Reminisce your childhood memories with the taste of Mother’s Recipe Summerwala Sharbat

Reminisce your childhood memories with the taste of Mother’s Recipe Summerwala Sharbat

Mother's Recipe Summerwala Sharbat

Mumbai, March 24, 2023: Mother’s Recipe one of India’s leading food brands known for its expansive product portfolio, has launched a new product category Sharbat for this summer season. The tradition of having sharbat in summer always strikes nostalgia. In Indian households, making sharbat is a family affair, with everyone pitching in to help prepare the drink. Grandmothers are often the ones who pass down their traditional recipes and techniques for making sharbat. In the summer season, tea gets replaced with sharbat while welcoming guests. Sharbats are offered as a thirst quencher to beat the scorching summer heat.

Sharbat is a refreshing drink but also a cultural symbol in India. It is often served to guests as a sign of hospitality and warmth and an essential part of Indian tradition that brings families and communities together. Keeping this in mind and in a bid to strengthen its product portfolio Mother’s Recipe one of India’s leading food brands has recently announced the launch of its new product category range called the Summerwala Sharbat with a new tagline ‘Swad Jo Dilaye Bachhpan ki Yaad.

Mother’s Recipe sharbat has launched five new ranges of refreshing flavors Mango Panna, Rose Sharbat, Jeera Masala, Khus Syrup, and Lemon Ginger. Rose sharbat, made with rose syrup and water, is a classic flavor and is often used as a base for other sharbat flavors. Khus sharbat, made with khus extracts syrup, is a fragrant and cooling drink. Lemon sharbat, made with lemon juice and sugar syrup, is a tangy and refreshing drink. Mango sharbat, made with mango pulp and sugar syrup, is a sweet and fruity drink. With the rising temperature, it is very important to keep our bodies cool and hydrated. Khus, Lemon, Rose, and various ingredients in the sharbat are known to offer various health benefits too such as improving digestion & cooling. The sharbat can be served chilled and can be garnished with mint leaves, and lemon slices, or can be turned into a fancy mocktail or a faluda.

Speaking on the new launch announcement Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, of Mother’s Recipe said “We at Mother’s Recipe always strive to provide consumers with an enriching experience through our product offerings. We believe in pushing boundaries when it comes to introducing consumers to new products, tastes and experiences and with our Summerwala Sharbat we aim to do the same. In India, the beverage category has witnessed a paradigm shift in consumption patterns, from regular soft drinks to better and healthier options. To address the ever-evolving consumer demand we decided to expand our product portfolio with Sharbat. We are confident that the product will soon emerge as the preferred beverage choice across all age groups”.

Mother’s Recipe Sharbat range is available in a 750ml PET bottle priced at Rs. 180. The bottles are great for reusing, unbreakable, and easy to store in the fridge cabinets. The product will be available across all e-commerce platforms like modern and all retail outlets. The launch of the products is a step forward in having a broader portfolio. Currently, the brand is among the leading FMCG companies with a range that includes a variety of products like pickles, cooking paste, chutney, papad, Ready to eat, and Ready to cook.