Flipkart launches its Grocery fulfillment center in Jaipur, Rajasthan; offers delivery slots as per consumer’s choice

Flipkart launches its Grocery fulfillment center in Jaipur, Rajasthan; offers delivery slots as per consumer’s choice

Jaipur, Rajasthan –20th June 2024: Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, has launched its new grocery fulfillment center (FC) in Jaipur, Rajasthan, furthering its commitment to offer delivery slots tailored to consumer preferences. Flipkart’s first grocery FC in the state will help meet increasing consumer demand for online groceries through enhanced speed and serviceability across the region. Leveraging local consumer insights, the new FC will offer a diverse selection of over 5,000 products across staples, foods, beverages, snacks, personal care and household cleaning aids. The products will include several popular local brands, such as Gainda, Saras, Gowardhan, Mahakosh, Rajdhani, Desi Choice, Laxmi Bhog, Tagore and more, to cater to the distinct palates of varied consumers in the state.

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Rajasthan is emerging as a fast-growing state, witnessing strong demand for online groceries. With a large population, untapped e-commerce potential, and the absence of Quick commerce services, Rajasthan presents a significant growth opportunity for Flipkart. By expanding into this market, Flipkart will cater to the increasing need for e-grocery and serve value-seeking consumers beyond metropolitan regions. Spread over 69,000 square feet, the center has a dispatch capacity of over 6,500 orders per day across Jaipur and its neighboring cities such as Bikaner, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Kota. The FC will generate more than 600 direct and indirect job opportunities while uplifting the livelihood opportunities of numerous small businesses, MSMEs, and local farmers in the region. The launch highlights Flipkart’s commitment to providing consumers convenient access to a diverse range of quality grocery products in the delivery slot of their choice.

Smt. Manju Sharma, Member of Parliament, Jaipur, said, “Flipkart’s first grocery fulfillment center in Rajasthan is a significant milestone in our state’s digital and economic growth. We are happy that Flipkart’s expansion in its supply chain infrastructure in the state will provide local consumers with faster and more convenient access to essential goods. At the same time, it will empower the local MSMEs and farmers, thereby uplifting the overall livelihood opportunities of the local ecosystem. I commend Flipkart for their commitment to enhancing our PM Shri Narendra Modi ji’s vision of ‘Digital India’ by giving benefits of digital commerce and contributing to enriching the economy of our New Bharat.”

Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Flipkart Group, said, “As a customer-first organization, Flipkart leverages its homegrown technology to keenly identify high-demand hotspots and address consumer needs for quality grocery products. The launch of our first grocery fulfillment center in Jaipur marks a significant advancement in our efforts to enhance delivery services and meet the growing consumer demand for online groceries in Rajasthan. As we continue to expand our footprint, the new FC aligns with our commitment to strengthening partnerships with local farmers, MSMEs and other local businesses. We remain committed to furthering our vision of empowering these communities economically and fostering sustainable growth while creating new livelihood opportunities.”

Hari Kumar G, Vice President, Head of Grocery, Flipkart, said, “We have been witnessing significant demand for online groceries among local consumers of Rajasthan, which offers an opportunity to bridge the digital gap and make online shopping more convenient for consumers. With the launch of the new FC, consumers will now have access to a vast assortment of high-quality local and national selections at the right value at the delivery slot of their choice. We aim to address the needs of value-seeking consumers of tier 2 and 3 cities by elevating consumer satisfaction and improving the growth of the overall regional ecosystem.”

Speaking on the launch Vivek Walia, Vice President, Gainda said, “Opening of an FC will expand the network of Flipkart, thereby helping us in widening our reach. This will be beneficial to our Brand Gainda, as we can penetrate the local markets well, moving the customer base from offline to online. It will also help us reach and acquire new customers.”

Earlier, reliant on the Dharuhera FC in Haryana, consumers in Rajasthan and nearby regions will now receive their grocery deliveries quickly and at the right value. Customers can also avail of services such as cash on delivery, pay later, no-cost EMI, easy cancellation, and UPI-enhancing digital payment options. These customer-centric innovations focus on providing seamless and convenient shopping experiences. Features such as voice-enabled shopping, regional language support, credit offerings, and open-box delivery continue to revolutionize Flipkart’s grocery shopping experience, setting new standards for convenience, accessibility, and customer satisfaction in the online marketplace.