Child prodigy makes Bangalore proud by winning the Born To Shine scholarship

Child prodigy makes Bangalore proud by winning the Born To Shine scholarship

Bangalore, 11 March 2023: The country took notice of Bangalore’s prodigious talent, Angeleena Avnee (12), among others, when she won the Born To Shine scholarship event. Owing to her amazing talent and outstanding perseverance, she is the only girl child prodigy to have made it for the scholarship from the state of Karnataka. She was awarded a scholarship worth Rs. 4 lahks and also a place in the esteemed mentorship program, curated by the Born To Shine mentors.

The winning prodigies competed against more than 5,000 girls across the country for the coveted position. For artists, their art is manifested not just in the form of their talent but also in their discipline, conviction, and perseverance. For the girls, their talent was accompanied by relentless hard work and the will to never give up.

On the initiative Sumit Tayal, COO, of Give says, “Our goal is to help talented kids pursue their talent, become role models and change-makers for their society. With this scholarship, we aim to provide all the enablers for these kids to get mentored and encouraged to go the extra mile.”

As put forth by Mr. Umesh Kr Bansal, Sr. Executive Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, “It is a matter of great privilege that ZEEL, in association with GiveIndia, could do its bit to bring a small change in the lives of such beautifully talented girl children. Every child who has been a part of Born To Shine’s journey is the epitome of sheer grit and determination. Moving on from here, I am sure that the scholarship and the mentorship program will help the prodigies be their best selves and work toward their goals.”

Talents have been revered and celebrated for eons in our culturally rich nation. But not many have come forward to champion a cause for girls, especially for the ones who show immense promise at an early age. Born To Shine has indeed been a harbinger of hope for the aspirants of our society.

The journey of the prodigies has been an inspiration for many in their societies who dream of pursuing their talents. It is a blessing when a child’s inner passion is recognized, fostered, and directed in the proper way by their parents and instructors.