Considering an Online Education in Data Science From a University Abroad

Considering an Online Education in Data Science From a University Abroad

As most employers shift their focus to a data-driven approach to achieving business objectives, there is great demand for professionals who have been trained in Data Science. This field has become increasingly important as it allows organizations to process and interpret data more efficiently, thereby adding to their overall productivity. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and machine learning, the importance of data is now being widely recognized.

As most companies prefer employees with a keen interest and proficiency in data, there is also an increasing demand for avenues that allow you to pursue certification courses in Data Science from leading universities. As a result, multiple leading online course platforms have partnered with international universities to provide courses that deal with the various facets of Data Science. Furthermore, these courses also provide flexibility for working professionals to pursue additional certifications. Here are a few such Data Science programs that leading online education portals provide in partnership with top-ranking universities:

  1. MSc Data Science (Statistics) from the University of Leeds

Provided by Coursera

This course is curated in collaboration with the School of Mathematics and the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). The course helps develop skills such as data acquisition, data preparation, data wrangling, modeling and analysis, and how to deal with missing data. It is a 24-month-long course that holds 180 credits in total.

The University of Leeds is one of the world’s top 100 Universities (QS rankings). Established in 1904. The University is one of the largest higher-education institutions in the UK. Working with others, the University uses its expertise in research and education to address local and global challenges.

MSc in Data Science from the University of Arizona

Provided by Upgrade

Accredited by the Institute of Analytics (A professional body for Analytics and Data Science Practitioners), the full-time Master’s degree is spread over 2 years. The course is specially designed for working professionals and includes Python Programming Bootcamp, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and masterclasses by industry experts. The course employs real-world case studies in Data Science, Big Data, and production rising Machine Learning solutions. Along with insights into industry experiences and trends, the course also hosts a 2-week long hackathon every year on end-to-end Machine Learning solution building.

The University of Arizona is among the Top 1% of 20,000 universities worldwide according to the Center for World University Rankings. The University of Arizona offers innovative courses and an environment that allows students to approach Data Science from a distinctively global perspective. A pioneer in STEM education, the university prioritizes strengthening quantitative reasoning skills and data fluency through cutting-edge, industry-focussed research. The university is known for individuals who undertake theories of data, and further conduct in-depth analysis.

Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning from the University of Maryland

Provided by Upgrade

An executive course provided in partnership with one of the leading Universities in the US, the Post Graduate program in Data Science and Machine Learning enables aspirants to identify insights, improve their ability to make predictions and make data-driven business decisions. Spread over 13 months, the course includes Python programming essentials, and 10+ programming tools and languages.

The course provides you with the opportunity to interact and build contacts with Maryland Smith’s faculty, industry experts, and peers during the course. The institution is a leader in research, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

MSc in Data Science from the University of Colorado Boulder

Provided by Coursera

The fully-accredited online program is spread over 24 months. The course familiarizes students with theories, methods, tools, and programming languages. The program offers 30 courses (30 credit hours) accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is part of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

A Tier-1 Research Institution, The University of Colorado Boulder is home to a community of scientists, scholars, and educators—including Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Genius Grant winners, and National Medal of Science awardees.

MSc in Data Science from Illinois Institute of Technology

Provided by Coursera

The degree aims to help you make sense of the data at hand by employing high-level mathematics, statistics, and computer science. The 33-credits course is spread over 12-15 months. The course enables students to not just sort data, but also visualize it. The course focuses on helping students improve structures of data, and evaluate models and hypotheses.

Illinois Tech is a university in the US that commits to making the world better by actively participating in technological advancements. With a 90.5% placement rate in 2022, the university is a pioneer in STEM education.