prevent women from actively participating in financial matters. Through Gold investing ka shubh Muhurat, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive space where women can take their first step towards building their financial futures. We want to encourage women to start their investment journey with a modest amount, empowering them to take control of their financial destinies.

Priti Rathi Gupta, founder of LXME shares, “Gold Investing ka shubh muhurat represents the golden opportunity for women to embrace their financial independence. In the moments of auspicious festivals, we’re not just investing in gold, we’re investing in our future, our strength, and our security. This initiative is a celebration of our potential, a statement that women from all walks of life can and should take charge of their financial destinies.”

Ridhi Doongursee, Co-founder of LXME added ‘LXME believes in the potential of every woman to achieve financial independence. Gold Investing ka shubh muhurat is a significant step towards making this vision a reality. We invite women from all backgrounds to join us during this auspicious period and take the first step towards securing their financial well-being.’